Hell is Christianity.

Christian priests invented sin to give them power over you. They set themselves up as those who could remove the disease they had infected you with. Remove the priests and you remove the sin.

Christians ludicrously claim that Jesus Christ gave up his life for us. Er, no he didn't. Fact 1) "God" can't die. Fact 2) It was Jesus Christ (the Christian God) who claimed that humanity was guilty of Original Sin, and who sentenced all of us to hell. To "save us", all he had to do was love us and remove his psychotic decree that all human beings were going to hell because some primitive couple (Adam and Eve) ate some fruit! Fact 3) God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son to test Abraham's faith - how sick can you get? God later sacrificed his own son, Jesus. Therefore, this is incontestably a Satanic "God" of human sacrifice, and even divine sacrifice.

Only mentally ill people with no moral compass, no conception of the difference between good and evil, would worship this cosmic monster, a clear and present enemy of the human race.

Wake up, Christians. Stop worshiping the Devil and calling him God. How evil are you people? There is no universe in which a morally perfect being would order a father to murder his son, and no universe in which a morally perfect being would demand the sacrifice of his OWN son (who also happens to be himself if we take seriously the crazy notion of the Christian Trinity). Not only are Christians evil, they are also retarded. For shame.

If a Nazi ordered a Jewish father to kill his son, he would be branded a monster and the Jew would fight him to the death. If “God” gives exactly the same order, the Jewish father falls on his knees and worships him. WTF! The order is equally evil in both cases. Would the Nazi claim he was only "testing the Jew's faith"? Is that an excuse? Seriously?!

If we purge the world of Christianity, we purge the world of sin, evil, Devil worship, stupidity, and the lust for human sacrifice.

Christians are monsters. They are without exception psychopaths who would murder their own children if their God ordered it. If they would do that to their own children, what would they do to YOUR children?!!!

The demon that possessed the poor girl in "The Exorcist" was, in truth, none other than the Christian God. Who will exorcise the world of Christianity? The Christian God sucks cocks in hell!

High Priests of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 1) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

High Priests of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 1)

You may think you are familiar with three of the most important Biblical figures: Abraham, Moses and St Paul. You may have a Hollywood image in your head of noble, heroic men, inspired by God and doing his holy work. Think again. It's time to discover the sordid truth.

Abraham was the world's first recorded psychopath, willing to slaughter his own son as a human sacrifice to his "God". Moses was a prince of Egypt, and one of the followers of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten. The Hebrews loathed him and wanted to kill him, eventually succeeding at the foot of Mount Sinai, the Mountain of "God", during the massacre of the "golden calf".

St Paul was a high priest of the cult of Mithras who had the audacity to blend it with Judaic Messianism, giving birth to the bizarre religion of Christianity.

Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

            Jesus, Prince of Hell (The Anti-Christian Series Book 2)

You many think you know everything you need to know about the historical figure "Jesus Christ", but every cherished belief you have about him is false. Jesus Christ is a fake and a fraud. For a start, his name wasn't Jesus Christ but Yehoshua ben Yosef ("Joshua son of Joseph"). And, just as his name is a fiction designed to disguise the truth, so is everything else about him.

We will demonstrate the following:

1) The central promise of Christianity - the resurrection of the dead - is utterly wrong. As we shall show, the Christian Gospels demonstrate conclusively that Jesus Christ was reincarnated, not resurrected.

2) Jesus Christ was the central figure in one of the most audacious plots in history.

3) He was head of an Elite Family that wished to rule the world. The Family exists to this day, and their conspiracy is unchanged.

4) Jesus Christ was the leader of an army that sought to overthrow Roman rule in Judea. He was executed as a violent revolutionary attempting to set himself up as a king.

5) Judas, the infamous traitor, was the brother of Jesus Christ.

The greatest lie and fraud in history has endured too long.

Is God Evil? (The Anti-Christian Series Book 3) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

Is God Evil? (The Anti-Christian Series Book 3)

It's the ultimate question. Is the God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims evil? Is he at the core of the malignancy in the human condition? Does his malevolent will touch every corner of the earth, spreading discord, division, conflict and hate? 

Three thousand years of the history of the "People of the Book" provide a tale of unparalleled savagery and intolerance, all in the name of an alleged God of justice, forgiveness, love, peace, mercy and compassion. 

The ancient secret society known as the Illuminati are advocates of the Gnostic religion that defines the Biblical Creator as none other than Satan. 

The serpent, a symbol of wisdom, tried to enlighten the human race via the fabled Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eve, but humanity chose faith over knowledge and thus became the pawns of the Prince of Darkness, the Lord of the Flies.

Is earth actually hell?

Christianity: The Devil's Greatest Trick (The Anti-Christian Series Book 4) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

Christianity: The Devil's Greatest Trick (The Anti-Christian Series Book 4)

"One wanders to the left, another to the right. Both are equally in error, but, are seduced by different delusions." - Horace

It's a simple fact that most Christians know next to nothing about Christianity. How many people are aware of the many heresies that were stamped out by the early Church? Had any of these heresies triumphed, the world would be a very different, and much saner place.

Find out about the monstrous St Augustine and his doctrines of grace, Original Sin, Predestination and the Total Depravity of the human race. This "saint" was happy to send to hell unbaptised babies that died in infancy. His great enemy was the humane and rational Celtic monk Pelagius. The great tragedy of Christianity is that it listened to Augustine rather than Pelagius.

What was the Donatist heresy and what does it tell us about the dangers of modern Islam? How does the rivalry between Celtic and Rangers football clubs in Scotland reflect much of Western world history?

Are the 12 Steps of Alcoholics' Anonymous tantamount to cult indoctrination? Were Freud and Augustine both obsessed with their parents? What is Hieros Gamos? Should it be a regular feature of the modern world?

Were many people in the ancient world known, like Jesus Christ, as the "Son of God"? Are the Christian concepts of the Holy Trinity and the incarnation of God in man the most logically incoherent doctrines ever devised?

Who was the heretic Nestorious and why was he so significant? Why is reincarnation much more logical than resurrection? Why is it that so few Christians understand the concept of resurrection?

Why should the story of the Garden of Eden be completely reinterpreted for the contemporary world? What is the difference between consciousness and bicameralism? Are Jews, Christians and Muslims actually bicameral, i.e. belonging to an earlier and more stupid stage of human mental evolution?

Were the Jews advocates of temple prostitution, even within the confines of Solomon's holy temple to Yahweh?

Can the tales of Abraham, Jephtha and the Garden of Eden prove conclusively that the Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the Devil?

Did the sacred Jewish Covenant with Yahweh result in all Jews going to hell according to the Christian doctrine of Original Sin? Is everyone mentioned in the Old Testament even now in hell?

Anyone well-versed in the study of Judaism, Christianity and Islam cannot fail to conclude that the God of these religions must be considered to be identical with Satan, i.e. Abrahamists are under the power of the Devil, hence why they have committed so many evil acts throughout history.

By the time you have finished this book, you will be able to demonstrate that anyone who does not repudiate Abraham's God is evil.

Do not read this book if you are a closed-minded Abrahamist. The material in this book is provided by the Pythagorean Illuminati, the oldest secret society in the world, and is not for petty, cheap, narrow-minded religious fanatics.

Abraham: The World's First Psychopath (The Anti-Christian Series Book 5) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

Abraham: The World's First Psychopath (The Anti-Christian Series Book 5)

If you consider it impossible that the True God of moral perfection would ever order a father to make a human sacrifice of his innocent son for no reason other than to demonstrate absolute, mindless obedience, then the God of Abraham is not God.

So who is he? The ancient Gnostics had the obvious answer - he's Satan. Does that not immediately explain the horrific history of the Abrahamic religions and their grotesque propensity for violence and terrorism? 

Abrahamism is a terrorist religion, led by a terrorist God who demands unwavering obedience even when it contradicts morality.

The Jews, Christians and Muslims who trace their common ancestry to Abraham are thus revealed as evil Devil worshippers.

This book provides a theological and philosophical dissection of the tale of Abraham from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim perspectives.

It reveals Abraham as one of the most evil men in history and unquestionably the world's first psychopath. Like the Nazis, he placed obedience to a tyrannical monster above human life, even that of his own son.

In the Islamic telling of the tale, "Satan" three times pleads for Ishmael's life, and Abraham violently drives him away by pelting him with stones.

When "God" orders the murder of the innocent and "Satan" begs for the innocent to be saved, which is truly "God"? Abrahamism is the logical inversion of good and evil. It has elevated Satan to the throne of God.

Do not read this book if you are a closed-minded Abrahamist or a conspiracy theorist. The material provided by the Pythagorean Illuminati is not for petty, cheap, narrow-minded religious fanatics and those who believe in Reptilians.

Resurrection: The Origin of a Religious Fallacy (The Anti-Christian Series Book 6) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

Resurrection: The Origin of a Religious Fallacy

(The Anti-Christian Series Book 6)

Most people who believe in resurrection have no idea what this concept truly entails. It is in fact the product of Jewish Messianic theory which says that a Jewish priest-king will one day establish an earthly paradise, and all the righteous Jews who died before the establishment of "the Kingdom" will be raised from the dead to enjoy the rewards of remaining faithful to Jehovah. Since they are coming back to this earth, they need their body back, i.e. they need to undergo bodily resurrection.

The problem with the Messianic theory of the soul is that it is incompatible with the God theory of the soul that talks of an immaterial heaven and immaterial soul. What possible meaning could physical resurrection have in a non-physical afterlife?

This book by the Pythagorean Illuminati, the oldest secret society in the world, traces the extraordinary story of how the materialistic theory of resurrection became hopelessly confused with the Platonic theory of the immaterial soul, leading to insanely illogical religions such as Christianity. 

The Jehovah's Witnesses claim that 144,000 souls will enjoy an immaterial existence in heaven with God, while the rest of the Jehovah's Witnesses will have to settle for a material terrestrial paradise. This reveals the extent to which radically different views of the soul have been combined in crazy combinations.

The Jehovah's Witnesses also claim that all non Witnesses will be annihilated. How is it possible for an immortal soul to cease to exist?

We will explore the endless confusion that surrounds resurrection theory and show that Catholicism, the main Christian religion, actually has much more in common with Platonic reincarnation theory, and, logically, ought to reject resurrection. 

The book explores the links between the Jewish concept of Sheol and the ancient Greek Hades, and investigates why Judaism has so little doctrinal interest in the afterlife. It also probes the mystical Jewish ideas of Kabbalah that advocate reincarnation over resurrection. 

Do not read this book if you are an Abrahamist. This book is only for rational, intelligent, open-minded people. 

The religion of the Illuminati is called Illumination and belongs to the Gnostic tradition of enlightenment. It is opposed to religions of faith. It endorses Platonist reincarnation.

The Disproof of Christianity (The Anti-Christian Series Book 7) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

The Disproof of Christianity (The Anti-Christian Series Book 7)

This incendiary book constitutes a formal theological disproof of the central tenets of Christianity - the Trinity and the Incarnation. Christianity is a staggeringly false religion. It's so wrong it's almost comical. The reason why most Christians continue to believe is that a) they have been relentlessly brainwashed by their parents, schools, communities and governments, and b) they don't actually know anything about Christianity. 

The astounding absurdities of Christianity can be understood only by examining the many heresies that sprang up in the early centuries of the Church, challenging every aspect of orthodox Christian thinking. These heresies have boxed in Christianity so much that all that's left is a statement of what Christianity ISN'T rather than what it is. Any Christian theologian who attempts to meaningfully explain the Trinity and Incarnation instantly succumbs to one heresy or another. It's only possible to be a Trinitarian Christian by stating the empty formula "three persons in one God" over and over again, without ever daring to specify what, exactly, "person" means. The mantra is devoid of meaning and any attempt to assign meaning slips into heresy. Similarly, Christians mouth the hollow formula of the Incarnation: "two natures, human and divine, in one person" without having any idea of what "nature" actually means. Is nature consciousness, personality, will, intelligence? Does Christ have a human soul, a divine soul, or both? Is he a God-man mutant, a hybrid? In what way can he be said to have any genuine connection with humanity at all? How does the Incarnation fit with the Trinity? 

Is the human nature of Jesus Christ now part of the Trinity? If not, where did it go? Was Jesus Christ simply a super-angel? If he was "begotten" of God then he can't BE God since there must have been a time before he was begat when he didn't exist. A non-existent God is an impossibility therefore the Son of God can't be God. This is the basis of the famous Arian heresy, which came perilously close to becoming Christian orthodoxy. Who is Jesus Christ's father? Shouldn't it be God the Son since God the Son and Jesus Christ (the Son of God) are supposed to be one and the same being? Yet the "infallible" scriptures clearly identify the Holy Spirit, and not God the Son, as Jesus' father. Jesus has the WRONG father. Christianity should, logically, be all about the HOLY SPIRIT since he provides Jesus' divine element. Christianity is so dumb it couldn't even rationally work out who Jesus' father must be in order for it to make any sense. 

Theologically, Christianity is a joke. Its myriad errors are simply ignored. No Christian cares about the truth content of what they believe. Christians have no relationship whatsoever with the truth. 

Ponder the science of divine conception. How does the process work scientifically? Could you write 1,000 words on the subject? If you can't, of what value is your Christian faith? You'll believe anything, won't you, whether or not you understand it.

Other topics included in this book are: 1) the three-stage degeneration of the rich, 2) do truth genes exist? 3) the mysteries of Jewish toilet paper, 4) do Muslims believe in a flat earth and semi-circular planetary orbits (and planets that are "hiding", waiting to be activated by the Will of Allah, when they are out of sight?), 5) do Muslims believe in seven flat earths in a stack beneath seven heavens? 6) is the Church of England on the verge of extinction? 7) the trials, tribulations and treachery of "The Movement".

This is a book by the Pythagorean Illuminati. We are the sworn enemies of Abrahamism, privileged elites, libertarianism, and the infantile legions of conspiracy theorists. Don't read our books if you are a stupid, cheap and petty person. Only seekers of true enlightenment will profit from reading our work.

Jehovah: The First Nazi (The Anti-Christian Series Book 8) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

            Jehovah: The First Nazi (The Anti-Christian Series Book 8)

This may be the most controversial book ever published. It does the unthinkable: it puts Jehovah on trial for his life for conspiracy against the human race, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. All of the charges that were brought against the Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials could equally be leveled against Jehovah. All of the atrocities of the Holocaust are prefigured in the Jewish Bible, meaning that, morally, Judaism must be put in the dock just as Nazism was. 

The evidence against Jehovah, furnished by direct quotations from the Bible, is overwhelming and unarguable. His guilt can be established beyond any reasonable doubt. This monster attempted to exterminate the entire human race in the event known as The Flood. He allowed eight chosen people to survive: Noah and his family. So, given that the survivors were hand-picked by him, why has humanity again fallen into total evil? This time it was nothing to do with Adam and Eve. This time it was entirely Jehovah's responsibility and choice.

The answer to the riddle is that Jehovah himself is irredeemably evil. The ancient Gnostics long ago concluded that the God of the Old Testament was the Devil. Why has the rest of the world been so slow on the uptake?

The Pythagorean Illuminati, the oldest secret society on earth, are Gnostics and here they present the prosecution case against the most evil being in history: Jehovah, the Torture God, the Terror God, Satan himself. 

Do not read this book if you are an Abrahamist. This book is only for rational, intelligent, open-minded people prepared to accept facts. The "facts" are those presented in the Bible and believed by billions. They show that for thousands of years, humanity has been worshiping not God but the Devil. 

This book is written in polemical style, in keeping with the need for humanity to be shocked into waking up to the dreadful truth at the heart of our world. Evil is everywhere because all Abrahamists are Devil-worshipers. You don't believe us? Read the case for the prosecution. Change your life. Turn to the light of the True God - Abraxas.

Evangelical Protestants: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know (The Anti-Christian Series Book 9) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

Evangelical Protestants: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know

(The Anti-Christian Series Book 9) 

It's a striking feature of Protestantism that so few Protestants know anything about the founder of their religion. Martin Luther, the prophet of Protestant irrationalism, is one of the most pathological figures in religious history. Would any sane, rational person wish to subscribe to a religion whose founder declared, "Reason is the Devil's greatest whore; by nature and in manner of being she is a noxious whore; she is a prostitute, the Devil's appointed whore; whore eaten by scab and leprosy who ought to be trodden under foot and destroyed, she and her wisdom... Throw dung in her face to make her ugly. She is and she ought to be drowned in baptism... She would deserve, the wretch, to be banished to the filthiest place in the house, the toilet."

Protestantism is the gospel of unreason, and attracts only the irrational. It's difficult to imagine that the reformation of Catholicism could produce something even worse, but Luther managed it. Protestantism is practically deranged, reflecting the deeply disturbed mind of its founder. 

Making extensive use of Luther's own words, the Pythagorean Illuminati, the oldest secret society in the world, have produced an incendiary, polemical attack on the religion that has come to be most closely identified with the evils of Western capitalism. Protestantism is the religion of Mammon. It is an anti-religion. It is for people who do not want to relinquish belief in God, but have no interest in expressing any authentic spirituality and love for their fellow man.

Do not read this book if you are an Abrahamist. This book is only for rational, intelligent, open-minded people. 

The religion of the Illuminati is called Illumination and belongs to the Gnostic tradition of enlightenment. It promotes reason and knowledge and is totally opposed to religions of faith.

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