There are no papers like the Madison Papers. They are a revolution of the Mind.

Soul Science: Know Your Soul

There are two entities that have dominated human thinking and faith from the dawn of civilization: God and the soul. Even though they have been obsessively discussed for thousands of years, by countless people, including many of humanity’s greatest geniuses, the number of people today who can actually answer the simple questions, “What is God made of?” and “What is the soul made of?” is vanishingly small.

Well, can YOU give the answer? If you can’t, isn’t it time you started studying Soul Science?


Soul Science, as it turns out, is also God Science – because God is a Hive Mind made of souls. Souls turn out to be the foundational energy units of reality, the basic building blocks of existence.


Scientific materialism, which scoffs at the very notion of souls and God, doesn’t scoff at infinite universes, at existence jumping into existence out of non-existence, of free will being an illusion, of cats in special boxes being alive, dead and alive-dead all at once (!), of humans being talking food (seriously!), of consciousness being a meaningless epiphenomenon, or miraculous emergent property, which can in no way override materialism and its laws, hence is absolutely pointless and wholly contrary to Occam’s razor and the principle of sufficient reason.


Science is a subject that concerns spacetime material immanence. Souls, by contrast, belong to the transcendent immaterial domain of frequency, hence are literally outside science’s paradigm, which breaks down at singularities – EXACTLY where God and souls are found! Where science fails is at an ultra precise point, the Source of existence, which is none other than a mathematical energy point, a Singularity, of eternal and necessary monadic mathematical minds. Science collapses at the most basic question: “What caused the Big Bang?”


Terence McKenna observed, “Modern science is based on the principle: ‘Give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest.’ The one free miracle is the appearance of all the mass and energy in the universe and all the laws that govern it in a single instant from nothing.”


There are no miracles. The true science of existence replaces science’s free miracle with an exact solution – a mathematical mind, which exists as a transcendent, immaterial Singularity made of pure sinusoidal energy. Energy in itself is not material, it is mental. It does not have dimensions. It is zero-dimensional, exactly as required by Occam’s razor and the principle of sufficient reason.


Some scientists will tell you that reality comprises 1-dimensional energy strings vibrating in an 11 dimensional spacetime. They claim this is the answer to existence. In fact, reality comprises 0-dimensional souls in a 0-dimensional Singularity, creating an all-powerful Hive Mind - aka God. This transcendent Hive Mind, a mental Singularity, is responsible for everything.


The Big Bang was the creation of the immanent universe of matter from the transcendent domain of mind. The Hive Mind is a system of ontological Fourier mathematics linking individual frequency domains (mind singularities) to a collective spacetime universe. All the mysteries of mind, life, qualia, subjectivity, free will, the unconscious and consciousness reside in frequency singularities and have nothing to do with spacetime matter, as scientific materialism would have you believe, given its absolute faith in mindless, lifeless, meaningless, purposeless, pointless matter, which randomly jumps into existence from nowhere for no reason!


This isn’t a mystical universe, or a material universe, or a universe of faith. Nor is it a scientific universe. It is in fact a mathematical universe and has a precise formula which shows exactly what souls, God, matter, and the spacetime universe are all made of. They are all made of the same thing. Why wouldn’t they be? Occam’s reason and the principle of sufficient reason demand it. To understand EVERYTHING, just do the math!

Logos: Logos Religion Unleashed

Wouldn’t you want a religion that every logician, mathematician, philosopher, and scientist on earth could embrace, a religion fully consistent with all the points made by Kurt Gödel when he listed the 14 key religious principles he accepted? That religion already exists. It’s called ontological mathematics, predicated on the principle of sufficient reason and Occam’s razor, and constitutes an a priori, rationalist, analytic, deductive religion, metaphysics and physics. Mathematics explains all.

Think Like an Egyptian: How the Ancient Mind Worked

Think about reality in an entirely different way. Think like an Egyptian!

Actually, you will discover that humanity hasn't moved on very far from the creation myths of the ancient Egyptians. The modern person is still more or less an Egyptian. That's true even of scientists.

The Quality Agenda: The Search for Excellence

It's not about surviving, it's about thriving. It's not about muddling along, it's about undergoing an alchemical transmutation, a glorious transformation, a metamorphosis from a grub into a wondrous, iridescent butterfly ("psyche", to use the ancient Greek term). It's about going through a phase change, altering from a humdrum human into a world-historic shaper of destiny.

It's time to enact the Quality Agenda, to pursue excellence to its uttermost extent. It's time for the glory of Meritocracy, the system that will change everything.

Don't you want the best of all possible worlds - an optimized State, composed of optimized citizens? What could be superior to that?

Reboot the world. Revalue all values. Thus spoke Zarathustra.

The Dark Triad: How the Psychopaths Took Control

The world is not ruled by wise and benevolent people. The opposite is true. Humanity is ruled by the psychopathic, the narcissistic and the Machiavellian - the malevolent Dark Triad. For humanity to progress, it needs to learn how to beat these people, how to identify them early and stop them getting to the top.

The Dark Triad types are always entropic and extreme individualists (they are all-consumingly selfish and care exclusively about themselves). We need to get the Light Triad to the top - the Compassionate and Empathic (the opposite of psychopaths); the Altruistic (those who care about others, hence aren't self-obsessed like the narcissists); and the Philosopher Kings and Queens (the opposite of the Machiavellians, who are Sophists who only ever calculate what is personally advantageous to them).

Plato, in the Republic, set out how to avoid the Dark Triad from ever reaching power. In his system, only the wisest were allowed to lead. No nation in history has ever implemented Plato's supremely enlightened and progressive ideas. Funny that.

The Musical Theory of Existence: Hearing the Music of the Spheres

Existence is mathematical music, and all of us are the instruments playing the cosmic symphony. Our task is simple - to arrive not at any old music, but the finest music that can possibly be played. The ideal music is reached when every player is in perfect harmony with every other player, and not a single discordant note is played. The orchestra is as one, and there are no disruptive soloists trying to play their own song.

It takes the lifetime of the universe to arrive at this perfect music. Every disruptive soloist has to be brought into the collective orchestra. Who is the Devil? He's the final hold-out, the last player to be integrated into the orchestra. Who is the conductor of the orchestra? It's Abraxas, the first God, the first to play a tuneful song and recruit others to his song. Whose side are you on?


Are you one of the few individuals capable of understanding and attaining Transconsciousness?

Dante, Hegel and Philip K. Dick were pioneers in this field. Can you join the greats?

The Story of Your Life

And so the time has come for you to tell the story of your life. How will you do it? A straightforward, linear narrative? Perhaps you will adopt an experimental approach. Do you aim to produce something of great artistic merit? Will you tell the story simply, or do you want to convey something complex and beguiling? Will you be scrupulously truthful, or do you intend to embroider the facts and events? Perhaps you want to present a fantasy version of your life rather than the real thing.

Perhaps you want others to admire you and respect you, so you will censor all the unsavory and disreputable things you did. You definitely won't be presenting a "warts and all" account. Or maybe you want people to know exactly who you are, so you will tell it exactly as it is. You will show the world your true self and they can take it or leave it.

What kind of audience do you want? Do you seek people of refinement and the highest taste, or are you eager for the masses to crowd in to hear your tale? Are you an elitist or a populist? Do you want to have as large an audience as possible or as select an audience as you can find? Is quality better than quantity? Will you produce a crowd-pleasing thriller, or a high-minded meditation? Perhaps a horror story captures the essence of your life, or a sci-fi, or a western, or a rom-com. It is more tragedy than comedy, or did the laughs and fun times flow thick and fast?

There are so many factors to consider. A life is not an easy thing, and its telling is even harder.

Come inside and learn how to tell the story of your life.


The Ultrahuman is coming. The Ultrahuman is a member of a higher community. The Ultrahuman is our destiny. The Ultrahuman is the ordinary human's designated replacement.

Everything is about to change. The greatest and final paradigm shift is coming. The Ultrahuman is the being associated with this final phase, when humanity starts to understand its own divinity.

The medieval eschatologist Joachim of Fiore spoke of three great Ages:

1) The Age of the Father (the Old Testament).

2) The Age of the Son (the New Testament).

3) The Age of the Holy Spirit (the Highest Testament).

In this final phase, the Noosphere will merge with the Omega Point.

The Ultrahuman is the being for the Third and Final Age.

Are you ready to fulfill your destiny? It's time to take the next step. It's time to become Ultrahuman.

What's Eating You?: How the World Is Screwing You Up

Life is eating you up and spitting you out. The apex predators are everywhere. The pressure is rising. Can you cope?

Predatory capitalism is consuming you from the outside, while your personal demons are eating you from the inside. Will they meet in the middle?

Nietzsche said, "In loneliness, the lonely one eats himself; in a crowd, the many eat him. Now choose."

What's it to be? Will you devour life, or will you allow it to devour you? You need to get on top of the game, ahead of the game. Only the best players can level up. What kind of player are you?

The Universe Has Your Back: Trust the Cosmos by Steve Madison 

Is it really possible to make your life better? Is something holding you back? Is there something you and most other people are missing? Are you sabotaging yourself in some way? What if someone had your back, someone you never expected or suspected, someone you didn't even know existed? What if that someone was none other than the Cosmos itself?

Is it really possible? Can the Universe look out for us and care about us? Have we all been ignoring our biggest ally? Have we been living inauthentically, in bad faith, cut off from our Source, our true guardian angel, our cosmic guardian angel?

Ok, this might seem like a confusing and complicated notion, so let's take aim at all the barriers getting in the way of this life-changing idea. Let's escape from the smoke and mirrors, and see if we can make this idea as simple as possible, so that if any of your friends asked you about it, you could explain it to them incredibly straightforwardly, without them looking at you as if you were a loon.

Come inside and get closer to the universe than you ever imagined possible!

When the Universe Spoke to Humanity:

Humanity Before the Fall by Steve Madison 

Are you feeling confused and lost? Does your life seem aimless? Are you just drifting along, hoping that something will happen, something that pulls you out of the hole you're in?

Humanity was once much happier than it is now. Suicide brought on by despair with the self and the world was almost unknown in ancient history.

What changed? Did the humanity of the ancient world enjoy an incredible benefit denied to modern humanity? Was there then some kind of catastrophe, a "Fall", that led us to where we are now, to the modern epidemic of mental health issues and depression? The people of the ancient world weren't on anti-depressants, sedatives, pain-killers, narcotics and opioids. They weren't chemistry lab rats.

Humanity was once much closer to the universe than it is now. It felt at one with the cosmos. Why? Because before "the Fall", the universe spoke directly to humanity. No matter how incredible that might sound, it really did happen, as we shall show in this book. Everyone was tuned into the cosmos. The alienation that now exists between humans and the universe was entirely absent. The kind of atheism, nihilism, skepticism and cynicism that now afflicts so many people was impossible.

If you want to hear the universe, come and find out how to listen.

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