The Devil's Shout

It's time to shout down the old world. It's time to revalue all values.

Our work goes way over people's heads. Nothing of its ilk has ever been seen before.

Nietzsche's radical work met similar resistance to ours...

"I tell every friend to his face that he has never thought it worth his while to study any one of my writings: from the slightest hints I gather that they do not even know what lies hidden in my books. And with regard even to my Zarathustra, which of my friends would have seen more in it than a piece of unwarrantable, though fortunately harmless, arrogance?" - Nietzsche

"In my lifework, my Zarathustra holds a place apart. With it, I gave my fellow men the greatest gift that has ever been bestowed upon them. This book, the voice of which speaks out across the ages, is not only the loftiest book on earth, literally the book of mountain air, - the whole phenomenon, mankind, lies at an incalculable distance beneath it, - but it is also the deepest book, born of the inmost abundance of truth; an inexhaustible well, into which no pitcher can be lowered without coming up again laden with gold and with goodness. Here it is not a 'prophet' who speaks, one of those gruesome hybrids of sickness and Will to Power, whom men call founders of religions." - Nietzsche

"At what German University to-day would such lectures on my philosophy be possible, as those which Dr. Brandes delivered last spring in Copenhagen..." - Nietzsche

"If nothing got caught, I am not to blame. There were no fish..." - Nietzsche

"One pays dearly for being immortal: one has to die several times while alive." - Nietzsche

"We premature born of a yet undemonstrated future." - Nietzsche

"One day or other institutions will be needed in which people live and teach as I understand living and teaching: perhaps even chairs for the interpretation of Zarathustra will be established. But it would be a complete contradiction of myself if I expected ears and hands for my truths already today: that I am not heard today, that no one today knows how to take from me, is not only comprehensible; it even seems right to me."

"My time has not yet come, some are born posthumously." - Nietzsche

"6,000 feet beyond man and time." - Nietzsche

We hear ya, Freddie. Solidarity, brother. The Brothers of the Mind. The Brothers of the Will to Power. Liberty, Fraternity, Equal Opportunities, Merit.

Illuminist Books

All Illuminated Books are listed on this website. If they're not on here, they're not ours. We have had impostors and plagiarists in the past, and no doubt there will be new ones in the future. Such is life.

Ours are the most radical books on earth. They are centuries ahead of their time. Humanity still hasn't caught up with Leibniz, who died over three hundred years ago. The wheels of progress turn painfully slowly.

Can Do

"Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right." - Henry Ford

We are those who can. Those who can't had better get out of our way.

The Non-Thinkers

"People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid." - Kierkegaard

What is social media? It's the channel that allows people to freely express how little freedom of thought they have ... how they barely think at all, and just repeat the thoughtless garbage they have been brainwashed to recite by their parents, peers and communities.

Adapt or Die: Resistance is Futile

The Borg: Insect Hives in Space. The Triumph of the Collective. In the end, all things are brought to a perfect Whole, a perfect Unity, to the State of Zero Entropy.

What is the maximum entropy - disorder - possible on earth? ... a world of Randroid libertarians, the anti-Collective, the bestial Id unleashed ... the end of civilization, the end of society, the end of progress. A war of all against all.

America Last?

Have you noticed how self-defeating Trump's "America First" mantra is? By adopting this stance, Trump has alienated every other country in the world, and thus ceded America's role as the unofficial leader of the world. No one is going to follow a nation that is nakedly and psychopathically out to serve itself at everyone else's expense. America's foreign policy now reflects the sick, psychotic mind of Donald Trump himself, the world's No.1 narcissist. America is utterly marginalised. The rest of the world doesn't want to deal with it. World leadership is transferring to Europe and China. America has destroyed its own prestige and importance by its selfish, Randroid, libertarian attitude. It has made itself a pariah nation. Trump is running a 101 class in how to achieve the exact opposite of what he dreams of. He wants America to be the global leviathan. Instead, exactly because of his policies, it will be ignored on the world stage and lose all of its "soft power", leaving it to go around the world bullying everyone with hard, military power, at massive expense to the American taxpayers, and to their eternal shame.

Why do vampires transport coffins full of earth around with them? It's because they must sleep on their native soil. Is Donald Trump a vampire? Wherever he goes, he takes his American soil of predatory capitalist narcissism with him.


"An audience will forgive you almost anything at the beginning of a picture, but almost nothing at the end." - Robert Towne

Trump will be forgiven nothing at the end of his shambolic reign. He will go down in history as the worst president of them all. A fitting end for such a cretinous, vulgarian clown.

Fake News and Post Truth

Have you noticed that right wingers are far more susceptible to fake news and post truth than everyone else? Right wingers are always the most credulous of people. Nearly all followers of mainstream religion are right wing. Muslims, Jews and Christians are incredibly conservative. After all, all of these people are trying to conserve the past, and they all reject and fear the future. One of the reasons why the lunatic Trump became president was because right wingers lapped up the absurd fake news spread about Hillary Clinton by the Russian bots on social media. Those bots understood the simplistic, infantile, reptilian right wing mind PERFECTLY.

Of course, no one in their right mind would vote for Hillary Clinton. When will the meritocratic, Jacobin candidate appear? Only when the Jacobins are in the White House as the New Founding Fathers - devoted to the people rather than the private elites - will the People at last be free.

The Ship of Fools

PB: "He is on a mission to prove all this maths. But ok. Then who created this maths? Obviously God. But he still worships Satan."

This is the "logic" of Abrahamists. Given this exact logic, who made God?

Mathematics is uncaused, uncreated, eternal, necessary and compulsory. It inherently reflects the eternal truths of reason. No one can make mathematics. Mathematics, by contrast, makes everyone and everything, i.e. all contingent, temporal things.

The error committed by this person: the error of theism. This person cannot conceive of anything other than a Super Sky Wizard as being uncaused and uncreated. He is totally irrational.

As our books prove, the Principle of Sufficient Reason can be used to show how mathematics is eternal, necessary and compulsory. No such exercise can be conducted with regard to a theistic God, a wholly irrational and indefinable entity. God's advocates seek to make the "mystery" of God his greatest strength. In fact, it is his greatest weakness. Anything that cannot be defined cannot exist. Only mathematics can provide true definitions.


BLS: "Math is merely the language of the universe, it is not itself the universe."

The universe IS the language of mathematics. To state that the universe is one thing, and its language is another thing is to create an untenable Cartesian dualism. How can the language of mathematics communicate and interact with the universe, and be used by the universe, if the universe is anti-mathematical, if the universe is ontologically something different from mathematics?

If the universe is not mathematical, how could it understand mathematics, and how could it create mathematics in order to use it? Nothing that is non-mathematical can invent mathematics. That is a category error.

The error committed by this person: he is unable to conceive that language IS reality, that we live in a coded universe, that the mathematical code of existence underlies EVERYTHING.


HIE: "The Tao that is named is not the real Tao."

The Tao that is NOT named is mystical gibberish, devoid of meaning. Anything that cannot be defined is vacuous and empty of content. A rational universe cannot accommodate anything irrational and miraculous.

The error committed by this person: he believes that the answer to existence is mystical and indefinable. But this is no answer at all since no one can ever state it. It is literal nonsense. This person celebrates being irrational, and being unable to provide rational definitions. If the answer to the universe cannot be defined then the universe has no answer. A universe without an answer is a miracle, and only the irrational believe in miracles.


YP: "Being a scientist, I was aware of the maths. But this knowledge leads to... what?"

It leads to the ultimate paradigm shift and the ability to create a grand unified, final theory of everything. Of course, scientists don't want an answer to the universe. That's why they are obsessed with observation rather than reason and logic, with phenomena rather than noumena. The vast majority of reality is invisible to our limited human senses, but not to our reason and logic.

The error committed by this person: she is guilty of scientism. She believes that mathematics is unreal and that the limited, unreliable, fallible, delusional human senses determine reality. They do not. You cannot learn about what came before humanity by pandering to human foibles. Man is not the measure of all things. Mathematics is. Mathematics is eternal. Nothing preceded mathematics. Every truth of mathematics today was exactly the same infinitely long ago, and will be exactly the same infinitely far in the future. No one can refute that simple fact. Its implications are mind boggling, and go to the core of the nature of existence.


LC: "If I have to use mathematical formulas, I'm done for! I refuse to believe that. I cannot understand math, never have."

Reality is not determined by your "understanding" of reality, or by what you want reality to be, or not be. If you can't understand math, that's your problem, not reality's problem. You can't make it reality's problem!


People need to stop believing their own propaganda, their "own truths", and start using reason and logic to understand the actual Truth. Reason and logic take you straight to ontological mathematics, the functional expression of the PSR.


Religious people try to explain reality without any reference to philosophy, science or mathematics. They talk about their feelings, their subjective experiences, their mystical opinions, their faith, what they heard a guru say, or what they read in some ancient "holy" book - long since refuted by modern knowledge. These are Mythos people. It's pointless trying to reason with them. If they knew anything about reason, they would not be Mythos people. They would be Logos people.

Philosophers try to explain reality without any reference to science or mathematics. They present ingenious arguments, but even they have realized they are getting nowhere, and have now deferred to science.

Scientists try to explain reality without any reference to philosophy, even though science is itself a philosophy, namely the philosophy of materialism and empiricism, with an experimental method attached, and rationalist mathematics, which is perversely considered "unreal" despite being essential to all scientific claims regarding scientific realism.

Mathematicians rarely try to explain reality. Most regard mathematics as a form of logic, or say it is a "game", or an abstract syntax, or some transcendent reality that we can never properly apprehend.

Ontological mathematics combines mathematics with physics and metaphysics and thus creates the ultimate, unsurpassable intellectual vehicle for explaining reality. It does everything philosophy can't do on its own, everything science can't do on its own, and everything that mathematics - as popularly conceived - can't do on its own. In doing so, it provides a full rational explanation of religion in terms of God, the soul, and the afterlife.

Clearly, any subject that addresses ultimate reality - and only ontological mathematics does so - MUST be able to explain all religious and spiritual issues, since these are a fundamental aspect of ultimate reality. Science, by contrast, deals only with material, temporal issues, hence can say nothing valid about religion or spirituality. Its traditional approach is simply to deny that anything exists beyond time, space and matter, and to invoke randomness, chance, accident, uncertainty, probability, emergence and indeterminism to "explain" anything that might seem to contradict its paradigm. It's like a child that shuts its eyes and believes that the external world thereby ceases to exist. The world doesn't need to be seen by you in order to exist. It doesn't need to be observable, or empirical.


Note how none of these people use reason and logic. They simply make unfounded assertions, which they take to be self-evident and unassailable, but which we have demonstrated are wildly illogical and irrational.

These are all Dunning-Kruger types, and the world is full of them, which is why humanity is so alienated from the rational, logical Truth of reality. Social media groans under the weight of their self-regarding bullshit. They take their beliefs, opinions and conjectures to be indisputably true, yet they are all indisputably false. They are the enemies of the Truth.

If you want the real Truth, read our illuminated books, especially the God Series and the Truth Series. Most people have spent no time at all pondering their beliefs, and would be wholly incapable of writing even 1,000 words to defend their position. By contrast, we have written 13 million words to prove our position, and everything we say is anchored by the ultimate principle of existence ... the Principle of Sufficient Reason, which is expressed ontologically as mathematics. The PSR is mathematically equivalent to Euler's Formula, and Euler's Formula defines the mathematical monads (eternal minds) from which reality is made.

Everything done by monads has a sufficient reason, whether in terms of ontological syntax or ontological semantics. Science concerns itself only with syntax and eliminates meaning (semantics). Religion concerns itself only with semantics and eliminates structure (syntax). Ontological mathematics addresses both: structure and meaning, syntax and semantics.

No one who has read all of our illuminated books could possibly doubt what we say. We have gone to immense and unprecedented trouble to refute every rival system, and prove our own using reason and logic. Anyone who argues with us is simply proving that that they are irrational and illogical, hence have no valid contribution to make to knowledge and Truth.

The Bottom Line

Here's the simple bottom line. Reality either has a rational answer, or it doesn't. If it does, you cannot use anything other than the PSR and its ontological expression, mathematics, to discover it. You can't use human beliefs, feelings, experiences, or opinions, and you can't use the limited human senses.

If reality doesn't have a rational answer then it has no answer since every irrational answer is as irrational as every other, and there is no rational means to choose one over another, so believe whatever you like.

Isn't it funny how many people try to use "rational" arguments to refute the fact that existence is made of mathematics, the quintessence of rationalism? How can you use reason to refute reason? That's how deluded and irrational these people are. They regard empirical arguments as rational arguments. They are nothing of the kind. They are committing a category error when they introduce semantics into a syntactic argument, when they introduce semantic empirical arguments into the domain of syntactic rationalism.

Reality concerns either a single Absolute Truth (reason), or "all truths" (unreason), where everyone can believe anything that floats their boat. The latter is exactly the path humanity has chosen. Everywhere, you come across the claim that everyone has "their own truth." This is of course wholly false. There is only one Truth and infinite lies. Are you one of the few who can separate Truth from lies?

You're either on the side of reason, or you're not. If you're on the side of reason, you won't base any arguments on faith, mysticism, or empiricism. You won't cite your feelings, your mystical intuitions, or your sense perceptions. Sadly, that's all that people do on social media. It's almost impossible to encounter a rational argument on social media.

If you're on the side of reason, you will give absolute primacy to mathematics and the Principle of Sufficient Reason. They, after all, are what reason is ontologically all about.


The Revaluation Revolution

Our books constitute the most extensive revaluation of all values there has ever been. Join the Revolution. Join the Transformation. Join the Metamorphosis. We shall create a New Humanity, a HyperHumanity. Join the HyperHumans. Break on through to the other side.

Get the full collection of our books. Be one of the sages of our Age. Become world-historic.

Anyone with any intelligence can see that the future is ours. As Victor Hugo said, "There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come. ... One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas."

We are bringing forward the most powerful ideas of all time.

In the end, everything submits to the Truth. We are the Truth. We are the Plan. We are the Future. Resistance is Futile. 

"I was not born to amuse Tsars." - Alexander Pushkin


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