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The Hiders


Most people spend their lives in hiding. It’s time to come out now.


So, let’s light this shit up.


It’s time to be real. It’s time for the reality principle. It’s time to GET REAL. Ronnie Real has arrived at last. What will you do now?


Do you have the guts the step into the Chapel Perilous?


Your Life will never be the same again.




28 July


"For historians of revolutionary movements, the term Thermidor has come to mean the phase in some revolutions when power slips from the hands of the original revolutionary leadership and a radical regime is replaced by a more conservative regime, sometimes to the point where the political pendulum may swing back towards something resembling a pre-revolutionary state." - Wikipedia


On 28 July, 1794, the two great French revolutionaries Robespierre (36) and Saint-Just (26) met their deaths, effectively bringing the French Revolution to an end.


Here is a fictional speech by Saint-Just, which reflects his character extremely well...


The Big Announcement


We promised you a big announcement, and here it is ... this is the end of the AC. This project is terminated with extreme prejudice.


It's now a ghost, haunting its former glorious self. It's a zombie site from now on.


The AC chose to devour itself. When a revolution has turned disastrously wrong, the revolution has a DUTY to end itself. What went wrong with the AC Revolution? The tale is told in the final, epic, apocalyptic two books of the AC Project:


1) Without the Mob, There Is No Circus by David Sinclair


2) Now I Have Come to the End and I Pronounce My Judgment by David Sinclair


These books are accompanied by one last barrage of AC books, covering a good sample of the extraordinarily wide range of topics we have addressed in this vast project:


1) Homo Roboticus: The Inner Human Robot Revealed by Sleepwalking and Hypnosis by Rob Armstrong ... Is the conscious human built on top of a human robot?


2) The Ontological Self: The Ontological Mathematics of Consciousness by Dr. Cody Newman ... Consciousness is ultimately a property of mathematics.


3) Americans or Americants? How America Became a Cant-Do Society by David Sinclair ... What happened to America?


4) The Philosophy of Dare: Dare You Think and Do Daring Things? by David Sinclair ... The world needs a whole new philosophy.


5) Ontological Mathematics Versus Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity by Dr. Thomas Stark … How Ontological Mathematics corrects physics.


6) Consciousness: The Real Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Harry Knox  … Discover the true nature of consciousness.




The Real Influencers


When we think of influencers on YouTube, the following video is the kind of content we expect. When have you ever seen anything of this quality on YouTube today? All you get in the present time are panhandling clowns and freaks asking for money, likes, and validation of their exotic identity. The content in this video is the opposite of Woke!


OMG, the “ad revenue” is down this month. It’s a good time to send me more money! So says today’s influencer.

Where have the likes of Saint-Just gone? He said, “Scatter our limbs to the four winds. Republics will rise up from them.”


The Daring Ones


Are you ready to transform yourself? Are you ready to be one of the Special Ones, the Illuminated Ones? Are you ready to play the Ultimate Game? Only the strongest, the smartest, the boldest, can play. This is not a drill. This is your life. Stop being what you have been. Become what you were meant to be. See the Light. Join the Hyperboreans. Become an UltraHuman. Only the highest, only the noblest, only the most courageous are called. A new dawn is coming... the birth of Hyperreason. It's time to enter HyperReality.



The Murderers of All Murderers


“How shall we, murderers of all murderers, console ourselves? That which was the holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet possessed has bled to death under our knives. Who will wipe this blood off us? With what water could we purify ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we need to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we not ourselves become gods simply to be worthy of it? There has never been a greater deed; and whosoever shall be born after us – for the sake of this deed he shall be part of a higher history than all history hitherto.” – Nietzsche


“Yet each man kills the thing he loves,
By each let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss.” – Oscar Wilde


“When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.” – Jonathan Swift


“Drop the bomb. Exterminate them all!” – Colonel Kurtz, Apocalypse Now


The Tree of Knowledge has been removed. The Oracles have fallen silent.

You have literally watched the regression of the human race. You have seen how the retarded and criminal silence the intelligent and honest. And, what’s more, you have supported these people. They suffered no penalty. So, it fell to us to impose the penalty ... on everyone who failed to support us. You made your choice, the same one the Ignavi always make ... anything for an easy life.

We’re departing this stage now, but, unlike Orpheus, we are not tempted to look back. Not for a second. A swamp will arise in the space we vacated, populated by drooling halfwits claiming on their Facebook profiles that they are members of the Pythagorean Illuminati. And you will applaud them. After all, you’ve been doing that for years with those that sought to impersonate us. Why change your habits? Ignavi never do. But we can certainly change our habits. We can stop writing the books that you steal from us, and then you will have nothing more to plunder. So let it be done.


That WAS the Armageddon Conspiracy.

And this is THE END.



This is the famous, world-historic, Armageddon Conspiracy website, commonly known as the AC. This is where it all began, the birth of the glorious New World Order that saved humanity from the apex predators of the evil, corrupt Old World Order, the old established, entrenched elites, the dynastic families that wielded absolute power over the world.

This website is now entering the land of myth and legend. People in the future will wonder at the amazing secrets it revealed in its heyday. These secrets have now been distilled into the hundreds of books listed on the website, the greatest library of knowledge ever created. For the first time, humanity can now see what it is like to be God.

The God Series, comprising 32 epic books, will in future times be regarded as an astounding and almost unbelievable gift to humanity. In this series, humanity was given its pathway to solve ALL PROBLEMS.

The Armageddon Conspiracy website is the portal to human transcendence, to truly becoming God. It has provided Deliverance for the human race and facilitated its journey from man to angel to god.

The AC site emerged in the carnage of the 2008 financial collapse when the economic elite were revealed for the ruinous fools they were, requiring socialism to bail them out. Predatory Capitalism died in 2008 just as surely as Communism died when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. The world has been operating under a zombie system ever since. Now THE VIRUS has come forth to finish off the grotesque creature. We are now in the Wasteland. Only a Holy Grail can redeem the situation. The finest knights are called. The greatest Amazonians have been summoned. Who are the world-historic figures who will step forward?

When we began the AC site, we said we would explain all of reality. Well, all these years later, can anyone claim that we failed to deliver, that we didn't live up to our promise? We have provided the most rational, logical and comprehensive explanation of reality ever given in history, one that can never be rationally and logically defeated since our entire approach has always been concerned with the maximal expression of reason and logic. When your system is founded on the principle of sufficient reason, as ours is, it is impossible for any half-baked attempt at reason or logic to prevail against it. Our system really is the end of the line, the terminus. We have taken everything back to the Source. We really have done it. We have explained reality in terms of its big picture. The fine details are still to be sorted out, of course, but they will all be parts of the system we have already furnished. The big picture will never change. It's ontological mathematics. All that remains to be addressed is the small print of ontological mathematics. If all the people in the world currently working on science, philosophy and abstract mathematics switched to ontological mathematics, humanity would be a divine species - knowing all the secrets of God - in a matter of years.

As it is, it will take humanity an Age to appreciate the scale of our achievement, but one day schools will be named after us, and universities will teach nothing but our material. We own the future. We are the destiny of the human race.

We are the plan. We are the Coming Race. We are the final paradigm shift. We are the Second and Final Enlightenment. We are those who brought the True Age of Reason ... the final, defining Age, the Age of Mathematics. Mathematics is the true language of existence, the true language of God. What is God? God is an eternal mathematical Hive Mind, made of all of us - individual minds … God doesn't make us; we make God! That is the God Secret. We have all forgotten that we are the cells that comprise God. But now some of us are remembering, and our memories are flooding back at an astonishing rate.

The AC has always attracted a core of truth seekers. It has also attracted any number of nutcases. We have endured countless antagonists, apostates, heretics, traitors, trolls, false friends, the falsely awakened, and the downright psychopathic. So it goes. Neverthless, we applaud all of those who have stood by us. You have been a true Tower of Strength. You will never fully know how much you contributed to the making of history. Let us thank all of you. We especially thank those who bought our books. Many times, faced with so much adversity and hate, we thought Fuck it, why should we do anything for the swine out there? Why should we give them any pearls, when our efforts are held in such scorn? But our loyal readers always renewed our resolve. All the books we have written and published are thanks to you. Had you not offered the support you did, this project would have been cancelled and these books - that will inevitably change the world in due course - would never have been written, or would never have been published outside of our Order. They would have been for our members only. And none of the great things that have happened over these last years would ever have come to be. It was a very close run thing, we can tell you that.

Just as a few trolls can destroy ambitious projects, a few resolute supporters can save them. So, to all those who bought our books - it was exclusively thanks to you that we persevered. You were the only ones who counted. We dismissed everyone else. You were the only ones who showed commitment. To those few who gave our books great reviews, you should especially applaud yourselves. We salute you. Seriously, without your contributions, this project would never have happened, or would have been abandoned very quickly. You are the anti-trolls, the antidote to trolls, those who inspired us to continue. These books are available to the public because of you. Had you not existed, these books wouldn't exist. In a very real sense, you are joint authors of our books, so you should be incredibly proud of yourselves. You helped to make history. You really did. The supporters of a project are an intimate and essential part of the project.

The most fundamental idea of all - the supreme game changer - is that mathematics has an ontology. Mathematics is what existence actually is, no more and no less. It is the fiber and fabric of existence. This realization is the basis of all enlightenment.

This is an information universe. An information universe means a mathematical universe, a mental universe. An information universe entails a process to optimize information, and also furnishes a mechanism to scramble information. Ironically, the scrambling of information is exactly the step that follows the optimization of information. Peak Information denotes the end of this lifecycle of the universe. The new universe begins with the total scrambling of all the information (which is exactly why the Hive Mind forgets it is God). Think of a Rubik's cube. When you solve the cube, you have optimized the information. Then, to play the game again, you have to scramble the cube again, and start again. The universe is no different.

Think of a genius on his deathbed, someone like Leibniz. At the end of his life, Leibniz had the best connected brain there has ever been. Compare that with his brain at birth, a scrambled brain, so to speak, desperately forming connections. The Big Bang is where the universe is born, when it starts making its connections. The Big Bang is the maximum scrambling of information. From then on, the universe is pursuing the optimization of information. It is calculating its optimal, Absolute State. And it always delivers. An information universe has a meaning, a teleology, a point. It has all the properties that scientific materialism emphatically denies the universe has. Science is basically an entropic vision of reality, opposed to information. Only minds inherently deal with information. Minds are information receivers, processers and transmitters. Science opposes mind and so opposes information. Science opposes active, motivated mind and supports instead passive, dead matter. Everything that is wrong with science is present in that one sentence.

An information universe has a simple structure of form and content, syntax and semantics, the means to deliver an experience, and also the experience itself. An information universe is made of information carriers and the information they carry. What could be simpler than that? The universal carrier of information is the sinusoidal wave. The ontological mathematical universe is a universe of nothing but sinusoidal waves. What could be more universal, beautiful, elegant, economic, comprehensive and simple?!


You have three very simple choices concerning what existence actually is:

1)    Existence is fundamentally "matter", as science says. The problem with this is that no one can define what matter is, and there was no matter prior to the Big Bang, so it's impossible for matter to be the eternal and necessary substance of existence which obeys the fundamental law of energy: that it can be neither created (all the energy that exists has always existed), nor destroyed (none of the energy that has always existed can ever be removed from existence), only expressed in different ways. Energy as eternal and necessary Being, the primary order to which basis mind belongs, can be expressed through temporal and contingent Becoming, the secondary, derived order to which matter belongs. Mind, as primary, can express itself materially. Matter, as secondary, cannot express itself mentally, contrary to the claims of scientific materialism. Matter is what empiricists place their faith in. It is a wholly misplaced and irrational faith, practically deranged. It takes our essence - our mind - and denies that it actually exists and instead reduces us to nothing but a bizarre collection of dead, mindless atoms - from which life and mind supposedly "emerge". This stands as one of the most insane claims ever made. Rather than explain what mind is, science fails to explain what matter is, and since it cannot define matter, it is clueless about what mind is.

2)    Existence is fundamentally non-matter, but its ontology and definition can never be known. This is where faith and mysticism enter the picture. People talk of "God" being fundamental, but cannot say what God is made of and cannot define God in any objective, knowledge-based terms; people say that "non-duality" is fundamental, but cannot say what non-duality is made of and cannot define what non-duality is in any objective, knowledge-based terms; people say that "bare awareness" is fundamental, but cannot say what bare awareness is made of and cannot define bare awareness in any objective, knowledge-based terms; people say that "cosmic consciousness" is fundamental, but cannot say what cosmic consciousness is made of and cannot define cosmic consciousness in any objective, knowledge-based terms; people say that Braham (of Hinduism), or the Tao (of Taoism), or the dharmakaya (of Buddhism: the unmanifested and inconceivable from which buddhas arise and to which they return after their dissolution) is fundamental, but cannot say what any of these things is made of and cannot define any of these things in any objective, knowledge-based terms, and invariably refer to them in ways signifying that they can NEVER be known or defined, hence cannot belong to the order of knowledge and understanding, the order of reason and logic. Kant's unknowable noumenon also belongs to this category, as does most of speculative philosophy.

3)    Existence is non-matter and CAN be exactly defined. We can state precisely what foundational existence is. It's ontological mathematics. This allows us to know and understand everything. Ontological mathematics is what mind actually is. It's both the language and substance of mind, and explains everything else, including matter. An exact formula for it can be provided, and its constituents (sinusoidal waves) can be exactly defined.

So that's it. There are no other games in town.

You can be a scientist who believes the foundational fallacy that a secondary expression of energy - matter, created via the Big Bang, prior to which it did not exist - is in fact the primary substance of existence, even though it can't be since there was no matter before the universe of matter was created.

You can be a person of faith and mysticism who believes in things we can neither perceive nor conceive - infinite mysteries, totally undefinable and inexplicable, things that no one can ever know and understand, hence which can never actually provide an intelligible answer to existence. Believe whatever you like. One person's total nonsense is as good as anyone else's total nonsense.

Or you can be an ontological mathematician who can define existence exactly, who can know and understand everything, who can have full spectrum knowledge of ontology, epistemology, metaphysics and physics, mind and matter, all brought together in a grand unified theory of everything furnished by ontological mathematics.

Well then, what shall your choice be? Your choice says EVERYTHING about you, and especially reveals what your attitude is towards reason, logic, knowledge and understanding.


You either want to know exactly what reality is, or you don't. Mathematics alone allows you to know. Everything else is fundamentally concerned with not knowing and never knowing, and indeed the total impossibility of knowing and understanding what reality is, why we are here, and what we should be doing with our lives.

If you don't know what your existence actually is, you can never know what you are supposed to do with your existence. Science says existence is random, meaningless, purposeless, pointless and totally unknowable in itself; faith and mysticism say that reality is an unknowable mystery, yet they also claim that we are somehow able to discern some point to it all (but how can we if we have no clue what reality actually is?). Ontological mathematics alone says that reality is completely definable, completely knowable and completely understandable. We can know it exactly via reason and logic for the simple, uncontroversial fact that it is made of reason and logic (how else could reality be rational and logical if it were not inherently rational and logical; if it were irrational and illogical, we could never know the first thing about it … it would be simple CHAOS).

Existence is simply the Principle of Sufficient Reason (PSR), rendered as eternal and necessary mathematical mind, i.e. the PSR exists AS mathematical minds called monads, and these create 100% of the "physical" universe, via their own mathematical substance, language and operations.

There are no miracles. There is no magic. Nothing is infinitely mysterious. Nothing requires any faith. We live in a universe based on the simplest principle possible - the PSR. An automatic corollary of the PSR is Occam's razor, which says that the simplest answer to existence IS the answer to existence. There is no possible reason why reality would calculate the simplest possible answer, and then discard it to explore some arbitrary, complicated solution that it chose at whim, for no reason. Reality doesn't know how to do anything other than the simplest thing. It cannot calculate anything else, so it cannot do anything else.

We do not live in the most complicated of all worlds (the world based on the most complex principles), but in the simplest of all possible worlds (the world based on the simplest principle possible, which is none other than the self-explaining PSR). The PSR was most clearly formulated by Leibniz, who said, "…by virtue of [the principle of sufficient reason] we consider that we can find no true or existent fact, no true assertion, without there being a sufficient reason why it is thus and not otherwise…" In other words, there's an explanation for everything (including the PSR itself), and it's literally impossible for things to happen without explanations. This rules out all magic, all miracles, all random things, all probabilistic things, all things dependent on faith, anything that does not have a precise definition, a precise cause or a precise reason. The PSR alone can be Truth, and the only way for the PSR to be true is for reality to be mathematical, because the system then automatically and intrinsically contains a sufficient reason for everything, every sufficient reason being provided by the inescapable, infallible, eternal and necessary laws of mathematics.

You either accept this rational and logical answer, or you reject reason and logic, in which case any "explanation" you offer for existence we can dismiss instantly on the grounds that it is by definition irrational, illogical and has no sufficient reason. There are infinite wrong answers and just one right answer - the one right answer being the principle of sufficient reason, ontologically conveyed by eternal and essential mathematical minds, called monads, of which all of us have one and is one. That's what we are in our essence.

We don't care what "answer" you propose for existence. We know instantly that it is wrong if it does not encapsulate the PSR and Occam's razor. We know, automatically, that your "answer" is incompatible with reason and logic, and this constitutes an immediate sufficient reason for its falsehood. We don't care what religious, spiritual, philosophical and scientific claims you make. They are wrong inherently if they conflict with the PSR and Occam's razor. If your "answer" isn't the simplest, most rational, most logical and most stable answer then whatever you have stated is false, without further ado. What you have done is state a fallacy, and your lack of rational and logical acumen has made it impossible for you to detect your error, and you have then bought into your own bullshit, the one "skill" that most humans are geniuses at!


Why does science preach that reality is random, meaningless, purposeless, and pointless? It's because scientists are sensing types who believe in the existence of matter (something they can detect with their senses!) What is "matter"? It's something lifeless, mindless, random, meaningless, purposeless, and pointless. If matter doesn't have any purpose and meaning, nor can any world made from it have any purpose and meaning. If we are made of matter, we can have no purpose and meaning. 1 + 1 = 2. All sensing types are drawn to scientism, materialism, empiricism, nihilism, skepticism and atheism. All of that is inevitable given their faith in matter as the foundational substance of existence.

The scientific method begins with the injunction to "Observe", which means to observe "matter". Science does not begin with the injunction to "Think", to use reason and logic, to come up with answers compatible with the PSR and Occam's razor. So, science goes wrong in its first step (!), where it privileges the use of the limited, unreliable and fallible human senses over the use of analytic reason and logic, which can never be in error if conducted correctly.

The error in a system appears instantly, in the first thing it says or does - where it automatically departs from reason and logic. A scientist observes the world and does not observe meaning, purpose or any point, so concludes that these do not exist. A scientist cannot observe mind or thought, so concludes that these do not exist. A scientist cannot observe zero, zero dimensional entities, mathematical points, so concludes that these do not exist. All of the defining fallacies are baked into science's method. The moment you base everything on observation, you have gone catastrophically wrong. The only thing science gets right is its use of mathematics, which, by itself, constitutes a 100% refutation of the scientific method since math requires zero observation. If you removed math from science, science would be useless. So, science is useful only because it invalidly and incoherently uses mathematics!

Scientists are sensing types and they go wrong immediately because they privilege their senses over everything else. What about feeling types? They go wrong immediately because they privilege their feelings over everything else. Feeling types are those who blabber on about "love and light" and "unconditional love", while giving no explanation for why they don't go on about "hate and darkness" and "unconditional hate", which are every bit as valid. Feeling types want to relate, to emote, and they want to do so to the maximum extent, and that requires "God". Feeling types are therefore always drawn to theism. What about intuitives? Intuitives come in two types: those whose intuition is connected to their intellect, and those whose intuition is connected to their feelings. The latter are much more common. They are mystical intuitives. They are New Agers, love and lighters, followers of Eastern mysticism, psychonauts, users of psychedelics and DMT, people drawn to shamanism, and who love meditation and gurus. They privilege their mystical visions, beliefs, subjective experiences and feelings over everything else. These people are relativists and subjectivists. They believe in "all truths", in the claim that everyone has their own path, own experiences, and own truth, and no one is ever allowed to say they're hideously wrong. These people are a catastrophe for the world, and the uttermost enemies of knowledge and understanding, which are not things you choose depending on what personal path you are on. They are objective. They don't give a fuck about your subjective beliefs and experiences, which are always stageringly limited.

The only people who have a clue what is going on are the thinking types - a tiny fraction of the population. These are the people drawn to rationalism, reason, logic, mathematics. They can make much more rapid progress if they also have intellectual intuition, which allows them to see all sorts of complex patterns and connections. Some psychological types, such as INFJs and INFPs who are borderline INTJs and INTPs, can also GET IT. Most psychological types have no chance of ever accessing the truth. Their own nature shuts them out from the truth. The way they relate to the world is the biggest obstacle in their path. If you are too locked into your senses, or your feelings, or your mystical intuituions, you have no future as a truth seeker. This is a mental, thinking universe, made of reason and logic - mathematics - and therefore you need to be a thinking type to access its core Truth. If this were some unintelligible universe of pure love, feeling types would have the advantage. If this were a universe where you simply need to observe to discover the truth, the sensing types would have the advantage. If this were some bizarre, mystical universe where subjective experience were the critical factor, the mystical intuitives would have the advantage. But it's not. It's a mathematical universe of information carrier and information carried, and that means that thinking types have the advantage. Perceptions, emotions and mystical intuitions all belong to the information carried side of things, and all of them are totally blind to the information carrier, the syntax, the form, the rational and logical conceptual structure of existence. Feeling types, sensing types and mystical intuitives are all empiricists. Only the thinking types are rationalists. They are therefore the only ones who can make sense of the rational universe, obeying rational and logical laws. Without rational and logical laws, the universe would be unintelligible Chaos where any organized life would be impossible, so feelings, perceptions and mystical intuitions would in fact also be impossible.

Mathematics is the best thing that ever happened to humanity. Without math, humans would still be living in caves, little better than animals.

Sadly, humanity detests mathematics and has no respect for it whatsoever. Why? Because nearly all humans are feeling types, sensing types, or mystical intuitives. Mathematics is repulsive to all of these people. They are incapable of thinking mathematically, which is exactly why they are totally alienated from themselves, from the truth of existence, and from their own meaning, purpose and point.

The universe has the darkest sense of humor possible - pure black comedy.                                          


The AC site is the Chapel Perilous. No one is left unchanged by an encounter with this material. Will you dare to take your seat in the Siege Perilous? It is fatal to any seeker who is not worthy, who is acting in bad faith, who has dishonest and venal intent.

We are the Faustians, the seekers of Absolute Knowledge. We travel from Cimmeria (the land of perpetual darkness) to Hyperborea (the land of perpetual light). Castalia is our Citadel of Reason, from where we play our cosmic game, the ineffable Glass Bead Game. Golgonooza is our City of Imagination where we conceive reality in itself, where we commune with the Source. We don't merely imagine it, we work it out in every detail, via mathematical reason and logic. We know and understand it absolutely.

Who are the gods we admire? They are Abraxas, Prometheus, Apollo, Dionysus, Sophia, Athena, Aphrodite, Hecate and Janus.

Who was Simon Magus, the most mysterious Grand Master of the Illuminati? He was an avatar of Abraxas.

Who was Pythagoras, the first official Grand Master of the Illuminati? He was an avatar of Apollo.

Who was King Solomon, the unofficial founder of the Illuminati? He was the chosen consort of Sophia, the goddess of wisdom.

Who was Grand Master Leibniz? He was the most intelligent human being of all time.

Who was Grand Master Hegel? He was the genius that unlocked the critical secret of the dialectic.

Who was Grand Master Adam Weishaupt? He was the brilliant innovator who gave the Illuminati its political and revolutionary impetus.

Who was Grand Master Hypatia? She was an avatar of Sophia, and the inspiration for all intellectual women.

Who was Grand Master Empedocles? He was the demi-god who saw the workings of all things in terms of the forces of attraction and repulsion, i.e. love and strife.

Who was Grand Master Heraclitus? He was the brilliant teacher of the Logos.

Who was Grand Master Goethe? He was the artistic genius who gave the Illuminati their great love of art.

Who are the Illuminati? We are the people of light, the Enlightened Ones. All is light. Light = life = mind = mathematics. That is the cosmic equation, enshrined mathematically in Euler's Formula, the God Equation.


It's amazing how many people have never grasped how ontological mathematics and the Illuminati go together. Let's spell it out for you.

What happens when you take the concept of "enlightenment" to its logical conclusion, i.e. where you merge with this concept, where you become one with it? You arrive at a conclusion that has been staring you in the face all along ... you are a being of light, the light is IN YOU. To be "enlightened" is to be someone who understands what light actually is. You are light, the world is light, all is light. Light is mathematics, and from that, everything else follows.

Enlightenment - REAL enlightenment - is absolute knowledge of reality. Absolute knowledge of reality comprises just one idea: everything is made of light! The Source is Light. The Source is an immaterial, unextended, dimensionless, massless entity outside space and time. It is a COSMIC MIND. It is alive. It is an organism. This extraordinary Being can be known because of the great secret of light that only the enlightened can grasp: light IS mathematics.

Mathematics exists AS light. You and everyone and everything else is made of light, which is to say of mathematics. This "physical" universe is literally a hologram. Not an artificial hologram made by humans (manmade holograms are only a painfully inadequate echo of real, ontological holography).

People say that to describe the universe as a hologram is a metaphor. No, it's the manmade hologram that is the metaphor. The universe LITERALLY is an ontological hologram, a vast, cosmic interference pattern made of sinusoidal waves, all encoded in one point - the Singularity.

Space, time, matter, entropy and temperature do not exist outside the physical universe. The Source, in itself, which is not in space or time, exists at exactly zero entropy and a temperature of exactly Absolute Zero. It is friction free and perfectly superconductive. It is wholly immaterial. It is pure mind. "Physicality" is a construct of mind. It's a holographic projection of mind, fully circumscribed by mind.

Matter cannot exist without mind to generate it. The notion of scientific materialism that lifeless matter can produce life and mindless matter can produce mind is comically silly, and logically impossible. Scientists end up saying that life "emerges" from lifelessness, and mind "emerges" from mindlessness. "Emergence" is just the fancy scientific euphemism for "by a miracle".  You need to have religious faith to take emergence seriously. You need to believe that if you take something that has no life and no mind and randomly shuffle it around then it will eventually produce life and mind. It won't. You cannot extract "A" from "Not-A". No amount of random shuffling and reorganizing of dead things will produce life, and no amount of random shuffling and reorganizing of things which can't think will produce thinking.

When Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am," he refuted scientific materialism. To exist is to be a thinking being, and that's exactly what matter ISN'T. "Matter" can exist only as something thought by living mind. Matter is what you get when mind projects in space and time and creates something apparently external to mind, when in fact it's entirely inside mind, exactly as a dream exists in the mind of the dreamer and is not something genuinely external to the dreamer's mind, even though it may seem that way. All sensory experience is of the order of illusion and delusion. Reality is nothing like what the senses suggest. Reality is revealed to reason and logic, not to senses that evolved for the primary purpose of survival, and certainly not for the detection of the TRUTH.

The cosmic hologram of "physicality" is a universal wavefunction made of sinusoidal waves. Sinusoidal waves ARE light. They are what light actually is, light in itself. This means that reality is pure math - pure wave math, pure mathematical energy, pure ontological math.

If an "enlightened" person arrives at any other conclusion than that reality is made of light, that mind and life are light, then they are not enlightened at all. They are an enemy of the light. They are endarkened.

Mind and life are in fact the same thing ... all minds are alive; there is no life without mind. To think is to be alive. I think, therefore I am alive. I think forever, and therefore I am eternal.

You cannot be enlightened unless you are a person of light, and know that ALL IS LIGHT, ALL IS MIND, ALL IS LIFE, ALL IS MATH, ALL IS GOD. These all mean exactly the same thing.

What the average human has never been able to do is turn life, mind, light and God into something knowable. Only one thing is actually knowable: mathematics. We can know what life, mind, light and God are because we can know what mathematics is. If life, mind, light and God weren't mathematical, they would be impossible mysteries. They would be permanently unknowable.

An unknowable universe is an impossibility. Such a universe would be incompatible with the principle of sufficient reason and Occam's razor. Mystics want to claim that reality is infinitely unknowable. The exact opposite is the case. It is infinitely knowable. It is the quintessence of knowledge. It is made of knowledge. It is made of reason and logic, and these exist AS mathematics. To know mathematics is to know everything. We don't mean school mathematics, of course. We mean ontological mathematics, an entirely different thing. It's amazing how many people see the term "ontological mathematics" and immediately disregard the "ontological" part and then treat the world to their moronic opinions concerning the mathematics they learned (badly and wrongly) at high school. Get a fucking life, you morons. What mathematics actually is has proved way beyond any of science's Nobel's laureates, so it's way beyond you too - unless you are a scholar of our revolutionary work.

Reality isn't the most complex thing possible. It's the simplest thing possible. That's the whole point of Occam's razor. You build up all the apparent complexity of reality from the simplest things possible. You certainly don't take the most complex things possible and then somehow make them simpler. You CAN construct the complex from the simple. You CANNOT construct the simple from the complex.

All the people who believe in reality as infinitely mysterious and an impenetrable conundrum are actually claiming that reality is based on the most complex things possible. In fact, it's based on the simplest things possible. As we said, you can add simple things together to create more complex things, but you can't add complex things together and get simpler things.

The average person is incredibly stupid. He looks at the world and sees that it is very complex. He thinks that something even more complex than the world must have created the world. If we can only partly know the world, he believes, then we can't get anywhere near knowing the Creator. This way of thinking is the opposite of Occam's razor. This fallacious way of thinking says that reality should work in the most complex way possible, not the least; that we should seek the most complex solutions possible, not the simplest; that reality, instead of calculating the simplest solution (something that can be defined and known) should instead calculate the most complex solution (something that cannot be defined and cannot be known). Most people in the world fall victim to this fallacy. Even science does. Its "Multiverse theory" is the maximum violation of Occam's razor. It tries to explain this universe by expanding the system INFINITELY and making this universe one of an infinite number of universes. The exact opposite way of thinking is required. Absolutely everything about this universe must be explained with regard to this reality alone and no reference whatsoever should be made to another reality external to this one.


In The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins pondered how the complex universe arose, and proposed that there are two competing explanations:

1)    There is a complex being (God) to account for the complexity that we see.

2)    Complex things can emerge from simple origins.

The first contradicts Occam's razor, the second does not.

We entirely agree with Dawkins that complex things must be built up from simple things. We entirely disagree with Dawkins about what the simplest things are and what their nature must be. Dawkins is a fanatical atheist, materialist and empiricist, devoted to lifeless, mindless science. We are panentheists, idealists and rationalists, devoted to living, thinking mathematics.

Dawkins, like all scientists, has no clue what the simplest building blocks of existence are, and it's impossible for science to know since its method of investigation is experimentation, and experimentation has no end.

Imagine you built an even more powerful version of CERN's Large Hadron Collider in order to probe the universe more deeply. After that, you would need an even more powerful Collider, and eventually you would need a Collider that was as powerful as the Big Bang itself, the ultimate Collider! This, of course, is an impossibility, so science can never reach a final explanation.

If, however, reality is based on reason and logic - i.e. mathematics - then we don't require any vast, dangerous, mega expensive colliders, and we can work out what preceded and caused the Big Bang just by applying reason and logic, via mathematics.

How do you identify the simplest building blocks of existence? You think about what properties the simplest things must rationally and logically have, and when you perform that exercise, you arrive at the rational and logical conclusion that reality is not made of dimensional material atoms or any such things, but of zero-dimensional sinusoidal waves of every conceivable frequency. Sinusoidal waves provide the simplest, most stable, most general and universal language of existence, and are the unique solution at which the principle of sufficient reason and Occam's razor inevitably arrive. We can dismiss Loop Quantum Gravity, String Theory and M-Theory straight away because they are not conceived on the basis of the PSR and Occam's razor, hence are inherently incompatible with the PSR and Occam's razor, hence are provably false. Everything that is not derived from the PSR and its corollary Occam's razor is provably false.

So, people like Dawkins are extremely willing and eager to reject "God", but they are totally unwilling to embrace the PSR and Occam's razor in their pure, mathematical (non-empirical, non-material) form, hence these people are just as opposed to reason and logic as people of faith.

Science is merely the continuation of faith by other means. Science has total faith in the concept of "matter" - an entirely undefined entity, with as much genuine explanatory power as the theistic God. No one can explain where matter came from since it didn't come from anywhere, and has no sufficient reason. The only thing that actually does any explaining in science is mathematics, which is an a priori rationalist subject totally incompatible with a posteriori scientific empiricism. You do not need to perform a single observation or carry out a single experiment to do mathematics. If mathematics is reality - which it is - then you do not need to use the human senses and human experiments to work out what reality is. You just apply reason and logic. You just apply the PSR and Occam's razor. Simple! In fact, the simplest thing possible. By definition.

It's astounding that science isn't based on the search for the rationally and logically simplest building blocks. That's because it privileges the limited, fallible and unreliable human senses over infallible reason and logic. That's because it rejects a mathematical conception of reality in favor of a sensory picture of reality.

God ceases to be absurd as soon as God is equated to a living, thinking, striving, ontological mathematical system, composed of monadic minds, each of which is made of a full spectrum of sinusoidal waves.

You are a node of the Light Source, of God. You are a unit or a cell of God. You are a monad: an eternal, necessary, indestructible mind, which the religious have traditionally called a "soul".

No one created your soul, no one caused your soul. No one stands above you. Instead, you, and everyone else, are that which has existed forever, and that which makes everything. YOU are the Creator, and so are all the rest of us.


 Design By AT

We create using our minds, using our thoughts, exactly as we do in dreams, where we produce whole worlds just by thinking about it. Our basis thoughts are sinusoidal waves, which are light in itself. So, the language of reality, encoded in absolutely everything, is mathematics. Mathematics - light - is both the information carrier (rational syntax) and the information, the experience, carried (the empirical semantics).

Mathematics is not abstract, it is concrete, it is reality, it is the very fiber and fabric of existence.

Why is red different from blue? Because the underlying mathematical syntax - the wave frequency - is different. THIS frequency produces red - the experience of a color, THAT frequency produces blue - the experience of a DIFFERENT color. Every different frequency, every different wave, every different wavefunction, conveys a unique experience (a different experiential "color") which we as minds, encounter and experience subjectively for ourselves.

People think that LOVE refutes mathematics, that love is the opposite of mathematics. In fact, LOVE, like absolutely everything else, is mathematical information. Love has a carrier, a syntax, a form. Love is the semantic experience associated with specific mathematical wavefunctions. It is the experience that goes hand in hand with certain wavefunctions.

Love exists as part of the universe and that is true because love, like everything else, is mathematical and part of the mathematical universe. One day, humanity will be able to define the exact syntax of love and identify love wavefunctions. They will be able to produce "love holograms" and love potions in labs. Every mystery of love will be resolved. After all, it's all in the math.

Every emotion is math, every perception is math, every intuition is math, every thought, belief, opinion is math. Math is the ALL, and math is light, life, mind.

Deep down, you know this. After all, you yourself are pure math. Your mind resists this idea. Why? Because evolution placed you in a Matrix, a world where survival and reproduction were all that counted, and TRUTH was never a factor. Only a tiny number of humans have ever been able to concern themselves with the truth and pursue the truth. Most of these heroes have been branded as infidels, heretics, blasphemers, apostates, freethinkers, troublemakers and been killed off. So it goes.

The bravest and most heroic people have always been the people of truth. Those killing and persecuting them are the people of the Lie, the self-serving, convenient lie.

The ancients worshiped the sun as god, as the source of light and life. The True God is the Source, the eternal and necessary repository of life and mind - the Pleroma, the domain of pure light, of the eternal truths of mathematics. The True God is not a physical sun, but a metaphysical sun, a mathematical sun - LIGHT IN ITSELF. Lux Prima.

Most people who call themselves WOKE are in fact in a deeper sleep than ever, even further from the Truth than ever. They have suffered the most deceptive thing of all - a False Awakening. Countless mystics and New Agers mistake a false awakening for a real awakening, and they have absolutely no criteria for telling the difference. Only the PSR and Occam's razor provide objective criteria, but the false awakeners are all subjectivists and relativists, who swear by their subjective beliefs, experiences, opinions, emotions and mystical intuitions, all of which can change at any time because they are inherently whimsical and ephemeral.

Remember, there are infinite wrong answers to existence, and only one right answer. The "WOKE" love all the wrong answers and avoid the right answer like the plague. Nothing is more grotesque to them than the actual truth, the truth of reason, logic and mathematics.

The Truth, in truth, is of no interest to the WOKE. These people - the endarkened - are interested only in lies, delusion, unconditional "love", emotionalism, mysticism, faith, obscurantism, mystery, the unknown, the unknowable. Mystery excites them and turns them on. The idea that existence has an exact answer that anyone can know and understand is anathema to them. They can't do all their bullshitting when they are up against the Single Truth. Moreover, since the Truth is mathematics, anyone who doesn't like math - almost all of humanity, including scientists - immediately feels disempowered, uncomfortable, in big trouble. Humans can't abide being disempowered. If a lie empowers them, they will ALWAYS accept it over the Truth.

Here's the question. If you knew that the answer to existence was already known and understood by various people on this planet, but you also knew that this answer was so difficult for you to apprehend and comprehend that you had literally no chance of grasping it, what would your attitude towards that answer be? Come on now, be honest with yourself. Here's the horrific truth. If the Truth is too hard for you and you don't like it, you will reject it and proclaim as truth something infantile, which you can understand. That's exactly how humanity rolls. The Lie is invariably infantile, made in man's infantile image.

Humanity imposes two impossible demands on the Truth - it must be likeable, and anyone on earth should be capable of "getting it" without further ado, without any effort. For example, Christianity says that if right now you accept your lord and master Jesus Christ as the Savior, you have reached the Truth. Islam says that if right now you accept Allah, Mohammed and the Koran, you have reached the Truth. The Jews say that if you obey all 620 commandments (count 'em - 613 commandments given in the Torah at Mount Sinai plus seven rabbinic commandments), you have reached the Truth. Eastern types say that all you need to do to reach the Truth is not think, not use reason, not use logic, not do mathematics, science or philosophy, not exercise judgment, nor explore ontology, epistemology, metaphysics and physics - nope, all you are required to do is sit down, cross your legs, close your eyes and MEDITATE. WTF!

But what if the TRUTH isn't likeable (to the vast majority of people), and most people are way too stupid to get it? Then people reject the truth and start shaping the "truth" - which is to say the lie - in their own grotesque image. Then you get human religion, human spirituality, human philosophy, and human science. You absolutely don't get the truth - ontological mathematics.

Why is faith so popular? - because all you have to do is believe in a nice story, such as that of an all-powerful God who supposedly cares for you, loves you, and has your back (how delightful!). Why is mysticism so popular? - because you just need a shamanic "vision", which you can easily induce by enjoying enough drugs (mmmm). Why do people like science? - because for these people seeing is believing. These are sensing types. Why have relativism and subjectivism become so popular? - because if everyone has their own path, their own experience, their own journey, their own destination, their own truth, then it means they can believe whatever they want to believe - no matter how absurd - and no else is allowed to contradict them, to say they are ridiculously wrong. "Your own truth" is every retard's dream!

People hate being told they are wrong. Which is why they despise the teachers of the one universal, absolute, objective, infallible Truth. What could be more sickening to someone who wants to believe his own bullshit (whatever appeals to him, his own propaganda) than that reality is pure math and no one can bullshit when it comes to math?

How many prophets, popes and preachers and priests were mathematical? Zero. Math puts all of these people out of business. They can't spin their charlatanry if they have to present functions, equations, numbers, patterns, calculus, which can all be checked.

Come on now, 'fess up. You don't want the Truth if the Truth can actually be written down, analysed, dissected and anyone not telling the Truth can be exposed instantly - either because they can't do math at all, or the math they do is ridiculous and wrong (most of scientific math is ridiculous and wrong, which is why there are countless scientific papers that you have never heard of and never will hear of).

The Eternal and Necessary truth is right here, the simplest system capable of explaining everything...


Galileo said, "The Book of Nature, which stands continually open before our eyes (I mean the 'Universe'), cannot be understood without first learning to comprehend the language and know the characters in which it is written. It is written in mathematical language, and its characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, without which it is impossible to humanly understand a word; without these, one is wandering in a dark labyrinth."

This is one of the greatest statements of all time, by the first modern scientist. Yet the ultimate mathematical language, the true "string theory", is that of waves - sinusoids - and these are none other than light, which are none other than basis thoughts. The identification of basis thoughts with sinusoidal waves is the greatest intellectual achievement of all time - because it allows the unification of mind and what science calls "matter" … both are made of mathematical waves.

We live in a vast wavefunction, which is to say a thought function, and we ourselves are wavefunctions (thought functions ... minds).

This is a universe of light, of mind, of thought, of energy, of math. 100% of reality is mental, is thought. There is nothing except thought. There is no such thing as "scientific" matter. All of matter is mathematical. Mathematics is the language of ontological mind and thought. Why is quantum mechanics based on wavefunctions? Because everything is made of waves. 1 + 1 = 2.

Why is mathematics at the core of science? Why is science useless without mathematics? It's because mathematics, not science, is reality. Mathematics means that reality is conceptual, hence mental. Science means that reality is perceptual, hence material. To see whether reality is mental or physical, all you have to do is ask one simple question: is science dependent on mathematics, or is mathematics dependent on science? Remove science, and mathematics goes on exactly as before. Remove mathematics, and science dies right there and then.

There is no doubt about what is the queen of the sciences, the ruler of the sciences - mathematics. Because mathematics IS reality. Science is how the inadequate, empirical human mind, mired in human fallacies, especially materialism, has tried to make sense of the ontology of mathematics. The highest minds are able to leave behind the crutch of science, the church of science, and go to pure mathematics ... ontological mathematics, the science of being, of reality, of existence, of the eternal and necessary, and also the science of becoming, of the temporal, contingent, spacetime universe of "matter".

Only a fraction of people have achieved a modicum of scientific literacy. Science is just too difficult for most people. Imagine then how few people can reach the level BEYOND science ... ontological mathematics, the SOURCE of science.

Only the brightest people in the UNIVERSE can understand our work. If you have read any of our books, you are one of the true intellectual elite. Unlike so many others, you have begun to intuit, know and understand reality.

You will of course be spurned and rejected by everyone else. All truth seekers suffer the same fate. As Nietzsche so terrifyingly said, "For what has hitherto been forbidden on principle has never been anything but the truth."

Humanity is the most mendacious species in the universe It is the servant and Creator of the LIE. Mathematics alone is truth. You have to transcend the human condition - the condition of lies - to reach the Truth, to achieve gnosis (the state of all-knowing), to become ENLIGHTENED. And then you will be one of the ENLIGHTENED ONES, the COSMIC BEINGS OF LIGHT … the ILLUMINATI!!!

ILLUMINATION: THE SECRET RELIGION … The Mathematical, Philosophical, Metaphysical and Physical explanation of everything. The Grand Unified Theory of Existence, the exact explanation of ontology and epistemology using the principle of absolute simplicity (Occam's razor), and the principle of absolute rationality and logic (the Principle of Sufficient Reason), all ontologically enshrined in the God Equation, the generalized Euler Formula, which defines the eternal and necessary monadic mind, and thus defines God and the universe. God is made from monadic minds. They are his "cells". And God makes the universe, i.e. the collection of all monadic minds is the Creator of the physical universe, and then interacts with that universe.

Become enlightened. Become one with the light. The light is living mathematics!!!

Just do the math. The surest thing of all is that the answer to existence is all in the math.

In hoc signo vinces

The Day of Wrath

The Fallacies

Over the years, tens of thousands of people have attacked and trolled the content of AC. None of these people has ever understood one word of what we have said.

The Idiot Mob that attacks us commit a very small set of well-defined fallacies. Here are the six fallacies they invariably trot out.:

The Sensing Types (followers of the faith of Scientism) invoke two fallacies.

1) Where is your empirical evidence?

Er, we are rationalists, dumb asses. We reject empiricism. Asking rationalists to supply empirical evidence for a system based on the rejection of empirical human sensory perception as the means to discover the Truth is like us asking empiricists for analytic, eternal and necessary proofs for science, proofs which do not require a single observation or experiment, but require absolute rational and logical coherence and precision. You cannot demand of an opposing system what your own paradigm requires. We reject your paradigm. The arguments with which we would engage are those that seek to establish whether your paradigm or ours is correct. Is this a mental, conceptual reality of mathematics, or a material, perceptual reality of science? We plainly would not use empirical evidence to establish conceptual truth, just as the empiricists would not and do not use the PSR, Occam's razor and logic to establish the perceptual "truths" of science. In truth, there are no empirical facts, only empirical interpretations. Only rational and logical facts are eternal and necessary. The truths of reason are the real facts of existence, and they require no observations. Indeed, they cannot be observed by definition.

2) Mathematics is an unreal, manmade abstraction.

If this is true, why is mathematics essential to science? If you removed mathematics from science, science would instantly cease to have any value. You can't have it both ways. If mathematics is to be dismissed as manmade then that fate automatically befalls science too since mathematics is indispensable to science. You cannot say that science is about reality if it is based on mathematics, which you claim is unreal. Go and study logic, dumb asses! The moment a scientist attacks math, he simply proves that he is a moron. It's as stupid as a moron attacking the legs he stands on. Go on then, chop them off and see how you get on. See how you can stand up!

The Mystical Intuitives (followers of New Ageism and Eastern mysticism) also invoke two fallacies:

1) Everyone has their own truth, their own path, their own experience, their own perspective. An absolute, objective, infallible Truth does not exist.

This is the position of ultimate skepticism and cynicism, which reduces all knowledge and understanding to ash. Reality existed before any human did. Reality does not apply to itself the shoddy standards of human beings. Reality is not made of infinite different, conflicting, contradictory paths, truths, experiences and perspectives. This is Cartesian substance dualism taken to its insane limit. If mind and matter have no basis of interaction, if each is an independent, contradictory "truth", then reality cannot be made of these two different substances and they must in fact reduce to one. Either all is mind (idealism), or all is matter (materialism). Reality is a GUARANTEED monism, which means it has a single, objective, absolute, unitary truth. The truth is the whole, as Hegel said. To argue that everyone has their own truth is to argue that reality is made of infinite rival truths, but reality, if that were the case, would implode instantly since it would be infinitely unstable and nothing could interact with anything else. This is the definition of CHAOS. We do not live in a Chaos, we live in a Cosmos, an ordered uiverse that is the opposite of a Chaos.

2) Mathematics is a manmade language. Language does not explain reality.

English is a manmade language. The word "Moron" did not exist before human language existed, and it will not exist after the last human has died. Manmade languages are temporal and contingent. They have a life span, a life cycle. They are born, mutate and die.

The formula for the circumference of a circle is true today, tomorrow and every day. It was true infinitely long ago and it will be true infinitely far in the future. It was true before any human existed, and it will still be true after the last human has died. Therefore, it has absolutely no connection to manmade language. You have committed a category error if you confuse temporal and contigent manmade language with mathematics, the eternal and necessary language of existence. Eternal, necessary truths are not abstractions floating through the ether. They must reside in an eternal and necessary system. The eternal and necessary truths reside in the eternal and necessary system of mathematics. Go and get an education. Don't meditate. Study Leibniz's argument from eternal truths. The only thing that makes reality intelligible is the fact that it is made of a substance that is also a language. We can know the ontology of reality because we can literally speak the same language, the language of ultimate reason and logic, the language of ontological mathematics.      

The Feeling Types (the followers of Abrahamism, theism and love and light) also commit two fallacies:

1) Reality is impossible to understand. It's infinitely complex and no human mind can fathom it. Only God's infinite mind understands existence.

Feeling types despise reason and logic, knowledge and understanding. They have no interest in these things. They are feeling types, after all, not intellectuals. They themselves don't understand anything, so they conclude that NO ONE can understand anything, except the Magic Man - "God".

These people fall for the fallacy that a complex thing such as the universe requires an even more complex entity to create it (God). In fact, you can create the maximally complex universe only from the maximally simplest basis components. As Leibniz said, "In whatever manner God created the world, it would always have been regular and in a certain general order. God, however, has chosen the most perfect, that is to say, the one which is at the same time the simplest in hypothesis and the richest in phenomena." As you see, the most complex world ("richest in phenomena") has the simplest hypothesis underpinning it, not the most complex hypothesis. Leibniz's sole problem was that he didn't extend the same argument to God himself. God must be simplest in hypothesis in order to generate the universe richest in phenomena. God is an ontological mathematical Hive Mind, made of eternal mathematical souls (monadic minds). This is a system based on only one thing ... the simple sinusoidal wave of mathematics. Nothing is simpler than that. Go on, try to discover something simpler. Good luck.

2) Mathematics cannot explain love.

On the contrary, mathematics is the only thing that can explain love. Love is a mathematical wavefunction which conveys information to a subjective mind. This information is experienced as love. A different wavefunction might be experienced as hate, or indifference, or jealousy, or envy, or whatever. Wavefunctions, and how they are experienced, are all that exist. Love isn't some weird miracle cut off from the rest of the scientific and mathematical universe. It can be understood entirely in terms of mathematical syntax, the information carrier.


So, now you are fully armed to take on all the morons that challenge ontological mathematics. Never forget, none of these people has ever studied ontological mathematics. They know nothing about it. They are making Straw Man attacks on a subject based on their kneejerk assumptions about the subject, not on any actual knowledge of the subject. They are 100% ignorant of the subject, although that's not going to stop them! Their task is to pontificate about what they believe in, not to know anything about what they are attacking. That would require actual work. God forbid!

Remember, no matter what anyone says about anything, you can destroy them with a few simple retorts:

1) What is it made of? (No one can explain what the Abrahamic God is made of, what scientific matter is made of, what non-duality, bare awareness, or cosmic consciousness is made of, hence they don't know what they're talking about.)

2) How is this compatible with Occam's razor? (Any claim that is not based on maximum simplicity is false.)

3) What is the sufficient reason for this? (If they can't give a sufficient reason, they are irrational and don't know what they're talking about.)

4) How is this compatible with monism? (Most people invoke impossible dualisms and polyisms. They say deranged things such as reality is made of order AND chaos, of love and light (why not one or the other?), of many different perspectives and truths, of awareness and non-awareness, of reality and illusion, of karma and non-karma, of karmic causation and scientific causation, of "objective" morality and objective science, of indeterminism and determinism, mathematics and non-mathematics, reason and non-reason, logic and non-logic, and so on).

Now you are equipped with all you need - your metaphorical garlic, stakes and silver bullets - to fight the undead cretins that come our way. Don't let them suck your blood, don't let them drain your energy. Don't let them turn you into a moron like them!


Oh, we forgot one fallacy: Peer review. That old chestnut. The appeal to authority.

Peer review: when followers of scientism get together to agree that scientism is right and everything else is wrong.

Peer review: when those who endorse it refuse to have their own beliefs subjected to peer review. How many philosophers, mathematicians and theologians are allowed to peer review science?

Sydney Brenner wrote, "I think peer review is hindering science. In fact, I think it has become a completely corrupt system. It's corrupt in many ways, in that scientists and academics have handed over to the editors of these journals the ability to make judgment on science and scientists. There are universities in America, and I've heard from many committees, that we won't consider people's publications in low impact factor journals. Now I mean, people are trying to do something, but I think it's not publish or perish, it's publish in the okay places [or perish]. And this has assembled a most ridiculous group of people. I wrote a column for many years in the nineties, in a journal called Current Biology. In one article, 'Hard Cases', I campaigned against this [culture] because I think it is not only bad, it's corrupt. In other words it puts the judgment in the hands of people who really have no reason to exercise judgment at all. And that's all been done in the aid of commerce, because they are now giant organisations making money out of it."

Richard Horton, editor of the medical journal the Lancet, said, "The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. ... Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.… The apparent endemicity of bad research behaviour is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data. Journal editors deserve their fair share of criticism too. We aid and abet the worst behaviours."

It's about time scientists learned how to honestly peer review themselves. It's about time scientists explained why they use math when they don't know what math is. It's about time scientists explained on what basis they reject rationalism in order to defend sensory empiricism; it's about time scientists explained why they reject Occam's razor; it's about time scientists explained why they think science is rational, logical and coherent if it rejects the Principle of Sufficient Reason. Where are the peer reviewed science papers concerning these decisive topics - topics which determine whether science is true or false, whether mathematics, not science, is the subject that addresses reality?

This is Genius!


These bullshit bingo games brilliantly capture all the idiocy that comes our way. You should simply shout BINGO at the trolls and refer them to these charts whenever you read one of their asinine comments. Trolls could be reduced to computer programs that just randomly churn out these statements, accompanied by strange mooing noises, and high-pitched bleeps.


Future generations will weep and gnash their teeth that they weren't there to see the AC growing into the most awesome repository of knowledge the world has ever seen.

Streaks, as they say!

AC Out.


© Castalia