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Lucid Waking: The Answer to the Problem of Consciousness

There is no problem more baffling to the academic world than the problem of consciousness. It’s fair to say that no academic has any clue at all about what consciousness is. In fact, academics have totally confused it with something radically different, namely sentience. The problem that faces the academic world is the insurmountable one of how you get lifeless, mindless, purposeless objects (material atoms) to manifest subjectivity. It’s a category error to imagine that matter can provide any answers to the foundational issues of mind.

Academics believe that to answer the problem of subjectivity is thereby to solve the “hard problem” of consciousness. In fact, the problem of subjectivity (sentience) is totally different from the problem of consciousness. To understand why, simply ponder all of the following statements: 1) animals are sentient but not conscious; 2) human babies are sentient but not conscious; 3) humans who never encountered another human are sentient but not conscious; 4) sleepwalking humans are sentient but not conscious. The problem of sentience is drastically different from the problem of consciousness and if you conflate the two you have immediately set yourself an impossible task, especially if you make any attempt to solve these problems within the framework of materialism (i.e., the ideology of anti-mind).

To understand what consciousness actually is, it’s essential to understand the difference, in the world of sleep, between dreaming and lucid dreaming. Exactly the same dichotomy is present in the waking world. A sleepwalker is a person who can do complex tasks – such as riding a motorbike for half an hour – without any consciousness. A conscious version of a sleepwalker engages in what we refer to as “lucid waking”. Lucid waking is the key to consciousness.

The fact is that consciousness is not an inherent property of human individuals. It’s not built into them. It’s acquired, just as some people acquire the ability to become lucid dreamers. Since sleepwalkers could do many of the same things as conscious individuals, the question is invited of why consciousness is required at all.

In philosophy, there exists the issue of the “philosophical zombie”. This is a hypothetical being physically identical to and indistinguishable from a normal person but which does not have conscious experience, qualia, or sentience. It’s a sleepwalker without subjectivity, which doesn’t experience anything but nevertheless carries out complex tasks, just like real, conscious people.

A zombie world is the same externally as this world, but is internally totally different. No one has any subjective experiences or conscious experiences. The issue is, given the ideology of materialism, predicated on lifeless, mindless objects, why isn’t zombie world the real world? Why do subjectivity and consciousness exist at all? Who needs them? They are entirely superfluous in a material universe, and evolution does not produce superfluous things. To produce pointless things is contrary to Occam’s Razor. But subjectivity and the need to generate consciousness are absolutely essential in a reality predicated on monadic minds as opposed to material atoms.

Come inside and find out the true explanation of subjectivity and consciousness. The first geniuses to have real insight into the problem were Leibniz, Hegel and Nietzsche, but the most important breakthroughs were by the twentieth century psychologist Julian Jaynes with his hypothesis of "bicameralism".

If you don't know what consciousness is, how can you expand your consciousness to the maximum? Wouldn't you like to be maximally conscious? Think of the power you would have.

Ontological Mathematics: The Origin of the Ultimate Intellectual Revolution

Ontological mathematics is the rational and logical explanation of everything. Where did it come from?

If you wish to develop a profound understanding of ontological mathematics, the science that will shape the future of the human race, you need to know the context in which it evolved, and how it diverged from scientific materialism.

Ontological mathematics is the subject that accomplished what scientific materialism considered impossible. It inserted mind into science, via the most powerful analytic formula in all of mathematics. What went wrong with how scientists think about reality, leading them into systemic error?

This is the extraordinary tale of how the ultimate intellectual revolution unfolded in its earliest phase.


The Dimitri Revolution: How DMT Changed Humanity

Dimitri is coming. Who is Dimitri? He's DMT. Dimitri is going to change everything. Do you want to meet Dimitri? You already have. He's in your brain right now. What is he doing to you? Don't you want to know?

There's no revolutionary like Dimitri. He will shift your reality. He will take you to other worlds. He will introduce you to aliens. Yes, real aliens. Let's see them aliens. If you want to see them up close and personal, you need even more of Dimitri.

Dimitri never short changes you. Dimitri is more real than real. He's better than any prophet. Dimitri delivers highs you can't even imagine. Dimitri doesn't deliver perceptual hallucinations, but conceptual hallucinations. That's a whole different ball game.

Forget Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Dimitri is a much more interesting guest. Have you set the table?

Here he comes now. Everything's about to change.


Zarathustra's Out-of-Body Experience: How Humans Become Angels

Come and follow Zarathustra's incredible journey through lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, and near-death experiences.

Come and discover how everything in human reality is about brain waves.

What brain waves do angels have? Do angels even have brains? Or are they pure minds, pure intellects that always engage in out-of-body experiences?

Don't you want to undergo a metamorphosis into a higher being, an angel? Then come inside and find out how.


The Second Mind: Accessing Your Divine Powers

Here's the curious thing about reality. Your godlike mind is not the one in charge. It's your feeble human mind, with its feeble consciousness and feeble capacity to do anything, that's running the show.

Why is reality configured this way? You won't believe the answer. It will transform your life.

Your own spacetime consciousness is what is getting in your way.

Are you ready for the truth? Are you ready to meet your inner god? Are you ready for transcendental super consciousness?


The Source of Dreams: When Human Imagination Died

What is the Source of Dreams? Where is it? In ancient times, humanity had the most enchanting ideas about dreams. That enchantment is gone. The human imagination is dying. It's time to revive it. Come with us to the magic lands where you can once again revel in the sheer power of imagination and creativity.


Dream Consciousness: What Happens to Consciousness During Sleep?

You come to a fork in the road. On the right is the path to the world created by all minds. This is the objective world, the public world. On the left is the path to the world created by your own mind, your own unconscious. This is your dream world, your private world.

Your dream world changes every time you go sleep. There is no continuity of space and time. The objective world, by contrast, stays the same every time you wake up. There is complete continuity of space and time. That's the difference between an objective, public experience and a subjective, private experience.

Your consciousness is designed for facing the public world. It becomes drastically disoriented when it faces the private world. Yet it also has the chance to do something astounding - to enter and probe your own mind and discover all of its greatest and deepest secrets.

How else will you know yourself if you don't know your own mind? Only dreams can take you there. It's time to delve into the mysteries and extraordinary powers of dreams.


Endarkenment: New Age Fake Enlightenment

"Enlightenment" is a scam. You know it is. Meditation is useless. You know it is. Mindfulness is actually Mindlessness. You know it is. Here's the message that you definitely don't want to hear. Reason and logic explain reality. The Principle of Sufficient Reason and Occam's Razor are the instruments necessary to understand reality, not meditation, not mindfulness, not yoga, not perception, not empiricism.

If you are opposed to the Principle of Sufficient Reason, you are thereby a defender of irrationalism. Irrational answers are not answers. Unreason is endarkenment. Reason is the enlightenment, the TRUE enlightenment. The light of reason shows you the way to the Absolute Answer.


Fixed and Mobile Souls: Resurrection Versus Reincarnation

Which is right? Resurrection or Reincarnation? Religion and spirituality entirely depend on which one is real. If reincarnation is true, all religions based on resurrection are false, and vice versa.

Resurrection and reincarnation have drastically different ontologies and epistemologies. The ultimate answer to existence is dependent on whether souls reincarnate or experience resurrection.

Don't you want the knowledge that will dictate the fate of your soul? Then come and get it. The first stop is the incredible world of ancient Egyptian religion.


The Best You: The Politics of Self-Optimization

Do you know what negative liberty is? It's when the powers-that-be say, "Solve your own problems. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Don't expect us to help you. Make your own way in life. Succeed in a system that was never designed for YOU to succeed, but for those that run the system. US. The In Crowd. The Inner Circle. Our success is guaranteed. It's baked in. Why would we care about you? You're not one of us. You're not part of our family. You're not one of our friends or cronies. There are only a few good jobs in the world, and we've reserved them all. That's the entire point of the system. Sheez, haven't you worked that out yet? Dumb asses."

Wouldn't you rather live in a positive liberty system where the whole point of the State is to ensure you get everything you need to make the most of yourself, to maximize your potential, to be the best you?

What is the best world? It's the world where every person is the best version of themselves. But that's no good to the super rich elite. Their definition of the best world is the one we live in right now where a few people have as much wealth as half of the planet!

If you want an equal chance in life, you had better get rid of those who want unequal chances. The whole point of elitism is to create a system of inheritance, privilege, nepotism and cronyism where the same elite families and networks run everything, generation after generation. You're not in their gang, so you will never be part of the top set.

Have you still not worked out how the world works? Wow, you're slow.


Do the Math: Why Math Is Nothing Like How You Imagine

Whatever you imagine mathematics to be, you can be sure that's not what it is. Many scientists believe that non-analytic energy "strings" are the foundations of reality. In fact, strings are science's 1-dimensional version of 0-dimensional mathematical sinusoids, the true analytic basis of energy.

We live in a mathematical universe, not a scientific universe. Science is a manmade approximation to ontological mathematics.

Science works solely because it uses mathematics. If it didn't use mathematics, it would be useless, exactly as it was before it embraced mathematics, when it was alchemy.

Nobel laureate Eugene Wigner famously wrote an article called "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences" in which he described the uncanny ability of mathematics not only to describe, but to predict, phenomena in the physical world. Of course, there is nothing unreasonable and uncanny going on if reality is in fact mathematical, which, by Occam's razor and the Principle of Sufficient Reason, is the only possible explanation of why mathematics is relevant to reality.

The truly unreasonable issue is why scientists, who use mathematics all the time, refuse to accept the ontology of mathematics. They have an uncanny ability to ignore the rational truth in order to serve their manmade agenda of empiricism and materialism.

The ultimate intellectual revolution, the final paradigm shift is coming - from messy science, with no conceivable supreme answer, to beautiful mathematics, with a guaranteed, definitive answer.

Only mathematics can furnish a grand unified, final theory of everything. It already has. Ontological mathematics is the one and only answer to existence.

It's time to do the math. The answer is in the math. It always has been. The problem is that humanity got distracted by religion, philosophy and science, the three impostors to ontological mathematical truth.


The Meaning of Life: Where Is Your Life Taking You?

Do you know your direction in life? Does the universe have a direction? Are you getting pulled along by it, regardless of your own personal choices? Are you making your own way? Are things going as you hoped?

The meaning of existence is much more multi-dimensional than you might imagine. It's about all minds operating in concert. It's not about "I", it's about "We". It's not the You-niverse, it's the We-niverse.

The biggest realization you must come to is that we are all in it together. We are indissolubly linked together. All of our fates are connected. No man is an island.

The most difficult task people have is escaping from their own selfishness and narcissism. They try to create meaning based on "me, me, me" when the universe is shouting loud and clear that it's all about "we, we, we."

Can you overcome the most difficult obstacle of all - yourself?!

The Angel Series by Jack Tanner

There is no more vivid way of discussing mathematical reality - as opposed to "scientific reality" - than by way of the respective differences between mortals (humans), immortals (angels), and eternals (gods).


Additionally, angels are ideal for discussing quantum mechanics since, more or less, they have the same weird properties as quantum particles.

Angels and Gods are the evolutionary stages above humans. Shouldn't you be educating yourself about your own future?! 

Jack Tanner: The Seer of Mathematical Ghosts and Angels

Angels Are Real by [Tanner, Jack]

Angels Are Real

Thanks to scientific skepticism, angels are commonly regarded as an absurdity, yet many of the world's greatest intellectuals, such as Socrates, Plato, Plotinus, St. Augustine, Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, and Leibniz accepted their existence. These illustrious thinkers were much more intelligent than typical scientists, and it has to be said that science has never disproved the existence of angels any more than it has disproved the existence of mind. In fact, angels are the archetypal creatures of the mind since they are free of material bodies. They are pure intellects and possess astounding, Godlike knowledge. When they temporarily need a body in order to interact with humans, they can harness their intellectual power and knowledge to manufacture one from the atoms of the air.

The existence of angels is proved by mathematics. Angels are no more mysterious or incredible than "imaginary" and "complex" numbers, or Leibnizian monads (singularities), or massless, dimensionless photons, or zero and infinity. Much of what is said by scientists regarding quantum mechanics represents a much higher order of improbability, illogic and absurdity than anything that has ever been said about angels. In fact, science would do well to study the mathematics of angels if it wishes to start saying sane, rational things about quantum mechanics.

Where humans belong to the dimensional order of existence, angels belong to the dimensionless order. Science, being based on materialism, empiricism and dimensionality, can literally say nothing about dimensionless existence, but there is a superior subject to science that can do so easily ... mathematics.

The Neoplatonist Plotinus said, "We dare not keep ourselves set towards the sensuous principle, following the images of sense, or towards the merely vegetative, intent upon the gratifications of eating and procreation; our life must be pointed towards the Intellective, towards the Intellectual-Principle, towards God."

Plotinus stated, "Mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beast."

What are we - more highly evolved brutes, or fallen angels? Or are we the Angel in the Ape?


The Angel Experiment

Angels exist. In fact, they're us! Or, rather, they are our Higher Selves. Unfortunately for us, our consciousness is located in our Lower Self, the part that is much closer to the beasts than to God. That's why so many people find this world hell rather than heaven. Hell isn't other people. Hell is us. Equally, we are capable of being heaven, if we make full contact with our higher, angelic selves. 

People wonder about consciousness. God used angels to make humans conscious. We are called the Fifth Ape. Well, the other four Apes aren't conscious. Why not, if consciousness is so valuable in evolutionary terms? What else does it mean for man to be made in God's image if something of God is not included in man? Our divine connection is supplied through angels.

Humans have both a human and angelic nature in one body, just as Jesus Christ had both a human and divine nature in one body. The angel is what is known as our "guardian angel". Socrates called it the "Daemon", and swore by it for all of his important decisions.

Psychologist Julian Jaynes introduced the extraordinary insight that humans were once "bicameral". Jaynes claimed that, just a few thousand years ago, humans were NOT conscious. Instead, they had an executive part that gave commands, and a follower part that instinctively obeyed those commands. The executive was called a "god", and was worshiped by the follower (the "man"). According to Jaynes, this dualistic structure was the origin of all human religions and spiritual systems.

There are two domains in the universe. One is the "scientific" domain of space, time and matter. This is called the "temporal" domain, the domain of mortals. It's a local domain, where everything is separate from everything else. The second is an immaterial domain outside space and time. This is a Singularity, made of frequencies rather than matter. This is called the "eternal" domain. Since it's indestructible, it's the domain for all immortals. It's a non-local domain, hence everything is interconnected. It cannot be understood by science since it stands outside the scientific paradigm. It's a noumenal, non-sensory domain that experiments cannot reach. It is, however, completely understandable via God's perfect, eternal, infallible language of nature: mathematics. 

This is a mind-matter universe, not a matter universe. Humans are connected to both domains ... via our guardian angels, our "higher selves".

Isn't it time to understand the true nature of reality, the true nature of consciousness? Isn't it time to learn the secrets of the angels? Isn't it time to fulfill your dreams by releasing your own inner Angel? Become the glorious being you were always intended to be.

Once you understand the nature of God's Angel Experiment, you will understand what you are supposed to do with your life. You will at last know the meaning of your life.

Don't listen to the nay sayers and the scoffers. These people are imprisoned by their Lower Selves. They are the gaolers of our world, keeping the rest of us imprisoned in a false reality. 

Goethe said, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." It's time to be truly free, and that can be accomplished only by raising lower to higher, by merging with your guardian angel, your personal connection to the divine.

A human body is but a chrysalis. The human - the true human - is destined to undergo a complete metamorphosis and emerge with wings … as a radiant angel. You yourself are part of the Divine Experiment.  

Angelism: The Religion of Angels by [Tanner, Jack]

Angelism: The Religion of Angels

Are you more than human? Are you in fact an angel trapped in a body? Do you have latent angelic powers that could transform your life? Can you escape from the physical plane? Scientism says matter is primary and mind secondary. Angelism says the opposite. The fundamental reality is one of mind, and matter is the collective projection of all minds via mathematical holography. 

The philosophical background to Angelism is provided by Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes and Leibniz. Leibniz's Monadology is the ultimate expression of Angelism. It asserts that the whole universe is made of angels and their thoughts. Isn't it time to accept the reality of angels? Isn't it time to undergo your angelic metamorphosis? 

Are you afraid to become what you truly are?

"We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." - Luciano De Crescenzo

The Death Defiers: Melchizedek, Enoch, Elijah and Jesus by [Tanner, Jack]

The Death Defiers: Melchizedek, Enoch, Elijah and Jesus

Three men in the Bible never died. Enoch, Melchizedek and Elijah are the three most mysterious figures in history. This is an exploration of these three shadowy individuals and how they relate to the Bible's most famous death defier: Jesus Christ. 

It's one thing to come back from the dead, as Jesus did. It's quite another not to die at all. How can deathlessness be explained? Where do the undead go? How do the fates of Enoch, Melchizedek and Elijah shape theories of the afterlife? Can ordinary people emulate these three great religious patriarchs? 

Don't you want to emulate the deathless ones?


The Ghost Dimension

In the seventeenth century, an English philosopher proposed the existence of a fourth dimension, inhabited by spirits. This same philosopher was an immense influence on Isaac Newton, often regarded as the greatest scientist of all time. 

Leibniz accused Newton of believing in the occult, citing gravity as a theory of which any magician would be proud. Believe it or not, but God is the essential ingredient in Newton's famous theory of gravity. They don't teach you that in science class! 

John Maynard Keynes said of Newton, "He was the last of the magicians, the last of the Babylonians and Sumerians, the last great mind which looked out on the visible and intellectual world with the same eyes as those who began to build our intellectual inheritance rather less than 10,000 years ago. Isaac Newton, a posthumous child born with no father on Christmas Day, 1642, was the last wonderchild to whom the Magi could do sincere and appropriate homage." 

Has science since Newton buried the spiritual dimension that Newton believed essential to any rational explanation of reality?! Can it be resurrected? Is Newton's theory actually superior to Einstein's? If science added a spiritual dimension to relativity theory and quantum mechanics, could it at last reconcile the two theories? 

Ghosts are not "spooky" things. They are pure math. They inhabit a mathematical world of "hidden variables".

Ghosts Are Real by [Tanner, Jack]

Ghosts Are Real

Scientists once laughed at people who believed in invisible waves. Then the theory of electromagnetism demonstrated that we are immersed in an ocean of invisible waves. Scientist sneered at people who believed in invisible energies. Now scientists say that 95% of the universe is made of dark energy and dark matter that are wholly invisible. It won't be long until scientists have accepted the reality of ghosts. 

Imagine a soul phone for contacting the dead, such as Thomas Edison believed possible. Would it be the most popular invention ever? Whom would you call? - famous figures from history, saints and prophets, or your dear departed ones? Or would you try to get through to God himself, and hope you didn't get a crackly connection? Atheists always get "No Signal." 

The Mathematics of Angels by [Tanner, Jack]

The Mathematics of Angels

Animals are much more "mindful" than rocks. Humans are much more mindful than animals. Genius humans are much more mindful than ordinary human. There is an ascending scale of mindfulness, and humans are not the terminus ... angels are. Angels, as Saint Thomas Aquinas pointed out, are immaterial intellects, which can generate physical bodies - when they need them - through the sheer power, knowledge and understanding of their minds. 

If science is the language of matter, what is the language of mind? It's mathematics. The secret of existence is that, ontologically, mathematics is indistinguishable from light, and light is the basis of mind. Your mind is nothing other than a complete and consistent set of natural photons. Photons have no extension in space and time, meaning that they are outside space and time. They are in the frequency Singularity of immortal things rather than the spacetime world of mortal things. Light World is Soul World, and only math is relevant to this world. Science, the subject that deals with matter, has no application to Soul World.

Photons have no mass, hence are not part of material existence. Photons have no extension, no dimensions, and do not experience space and time, all of which is exactly what we require of the immortal soul. 

When you switch on a light, light does NOT flood into spacetime. Rather, spacetime interacts with Soul World - spacetime flows through Soul World - producing the characteristic glow of light. Photons are the thoughts of the Cosmic Soul.

Angels are not objects of religious faith. They are living beings, which, since they are made of pure light, are compatible with science. A mathematical formula can be provided for angels, based on the most celebrated result in analytic mathematics. Every property of angels can be mathematized. The metaphysical description of angels provided by Saint Bonaventure and Saint Thomas Aquinas is wholly convertible to a precise mathematical treatment. 

It's time to completely rethink your view of angels. They are not agents of religious belief but of mathematical rationalism. They are the "hidden variables" needed to explain quantum mechanics, which otherwise degenerates into the irrationalist, indeterministic, anti-causation nonsense spouted by scientific materialists and empiricists. 

The truth shall set you free. Math is the truth, and math is the basis of life, light, mind, soul, and angels. Angels are mental singularities outside space and time, which can enter spacetime at will as physicalized beings. There are several angels on earth right now. Do you know how to recognize them? 

Goethe wrote, "Everything is simpler than we can imagine, at the same time more complex and intertwined than can be comprehended."

Science doesn't know the half of it. Math, however, does. Math knows the full of it. Math isn't an unreal abstraction, it's the fiber and fabric of existence, upon which everything hangs. You cannot understand reality if you fail to understand the ontology of mathematics. Are you ready to see the light? 

Sex With Angels: The Watchers and the Watched by [Tanner, Jack]

Sex With Angels: The Watchers and the Watched

"The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God went to the daughters of men, and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown." - Genesis 6:4 

Who were the "sons of God"? They were angels, and they mated with human females ("daughters of men") to create a hybrid race of angel-humans (the Nephilim), some of whom are reputed to be still alive in the present day, and can be detected by a specific genetic test that is kept secret from the general public.

What is sex with angels like? Is it the best sex of all, the most orgasmic? It's said that once you go angel, you never go back to human. 

In today's world, which clubs and bars can you go to if you want to meet angels for casual sex? What are their sexual preferences, kinks and rituals? Are angels members of the most exclusive secret societies?

Is having sex with angels dangerous? Is there any truth behind the rumor that angels are obsessed with women's hair, as St. Paul suggested? 

Did angels take retribution against immodest women, as some theologians suggested? Were angels violators and punishers of sexy women?

Can angels acquire sexually transmitted diseases, or are they permanently immune? Is sex with angels the purest sex, or the dirtiest? 

This book explores the entire context of having sex with angels. Via Dante's Divine Comedy - which describes the medieval Italian poet's epic spiritual and physical journey through hell, purgatory and paradise - a formula is provided for how you might simulate having sex with angels. Could you literally undergo a metamorphosis and become an angel: a son, or daughter, of God?

The Three Souls: Eternal, Immortal and Mortal by [Tanner, Jack]

The Three Souls: Eternal, Immortal and Mortal

Do you have a soul? If you do, is it mortal, immortal, or eternal? If you don't know the difference, how can you expect to go to heaven? 

Are there people without souls? That would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

Believe it or not, but the whole of reality can be understood through a proper understanding of eternity, immortality and temporality (mortality). These three terms are inextricably entwined with the concept of soul/mind. 

There are three possibilities:

1) One eternal mind (God) creates everything else, including immortal souls. This is the Abrahamic position. 

2) Everything in the universe is made of individual eternal minds, or of one eternal Mind. This is the position of much of Eastern religion, and also of the Western esoteric tradition.

3) There are no minds at all, whether eternal or immortal, and all that exists is temporal matter, from which temporal minds are inexplicably made, and which perish when their bodies perish. This is the position of atheism and scientism. 

Which of these positions is correct? 

People without souls can't stand reading about the soul. People with immortal souls are slaves of God, their Creator. People with eternal souls have existed forever. They themselves are the gods. 

What kind of soul do you have? Isn't it time you found out?


The Science Conspiracy: How Autistics Took Over the World

Here's what science tell you.

You are pointless.

Your existence is meaningless.

You have no purpose.

Your mind is an illusion that emerged from mindlessness.

Your life is an illusion that emerged from lifelessness.

Existence is an illusion that emerged from non-existence.

Existence, such as it is, spontaneously jumped out of non-existence, for no reason, via no mechanism and will culminate in pointless Heat Death.

You have no soul. You are a mere ephemeral collection of lifeless, mindless atoms.

Free will is an illusion.

Consciousness is an illusion.

The unconscious is an illusion.

You have no choice. Choice is impossible.

Human existence is empty. Human beings are husks, hollow beings with illusory minds.

Consciousness has no causal efficacy. It can never overrule the laws of materialist physics.

Consciousness is a pointless illusion, a meaningless epiphenomenon. It is of the order of unreality. It is a purposeless emergent property.

Nature produces redundant illusions.

Science presents a picture of humans as "philosophical zombies", hypothetical beings that seem indistinguishable from normal human beings but actually lack consciousness and sentience. They simulate these things. They do not possess them.

Existence, says science, is governed by chance, accident, randomness, acausation, indeterminism, indeterminacy, probability, statistics and emergence.

Physicist Max Tegmark said, "A conscious person is simply food rearranged." This means that your consciousness is reducible to food. This means that all food is potentially conscious, and at the very least contains the seeds of consciousness.

Science is a shallow, banal subject mired in materialism, atheism, skepticism and nihilism. It is a ferociously anti-life ideology. Lifeless matter is, after all, the essence of non-life.

What kind of people go out of their way to deny meaning and purpose, to trumpet that existence is pointless, that we have no free will and that our consciousness is an illusion?

The central thesis of this book is that science is a worldview born from autism, from people who struggle with communication, empathy, free will, consciousness and all things mental. Scientists prefer to see themselves as machines or as products of random chance. Their lack of a strong psyche translates into an affinity for matter, the opposite of mind. They feel at home with theories that exclude mind, that require no mental components whatsoever. That's because they themselves are enormously deficient in mind.

The intellectual agenda of the world has been seized by autistics. They control science and computing, which now drive the world. Everyone in the academic world now falls into line with their anti-mind ideology. People even believe that machines can be as conscious as human beings (how would that be possible unless humans themselves were just glorified machines?) and that consciousness can be uploaded to computers and stored there.

Philosophy has been destroyed by autistic science. All academic philosophers feel the need to parrot the nostrums of scientism, and to deny the reality of a world of purposeful minds.

It's time for the People of Mind to strike back, to take back the intellectual world from the autistics, to replace materialism and empiricism (the ideology of the senses) with idealism and rationalism (the doctrine of reason and logic).

Reason is the essence of mind. Only minds can reason. If you agree that existence is rational and intelligible, you are on the side of the mindful and against the mindless (the materialists, the zombies).

© Castalia