With our additional texts, we perform various experiments. Our primary work has failed to attract a significant audience, so we conduct tests with other styles and ideas, outside our normal range, to see if they fare any better. Remember the Beckett Doctrine: "Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."


God Is a Hive Mind: The Cellular Divinity by Harry Knox 

"Listen, my child," said the prophet, "there is one God, and he created everything, including you and the world. He made you by a miracle out of nothing at all. You must pray to him, worship him, and serve his every whim, or he will send you to hell."

"Listen, my child," said the guru, "there is one Cosmic Consciousness behind everything. It created the illusion of the world. No one has ever explained why it wanted to delude itself. It's a mystery for you to meditate upon."

Here's the actual truth. What proceeded the Big Bang was a Hive-Mind God, made of countless individual minds (immaterial singularities outside space and time), each individually capable of generating subjective holograms - dreams - and all collectively capable of generating a group hologram, which is none other than the objective universe itself.

You yourself are one of the cells of God. You are not a "brain cell". You are a "mind cell" - a monad - and you are as eternal and necessary as God himself ... because God is in fact made from you and all of your fellow monads.

God is a Swarm Mind, made of countless interacting minds. At the Big Bang, the creation of the domain of Becoming, all minds, in temporal terms, become unconscious, and then go on a long cosmic journey to recover consciousness.

If you want to understand God, the soul and the world, you must understand the operations of the Hive Mind and its astounding Swarm properties. The Hive Mind is the ultimate internet, the supreme social media platform, the cosmic network that determines everything. You are one of its essential nodes, at the heart of the information flow.

Come inside and discover the True God. Isn't it time to be enlightened? Join the Faustian project of perfecting the human race.


Also by Harry Knox, Consciousness: The Real Neuro-Linguistic Programming  … Discover the true nature of consciousness.


Slaying the Football Giants: How Small Teams Can Succeed by Jim Leigh 

Are you a fan of a minnow team, or a proud, historical team that has seen better days, a team that now has no money, or not enough money? Are the glory days of your team in the far distant past? Does your team lack the resources to compete with the big boys? You must have wondered if there is some magic formula to give your team a fighting chance, to at last put things on an even playing field. Is glory for your team possible again?

This book provides a comprehensive list of ideas, some practical, some visionary, that might make all the difference. Why don't you sit down with your mates in a pub and go through them over a few beers? As you know, the more you drink, the more your own ideas will flow, and the more sensible and realistic everything will seem.

Let's turn this whole shit show around. Let's give the little teams the best chance of taking down the arrogant big bullies. You must be sick of them by now, the same old teams winning everything, dominating the scene year after year. Yawn. If you don't support one of these giant teams, you're screwed. Your team will win nothing. You will never enjoy the sweet smell of success, the joy of winning, the ecstasy of seeing that big trophy lifted up and shown to you, the loyal fans (and you are of course the best fans in the world).

It can't go on like this. Let's all work together to make football competitive again. Right now, money is all that counts. The big teams simply buy the best managers, coaches and players. What does that have to do with sport? It's business. You might as well get accountants to face off against each other and wave their corporate gold cards, share portfolios, financial forecast spreadsheets, and five-year business cycle projections at each other.

We're all sick of it, and we all have to change it. C'mon, guys and gals, let's sort this out. No one else is going to do it. It's up to us. Let's save football.


What Are the Illuminati Really Up to?: The Preserved Blood of Jesus Christ by John Crawford 

Fragments of an Illuminati document from 1950? Do the Illuminati have the preserved blood of Jesus Christ and the ability to change the destiny of the human race?

The Illuminati believe that Jesus Christ was trying to set up a true Church - a secret society of the highest initiates - devoted to understanding his true message: converting men into man-gods through sacred blood and its holy, magical powers that can overcome all the limitations of mortal life.

The Illuminati refer to Jesus' blood prior to the beginning of his ministry as "Latent", to his blood at the Last Supper as "Transitional", and to his blood before his Ascension as "Activated", associated with the final transition of his post-resurrection glory body whereby it left behind all physical residues and became fully spiritual, hence ready for immaterial heaven.

Are the Illuminati malefactors or benefactors? Judge for yourself.


Fusions Versus Fissions: Are You a Joiner or a Splitter? by Peter Brennan

The Big Bang was an individuation explosion, an entropic explosion of individual, subjective psyches from a collective, objective psyche. The Collective Psyche is God. As for us, we are all little devils that have split from God (yet long to return, which is why we all aspire to perfection).

God is fusion, and the Devil is fission. The Devil is the False God, but he has a fatal weakness - he wants to be the True God, and that means that he has to fuse all of his pieces, thus reassembling the One True God.

Osiris (God, the force of unity, the zero-entropy deity) was rent into pieces by Set, his brother (the Devil, the force of disunity, the entropic force) and then reassembled by Isis (Osiris' consort, the force of healing, the force of negentropy).

For Jung, the ultimate aim was for an individual to achieve a cohesive sense of self, to self-actualize, but in the most transcendent, luminous way. A true Self, which understands the Collective Unconscious perfectly, is none other than God.

The Ultimate Self is a Collective Self. It is the Hive God: One God made of many nodes. When the nodes all operate with zero entropy, they constitute the One True God. When they all operate entropically, they are the Devil, in conflict with each other. Under the Devil, they are fission beings. Under God, they are fusion beings.

We are all torn between fission and fusion, Id and Superego.

The dialectic, with its Ego Synthesis phase, obeying the reality principle, is how we can transition from fission to fusion. You cannot jump straight from fission to fusion. You must go through all the intermediate dialectical steps.

Nietzsche wrote, "And he who has to be a creator … truly, he has first to be a destroyer, and break values."

Often, in order to bring about fusion, it's first necessary to start with fission. This is what the medieval alchemists understood so well.


The Jesus Drug: The Miracle Pill by Adam Jefferson

A drug that stops war.

A drug that ends cruelty.

A drug that eliminates crime.

A drug that makes everyone equal.

A drug that makes real the Golden Rule: Do as you would be done by.

It's the miracle the world has always wanted - the cure for evil. So why are a New York doctor and young reporter hellbent on destroying the Jesus Drug?

A charismatic preacher who leads a religious cult called Golden Angelica is giving away a pill with an astonishing effect. He calls the miracle pill the Jesus Drug. He says that anyone who takes the pill cannot sin. It makes them behave as Jesus Christ would want them to. Sinners who take it never sin again.

A Senator, a veteran New York police chief, a radical community leader, and an Oscar-winning film starlet are all backing these extraordinary claims. Thousands of new converts believe heaven on earth is imminent. A new Eden really can be created, they say. Humanity can be what it was always intended to be.

Network News has asked star reporter, 23-year old Lisa Garrison, to investigate. Garrison is already working on another story. In a six-week period, twenty-four young millionaires have killed themselves after clubbing in "The Lazar House", a glamorous new nightspot in Manhattan with a fatal secret. Before they died, the rich kids raved about something called ConX. No one knows what it is. A drug? A new angle on sex? A collective spiritual experience? None of the club's regulars is talking. Silence is total and unbreakable.

Is ConX too much of a good thing? Is that what's killing the privileged elite? Garrison has never worked on a story as big as this. It doesn't make any sense. Or maybe it makes too much sense. The rich live differently and now they are dying differently.

As Garrison pursues the sensational story, she encounters Dr Josh Kramer of the Trope Biopsychology Institute in Manhattan. He's working on the same cases, from the medical angle.

As the two swap notes, they find a connection between the two cases and a link that points to the most unexpected place: Nazi Germany.

Kramer is struggling to find a cure for an illness that affects just one group of people - Jewish survivors of a Nazi death camp. His own father is one of the victims. He's certain there's a link between the preacher's pill and his father's condition. When he claims the pill was first manufactured in Block 10, the sinister medical facility of Auschwitz, his colleagues think he's gone mad.

If he's right, Hitler is taking an ingenious revenge from the grave. If he's wrong, he's denying the world its best ever chance.

Now everyone is demanding the answer. Is the Jesus Drug a gift from heaven … or from hell?


The Devil and Jesus Debate Tinder Strategies: How to Optimize Your Tinder Success by Adam Nostra

I want to tell you about the secret event in Trump Tower where the Devil gave a lecture to assorted A-listers on how to be more successful on Tinder. In his select audience were Jesus Christ, God the Father, God the Holy Ghost, Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Harvey Weinstein, and many other luminaries.

Want to succeed on Tinder? Follow the example of the best - Satan. He's so seductive that women give themselves to him body and soul!


The 2044 War Between Texas and California: How AOC Became the World Leader by Adam Nostra

The Socialist Republic of California and the Libertarian Republic of Texas were natural enemies, destined to clash. The trigger for the outbreak of war was the cataclysmic presidential election of 2044, which saw the extraordinary election of Jared Kushner, a man fated never to serve even one day in the White House.

Historians said that the war became inevitable during the turbulent years of the 2030s when the two female presidents of that decade, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Ivanka Trump, brought about the extreme polarization that rendered the USA finally ungovernable. AOC, in her astonishing four-year presidency, following her landslide victory of 2032, explicitly referred to the USA as a "Socialist Republic", changing forever America's view of itself as the adamantine fortress of capitalism. AOC was simultaneously viewed as an angel and a demon, depending on political allegiance.

The 2036 election, when AOC faced off against Ivanka Trump, was the most dramatic and controversial in American history. This is an account of the 2036 election and how it inexorably led to the dissolution of the USA and the 2044 war when the massed armies of Texas and California clashed in a decisive battle outside Las Vegas in Nevada.


The Third Testament: The True Christian Revelation (The Christian Detective Book 2) by James Axel

Christianity is a detective story, a whodunnit, a whydunnit. Christianity's Final Revelation is not yet written. The Old and New Testaments, based on God the Father and God the Son, were the first two stages, but Christianity is a trinitarian religion. Therefore, there must be a third stage.

The culmination of Christianity is the Third testament of the Holy Spirit. It will not be written in scripture, it will be written in us. The divine shall be directly, physically encoded in us. We shall become living vessels of the final Revelation, united with the Godhead through the mediation of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was the prototype of what everyone shall become at the Second Coming: man-and-God in one person; two natures - human and divine - united.

Follow the detective trail. Become a true Christian. The Final Testament of Christianity is the most glorious chapter in the Christian story, where the community of saints is transformed into none other than the Community of Gods.

The Kingdom is not about God coming to the world, it is about the world becoming a home for Gods, for humans made divine through the direct intercession of the Holy Spirit.

Joachim of Fiori, the great 12th century Italian mystic, was the first prophet of the Third Testament. Dante, the medieval poet, became its great artist. With his trinity of books - Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso - he described his epic journey through the afterlife. Dante lauded Joachim for being gifted with sacred prophecy.

In the 20th century, the visionary thinker Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - famous for his concept of the Noosphere converging on the numinous Omega Point - presented an inspirational Third Testament cosmology. Carl Jung provided the psychology of the Third Testament, while Julian Jaynes, with his bicameral (two-chambered brain) hypothesis, supplied the necessary physiology.

The science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick was enchanted by Joachim, Dante, Teilhard, Jung and Jaynes. With his astounding concept of the ditheon - the twin God - Dick became the modern champion of the Third Testament and a standard bearer of Gnostic Christianity, the Christianity of knowledge rather than faith, of Logos rather than Mythos.

The world is full of false Christians, believing in a false Christ. When they worship God, they do so as abject slaves rather than as bold seekers aiming to become Gods through the agency of the Holy Spirit. They reflect a slave morality rather than an exuberant morality of health, strength and ultimate aspiration.

True Christianity has always been esoteric and known only to a few. Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you." Most Christians have no clue what this means.

Don't you want to be an authentic Christian, carrying out the true Gospel, that of the Third and Final Testament? Being a phony Christian, a pseudo-Christian, an ersatz Christian, will not save you. Being the wrong type of Christian will damn you.

Join the Christian Detectives in discovering the true, mind-boggling nature of the genuine Christian revelation, which is about transforming the human race into a divine species via the operations of the Holy Spirit on the right brain hemisphere of humans at the wondrous collective epiphany anticipated as the Second Coming, the event that will change everything.

We came from the Godhead at Alpha, and we shall return to it at Omega.


The Christian Detective: A Project Proving the Christian Truth by James Axel

"The Christian Detective" was the codename given to a group of retired English detectives in the mid-1930s that wanted to see if they could put forward a convincing case for how Jesus Christ - a man - could also plausibly be God. They sought to forensically investigate all of the circumstances of the Christian story using their extensive detective skills and experience and put Christianity on a sound footing that would pass muster in a court of law and meet the standard of proof of being true at least on the "balance of probabilities" if not "beyond reasonable doubt". The outbreak of WWII brought the project to a premature end, and it became one of history's many forgotten stories.

In 2015, a number of practicing detectives across the world, keeping in touch via the internet, adopted the name and retained the same objective: to prove the truth of their Christian faith.

As Sherlock Holmes said, "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." Jesus is the "impossible" truth, regardless of how much it offends atheists.


Jordan Peterson and the Second Religiousness: Explaining the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon by John Tierney

There are those who say we are at some great spiritual "moment" in the West's history. In fact, we are at the moment when the West's death knell has been sounded.

Humanity is not entering any "Great Awakening". The exact opposite is true. Humanity is embracing the Second Religiousness and the Great Endarkening predicted by metahistorian Oswald Spengler in his masterwork "The Decline of the West".

Tragically, because humanity is so excited to be escaping nihilistic and atheistic scientific materialism, it imagines something numinous is taking place, some glorious paradigm shift and change in consciousness to a higher state. In fact, it is a change for the worse that is now engulfing the world: the rejection of rationalism in favor of superstition, faith and mysticism.

People are increasingly credulous and astrological. New Age nonsense is spouted everywhere. The educated are shouted down and trolled. Idiocy floods from both liberals and conservatives. There are countless absurd conspiracy theories. Flat Earth theory has returned - what could be a greater symbol of the Second Religiousness than that?

This is not the beginning, this is the end. This cycle of Western development is now on life support. Death is imminent. Unless the West wakes up, it is finished. No one ever believed the Roman empire would fall. It did. When the end comes, it comes incredibly fast.

The meteoric rise of social commentator Jordan Peterson can be framed in terms of Oswald Spengler's Second Religiousness, set against David Riesman's sociological framework of five social types: the tradition-directed, inner-directed, other-directed, anomic and autonomous. These types are now at war with each other. In the USA, the other-directed are the liberals (Democrats) and the inner-directed are the conservatives (Republicans). These two types have ceased to have anything in common and are engaged in a cut-throat, zero-sum game. Any victory for one is an autonomic loss for the other. Neither side can bear loss. They are totally loss averse, and react with hysteria to any possibility of loss.

This book is neither for nor against Peterson, although it advances a degree of critical appraisal. His precise views are not the central subject of this book. Nor are his biographical details. Instead, this book concerns the historical forces that are now at play, which, for the conservative wing of the political spectrum, Peterson crystallizes perhaps better than anyone else, with the single exception of Donald Trump. Where Trump is an active executive agent of the spirit of the times - actually taking critical decisions and directly shaping events - Peterson may be viewed in more passive terms as providing an intellectual justification for Trump and his base.

Peterson is an extraordinary cultural figure because he encapsulates the great struggle of our time. What is at stake was best framed by Nietzsche: does humanity wish to pursue the path of the Last Man, or the Superman? This question revolves around whether God should be resurrected (if you imagine his influence has disastrously waned), or killed (if you imagine he continues to exercise an undue and disastrous influence over humanity).

God: Wanted Dead or Alive?



Nooooooo! Surely Not.

Yes, we did.

Well, we all have to confront our Shadow and work through this material.

But he's still a total cunt. That will never change.

In (Unlikely) Praise of Donald Trump: Embracing America's by Jim Lee 

I guess this is an apology to Donald Trump. I felt sick when Trump was elected president. As a liberal, I despised everything about Trump, everything he stood for, everything he said, everything he was, every policy he was likely to enact. In 2019, I have to face a stark fact. It was necessary for America to elect Trump in 2016, and it's necessary for America to re-elect him in 2020.

Trump has been fantastic for America for one very simple reason: he has been nothing like a conventional politician. What Trump has achieved - an incredibly significant accomplishment - is the death of political business as usual. The age of lazy, complacent politicos feathering their own nests and doing nothing for the people is over. You would never believe that the people are the true masters of politicians, those that elect them to their positions to represent the people's interests, not anyone else's. Instead, politicians seem interested in anyone other than the people. They are especially interested in the rich donors that fund them. These are deemed of far high priority than the piffling people, too poor to give the politicians the lifestyle to which they aspire.

What is now apparent is that the entire political class is morally bankrupt and pointless. Politicians are useless. They are mindless bureaucrats, functionaries and groveling sycophants to their rich donors, the true puppetmasters.

Trump was the necessary corrective. He has shown how things can be done entirely differently.

Dr. Cody Newman


Ontological Mathematics for the Curious:

An Introduction to Ontological Thinking

There's a new kid on the block, a subject that can revolutionize humanity's understanding of reality, while being completely rational and logical, and scrupulously avoiding faith and mysticism. It's the long-awaited replacement for science.

Only one subject can take over from science and that is the subject that is already at the core of science and gives it all of its power and success, namely mathematics. Science without mathematics is unthinkable. Mathematics without science suffers from no deficiency at all. Science is irrelevant to mathematics, while mathematics defines science. The great mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss said, "Mathematics is the queen of the sciences." If mathematics is the queen, why do we need the pawns at all?

Where would you conceal the answer to existence if you wanted no one to ever find it? You would hide it in the subject most hated by humanity, most dreaded by humanity, most difficult for humanity, most avoided by humanity, the one humanity believes is the most abstract and least connected to reality. Mathematics is all of that.

Why hasn't humanity found the answer to existence? It's because it has explicitly shunned the sole subject capable of providing it. It has accepted anything other than mathematics. It has looked everywhere other than the right place. The last place it would ever think to look is the only place where the answer can rationally be found. Humanity has failed to find the answer to existence because there is only one place where that answer resides, and infinite places where it does not reside, and humanity has far preferred to explore the infinite wrong answers rather than the one right answer.

Curious? Then come inside and have your mind well and truly blown.


Also by Dr. Cody Newman, The Ontological Self: The Ontological Mathematics of Consciousness  ... Consciousness is ultimately a property of mathematics.

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