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Art credit: "AT" 


If you've never studied history, you've allowed yourself to be ignorant of how we got to where we are as a species. You will be frightened and confused by the occurrences around the world. You won't know why conflicts arose, nor how to solve them. You will be angry and frustrated. You will be a bystander, never taking an active part in life. You will be able to change nothing. In effect, what would be the point of you? Go live in the jungle if you wish to be an ignoramus, since irrational idiots are reduced to only the animalistic functions of humanity (i.e., eating, sleeping, and fucking). You can do these anywhere. Don't take up precious room in civilisation, and certainly don't get in the way of revolutionaries who are striving to make the world a better place, free of the idiocy of the past.

Though we revere mathematics and philosophy above all things, the study of history should not be neglected. It is a prime example of knowledge being power. After all, if we do not learn from the mistakes of the past, we are doomed to repeat them. Knowledge gives us the power needed to bring change about effectively.

Where did we come from? Where are we going? Can we use past events to predict future trends? Enlightenment thinker Giambattista Vico (a devout Catholic) certainly thought we could. Vico argued that humanity's progress (or decline) was always rooted in a class struggle, which to him was the driving mechanism of history. He used Rome as the framework for his historically-rooted philosophical theory; not only because it was a major influence on the development of Western Europe, but also because he believed that all nations would "naturally" follow Rome's path if they didn't suffer external influences or obstructions.

Vico developed what can be considered cyclical historicism. A precursor to Hegel, Vico studied the patterns of history and through that study became a critic of the Enlightenment due to the fact he believed it would eventually lead to humanity's regression. Despite his religion, Vico's work had nothing to do with Catholicism itself (though it certainly influenced his opinions), but rather the viewpoint that history operates in cycles. He divided these cycles into three phases (or Ages): The Age of Gods, the Age of Heroes, and the Age of Man.


In this phase, man is primitive, thus beastly. He has limited consciousness, an impaired rationale, and is closer to animal than human. This Age can be correlated with Jaynes' theory of bicameralism, where humanity was only just beginning to develop self-awareness. It was in the early phases of shedding its bicameral brain, and had to adjust to the world without the voices of the "right-brain God."

The first major breakthrough of this Age comes in the form of establishing family states. The family is all-important, and people live in small, tightly-knit groups (much like monkeys). They are wary of other families and are fiercely territorial. As Hegel would later show, the arrival of consciousness onto the scene also gives rise to suspicion of others (what are their intents? Are they friend, or foe? Can they be subdued?). That suspicion always leads to violence, segregation, and mistrust (this is the phase right wingers are stuck in to this day, demonstrating just how backward and retarded they are).

Because humanity's consciousness was severely limited and impaired at this point, superstition is the main driving force during this phase. Humanity did not understand the workings of the natural world, so they took acts of nature to be signs from spirits, or Gods. This is especially true of thunder. Thunderstorms were terrifying phenomena to the primitive man, and we can see that in most early cultures the dominant God is one of thunder (Zeus, Jove, Marduk, Perun, Thor, Indra, etc). Thunder Gods held pride of place in most pantheons and had to be appeased to keep them from punishing us. Fear and irrational beliefs go hand in hand (and most of humanity still hasn't outgrown this childish way of thinking). A superstitious mind is a fearful mind (just look at Abrahamists!) - it sees threats everywhere and seeks to stay safe from them. Because of this need for safety, it's not long before such moronic beliefs gave rise to entire structured systems (i.e., religions) based on morality. These religions invent behavioural codes so that people may avoid punishment from the divine. They never seek to actually explain the world because the world is deemed to be operating via supernatural forces, so the point of man was to merely behave "correctly," and he would be rewarded (or at the very least, not punished).

Due to mankind not having developed any kind of reason at this point, feelings led the way. Whatever felt bad was deemed to be evil, and whatever felt good was deemed to be good. This is why ancient religions, such as Abrahamism, are laughable. A religion (such as Illuminism) which is rooted in reason gives a totally different religious experience than a religion rooted in feelings (such as Abrahamism). What a religion is based on is directly correlated to how true it is. Abrahamism is based on fear (a feeling), so has exactly zero truth content. A religion based on intuition (such as Eastern faiths) has some truth content, but without rigorous analysis and explanation, it ends up being just as retarded as Abrahamism. Such religions are more focused on rituals and traditions than rational thought. A religion based on senses (scientism) is useful for tinkering with the material world, but absolutely useless when it comes to explaining anything higher.

During the Age of the Gods (because feelings reigned supreme), humanity was still in the thrall of primitive nonsense such as "alpha males." An alpha of a pack seeks to have complete and total control of those under him. To such a primordial creature, a loss of control means a loss of power. He must control everything. Having such absolute power in a society leads others to believe that he is "divinely inspired," and he is revered as a demigod by society. This is the beginning of the formation of a patriarchy. Men, being physically stronger and able to dominate women, viewed them as "possessions," so a woman was expected to stay loyal to her partner. Promiscuous sex was now deemed evil because it "displeased the Gods" (in fact, it displeased the alphas, so they outlawed it). Here, the concept of marriage first arose, binding two people together until death. Straying from that pact had terrible consequences.

With marriage came laws, outlining what one can and cannot do. Priests, an elite caste supporting the ruler(s) began dictating their doctrines to the people under them. They were never questioned, since to question them would bring the wrath of the Gods on the population. Augury, which is the reading of signs, was a popular method for divining the future during this Age. People based their entire lives around signs and omens, developing sacred places and events to mark out special days. Certain tribes would only go to war, perform marriages, or coming-of-age rites when omens favoured it.

Perhaps most importantly, this phase also gives rise to burying the dead, which introduces property "rights." If a revered ancestor was buried in a certain area, it meant that a tribe has "marked" that territory as their own. It becomes their sacred ground, and incursions upon that ground meant nothing other than a declaration of war. This is the where the dead began to control the living (and we still haven't broken free of this primitive idiocy).

The defining aspects of this Age are the rise of religion, introduction of marriage and patriarchy, and burial of the dead (which by extension led to property "rights"). The mentality of this era is crude, primitive, and feelings-based.


In this phase of history, humanity is separated into two classes: the Hunters and the Hunted. A third class, the Heroes, are those who have the most advanced civilisation at this point. Though Vico dubbed them "Heroes" (undoubtedly due to his Catholic beliefs), they are actually the prevailing ruling order.

The Hunters are violent marauders who are outside of civilisation and don't care about its laws, nor do they recognise any or territorial rights (the early Germanic tribes, the Mongols and the Huns are good examples of Hunters). They are nomadic, illiterate, and operate by the philosophy of "might is right." They are never grounded in any one place, but rather roam the lands pillaging and stealing what better men have built. Their very existence gives rise to the Hunted, who are more refined (though still primitive) individuals seeking refuge from their more violent counterparts (in Hegelian terms, the Hunters are the masters, while the Hunted are the slaves seeking to break free). Who helps the Hunted? Well, it's the Heroes, who are the magistrates, priests, and kings of a civilised culture that has developed laws and human rights (up to a point). The Heroes have recognised the morality behind helping fellow humans in need, so they take in large numbers of the Hunted into their societies. Their goals are not entirely altruistic, however, because they want to use these refugees as an inexpensive source of labour. The Hunted are not actually recognised as equals by their would-be saviours. In exchange for giving them a safe haven, the Hunted are put to work in fields (or other menial jobs) and ultimately become serfs to the ruling class. They are not allowed any marital rights, nor are they allowed to participate in politics. In truth, they are little better than slaves - but that is the price they are willing to pay for safety (for now). Because of the Hunted and their toil for the Heroes, civilisation reaches a level of organisation where one's time no longer needs to be dedicated to survival alone. The Heroes benefit from the Hunted because they no longer need to work as hard for purposes of survival, so they begin dedicating time to art, scientific discovery, literature, poetry, and other imaginative pursuits. They also begin explorations and expeditions. Adventurers leave their nations to discover new places. Expansion of civilisation and colonisation of "uncivilised" lands begins.

The medieval epoch is a good example of the Age of Heroes. Europe in the Middle Ages was a society of huge contrasts, especially between rich and poor, believers and non-believers. It was, generally speaking, a structured caste system with the following hierarchy:

1) Ruling Monarch - King and/or Queen ("Heroes"). These people generally had absolute power and ruled with impunity. Because many believed them to be divinely mandated, questioning them was deemed heretical and against the Gods themselves. Monarchs rarely suffered (unless they were extreme tyrants), and lived lives of great privilege.

2) Clergy - Monks and priests (also "Heroes"). These were literate, highly educated individuals. They had a complete monopoly on information and learning, and were immensely respected within society for being the intermediaries between man and God. Generally, they had good working relationships with the monarch, since the monarch wanted to ensure that they had both earthly and heavenly powers on their side. In return, the priests wanted to increase their own power by associating with the head of state. It was mutually beneficial for both parties to remain aligned as much as possible.

3) Warriors - (a mixture of "Heroes" and the Hunted). The nobility (landed knights - "Heroes") were the fighting elite in society, responsible for commandeering wars, maintaining peace and order, and upholding the law of the land. They had a total monopoly on weaponry, and because of their fighting prowess and power, they could not be challenged in any meaningful way. The fighters under them were mostly composed of the Hunted, who were the rabble militia and served as cannon fodder in battle.

4) Peasants - (the Hunted). In medieval Europe, the peasantry made up roughly 90% of the population. These people were illiterate, poor, and lived on the verge of famine at all times. We never hear their voices because they were never recorded (history, after all, is written by the victors). Most of them worked on the land as farmers, others as tradesmen, and some as merchants. As the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes would later say (though not for the same context), life for the peasant was "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short." The peasants were dependent on their lords (the nobility) for protection in exchange for giving them a certain amount of resources (including manpower). Peasant-folk, because of their lack of means and opportunity, were severely mistreated by their "betters," which made their already bleak lives that much more awful. A peasant is the last thing anyone would want to be in medieval society, but it's exactly what most people were.

By this Age, man is well on his way to being properly civilised. Laws by this point have become exactly-worded documents and agreements between parties. Superstition, though still widespread, is slowly beginning to disappear due to humanity developing their reason and being able to explain natural phenomena on scientific grounds rather than religious ones.

The defining aspects of this era are imagination, poetry, art, science, invention, exploration, and new discoveries. The mentality is sensory-based.


In this phase, the Hunted (and other peasants) are sick of their mistreatment and begin actively fighting for their right to become human (ie, to be recognised as proper citizens, have equal marital rights, and political participation). They have grown tired of their "betters," and so they begin protesting by withdrawing their services and military contributions to the elite (or they might start a violent revolution to overthrow the ruling regime). Since peasants are the overwhelming majority, the ruling elite have no choice but to give in to their demands, or be killed for refusing. This is an example where the slaves are seeking to become masters (or at the very least, equal to the masters, thereby abolishing them anyway - at least, in theory). A Democratic Republic is the inevitable outcome at this stage, since everyone wants a say in what happens within the nation they are living. With Democracy (fused with other advances up to this point), civilisation finally begins to recognise proper human rights, based on reason rather than superstition (religion). Laws finally become secular (thus humane). Everyone has equal rights. Cultural and academic centres reach their zenith and flourish.

The first rulers of this new system are benevolent and altruistic, adhering to the new constitutions and laws the revolutionaries made. To do otherwise would be to undermine everything the peasantry fought for, and such a ruler would be immediately overthrown. Soon, however, people of all classes get greedy and use their newly-found freedoms to fight for self-interest as much as possible. They want more (or different) things. Disagreements occur, and factions begin springing up, eventually giving rise to a civil war. During this time, a second set of rulers arise. These are ambitious and great figures, such as Alexander of Macedon, Julius Caesar, or Napoleon. Societies become monarchies; however, these monarchies are based on civil rights rather than authoritarian tyranny. They bring back order to the post civil-war state. In due course, however, a madman (such as Nero or Trump) arises, wreaking havoc and breeding discontentment among the populace.

The system at this point begins to eat itself, torn apart by its own internal contradictions.

Reason also begins to self-destruct because it becomes either too dogmatic, or too skeptical/critical (this is exactly where science is today). Further, the arrival of this skeptical kind of reason onto the scene undermines the societal bonds formed by religion, culture, and tradition (which for Vico, a Catholic, was a huge problem). Legal systems begin to become decadent and self-serving rather than about true justice and order. All of this gives rise to a new kind of barbarism because people lose their faith in everything - God, heroes, and men. They come to rely only upon themselves. A body where every cell is fighting for its own "independence" won't live long (which is a lesson libertarian and anarchist retards should take to heart).

The defining aspects of this Age are new advances, technologies, questioning of traditions, overthrowing old regimes, and establishing new values. The mentality is reason-based.


Vico was critical of the Enlightenment because he viewed it as the Age of Man (ie, the final step before a descent back to the Age of Gods). He could not view the Enlightenment as entirely positive because it dissolved the very glue which held society together.

Vico's philosophy, though useful, has a key problem in that he could not see outside of the wheel he had built. It just keeps turning, ad infinitum. As Gnostics, we maintain that we are cursed to keep reincarnating in an eternal cycle until we are aware of what is happening to us. Only then can we break free and escape this material hell. The same principle applies to history itself. As a species, we will be cursed to keep repeating these three Ages until we become collectively aware of them. At that point, we will know what it takes to never fall prey to them again, and escape the cycle forever. As above, so below.


The Western world is in the Age of Man - which is why the West is the best. It has developed itself to the end-point of Vico's cycle, meaning it has the most humane laws, is secular, is based on reason (up to a point) and equality, has the most advanced technology, living standards, and so forth. Other places in the world are stuck in different phases. The Middle East, for instance, is stuck in the Age of Gods. Before Islam, the Middle East was a thriving, educated, enlightened place (the cradle of civilisation, no less). In other words, it was in the Age of Man. Once it had reached that phase, however (i.e., it became too critical, cynical, and disillusioned), it was ready to fall and return to the Age of the Gods (Islam). This is exactly what happened. Had they been aware of Vico's cycles (which of course weren't written back then), they may not have so easily succumbed to the Islamic plague. This is why it is so important to be knowledgeable about these matters. We can actually pinpoint where we are going wrong, and prevent our ship from going off course.


Vico's criticism of the Enlightenment was entirely valid. Though we have the Enlightenment to thank for where we are today, it was not without its flaws. It certainly overthrew a lot of old bullshit that needed to be done away with, but it never really found a replacement for the system it overthrew. Christianity held Europe in its thrall for a thousand years (the Age of Heroes). As retarded and toxic as it was, it had one saving grace - it instilled a positive liberty culture. Everyone knew their place in society and acted accordingly. The Enlightenment effectively liberated Europe from the shackles of the Demiurge, but could find no replacement to hold the population together under a new (and better) positive liberty culture.

The "truth" (Christianity) was gone, but nothing had come to replace it. Everyone suddenly looked for their own truths, which meant a fragmentation of society. People started to believe their own propaganda. They became "Protestant." Intellectuals were everywhere, but no one could agree on one thing as being absolutely true (as they had during Christian times). This meant that various factions arose and people went their own way. Western society as we know it was built upon these shaky societal foundations, and is now on the verge of returning to the Age of Gods. Alt-right retards want a racially pure state, to go back to living in small, familial tribes. Many of them are Abrahamists who want to grovel and submit to an alpha ("God"). They are actively fighting to regress. This is why they are so dangerous; their lack of intellectual capacity threatens the very future of our world. Muslims are the opposite side of exactly the same coin. They don't want to advance - they want to bring the Age of Gods with them wherever they go. It's utterly shocking that alt-righters and Muslims hate each other so much. Both groups are nauseatingly bigoted, sexist, racist, homophobic, and practically retarded. Their worldviews are built upon exactly the same grounds, and their aims are identical. They both want the Age of Gods.


To break free of Vico's cyclical curse, we need to bring about a new age - the Age of Illumination. The Age of Reason. The Gnostic Age. The Age of the Divine. The Age of Synthesis. The Age of the Omega Point.

We are in desperate need of a Second (and final) Enlightenment.

What this means in practice is keeping all that is good from the Age of Man and upgrading it. Science must be done away with and replaced by Ontological Mathematics. Because science is based on fallible human senses and not eternal truths of reason, it is a relative system where no truths can exist, only interpretations (and in the world of interpretation, there is endless room for dispute and conflict). Lies are divisive and truth is cohesive. Reason is the great unifying force. It is the one thing that can bind people together absolutely. Something is either rational, or it isn't. If it is, and you yourself are rational, then you have no choice but to accept it. What this means is that rational people can't disagree on anything which is objectively true. Reason demands it. Nothing else has this kind of unifying power. Love certainly won't do it. Love is not unity. Love is hate. Love has nothing to do with anything. It is a feeling, and therefore relegated to the Age of Gods. Put feelings aside. You may well despise the person with whom you are having a conversation, but you may agree with them on everything regardless (if you are both rational).

The power of Illuminism is that it is the embodiment of reason. In other words, a society based on Illuminist, Meritocratic values, can do nothing other than create a united people who agree on everything that is truly important. In such a society, a strong, cohesive monoculture will arise. Illuminism is the shattering of Samsara, the great wheel. It is the final phase of human evolution before humanity ascends to Godhood.

Bring about the Age of Illumination. Free humanity from Vico's cycle.


There is nothing more important than culture. Everything revolves around it. Culture is the individual writ large. It is a person as a collective. For Vico, many aspects of the Enlightenment were alarm bells. He saw his Catholic culture disappearing (and the unity it brought), but nothing was coming along to replace it. Suddenly, everyone had their own ideas and couldn't be told they were wrong. In a Catholic society, merit and an intellectual hierarchy are respected. Since its inception (aside from the Reformation), the Catholic Church has never fragmented because of this mentality (which is why there has always been but one Catholic Church and not thousands sects of it, as in Protestantism). An average Catholic would never dream of debating the Pope or thinking that he could know better than him on matters of theology (as the Pope is vastly more educated on the subject than they are). This is a huge difference from Protestant nations, where everyone has their own version of Christianity (sola scriptura) and won't be told that they are wrong. Catholics collectively believe in one truth, but they are self-aware enough that they recognise others (such as priests, cardinals, and the Pope) know more about that truth than they do. They are willing to listen and recognise merit. Protestants do no such thing. This is why America, a Protestant nation, cannot agree on anything.

America, and the Protestant West in general, is failing. They have no united culture.


How your mentality is "wired" will affect your view towards the world. You are either "Catholic" (left-wing/positive liberty), or "Protestant" (right-wing/negative liberty). (Note that this has nothing to do with the religions themselves, but the mentality behind them.)

Western Europe is in a state of disorder. It is "Protestant." Muslims are flooding in, but no one can agree on how to deal with them. Some call for a complete ban on all migration. Some call for deportation. Some want controlled migration. Some want to let everyone in. Others want only migration from nations with high living standards. Some people refer to Muslims as refugees, others call them economic migrants, while others still call them invaders. Who is right? Well, no one really knows. No one can agree. Who has the final say? If you listen to any of these viewpoints, they each have a reason for thinking the way they do and can make compelling arguments. Which is the rational viewpoint? This is exactly the kind of confusion which tears a society apart. Everyone is lost in their own propaganda and won't listen to anyone else, even those who demonstrably know better.

The migrant problem really highlights two key issues, which are both interlinked: a lack of culture, and a lack of a strong state. It's the state which defines the culture, but since modern states have zero interest in their populations (aside from wanting to make work mules out of people), they breed the Last Man mentality within the populace. There is no united culture. In Ancient Sparta, a positive liberty city-state, everyone agreed that boys should leave home at a young age to train as warriors, and uphold the glory of Sparta. They were "Catholic." No one became "Protestant" and decided that this was wrong. As a united culture with a singular purpose, Sparta made its mark upon the world. What would have become of Sparta if it was infected by liberal Last Men, seeking petty comforts? Well, absolutely nothing! They would have been enslaved or wiped out of existence. We would have never heard of them.

In a Meritocratic state, people would collectively agree on what needs to be done, since they would be united by a singular, rational culture. Such a culture, founded on reason and humane principles, where everyone was afforded the best education (and taught how to be rational) would eliminate most issues. Everything would come down to reason. That which is rational is accepted. That which is irrational is rejected. Things would be analysed by qualified professionals, and qualified voters would vote them in. In such a society, The People would have true power, since they would be guided by reason. Reason, after all, is what makes us divine. Irrationality turns us into beasts.

Never forget: all good comes from knowledge, while all evil comes from ignorance.


Whatever else can be said of them, Muslims are not Last Men. They don't care about comforts and petty trivialities. They are collectively united by a singular culture, and want to see that culture spread.

In the Western world, no such unity exists. Though the West is the best (because it is the least ignorant), reason has begun to eat itself. No one knows what is true anymore, and no one really cares. The only concerns Westerners have is that they have enough bread and circuses to last them. Give this to a population, and they will never rebel - even when they are under siege. They will literally sit around in denial, hoping that things will just "blow over," all because they do not want to give up their comforts. They don't seem to realise that their comforts will be forcibly taken away from them in due course anyway. By refusing to fight, they are ensuring such an outcome. Westerners are giant infants. They are the Id crew. They have become soft, decadent Last Men who will surely be conquered by savage primitives (Hunters) if they don't turn themselves around. Muslims (Hunters) are committed to a cause higher than themselves. Can the same be said of the West? You must be having a fucking laugh. The average Westerner couldn't care less about anything outside their daily bubble. They have had it too good for too long. They have no idea what it's like to fight for freedom and hold onto precious values worth dying for. No one respects anything. People think of themselves as supreme individualist "freethinkers," but what they actually are are a bunch of apathetic, pathetic Last Men who just want to live comfortably. To get the average Westerner off his fat ass and onto the streets to campaign for something worthwhile is practically impossible. They don't want to risk their Last Man lifestyle. They are happy to ignore any and all issues (as long as those issues don't affect them directly). Just look at liberals. These sick fucks don't want to wipe out even sicker fucks (Muslims and the alt-right) from their midst. Instead, they want to live among them, while giving them no real say in what happens. What the fuck do they think is going to be the outcome of such an endeavour? They have no idea about Will to Power, the Hegelian dialectic, or Vico's cycles. Liberals are dumb fucks who have been allowed to control the social narrative (which the right-wing elite wholly support, since liberals are ineffectual clowns who will never make a mark on the world). Liberals are unwitting puppets of the elite. If they truly want to make a difference, they will join radical Illuminist Meritocrats and take up arms in righteous battle. Anyone who thinks that the upcoming conflict will be peaceful is either ignorant or completely retarded. This story may have a happy ending (as long as our forces of light prevail), but the journey to that ending will be anything but happy. Struggle and violence are certain. Just look around you - it has already begun.

Cracks are beginning to turn into chasms. The rats have begun pouring out of the sewers and don't appear to be heading back in anytime soon. Tensions are at an all-time high. Barely a day passes where some horrific atrocity hasn't made the front page news. Tolerance for others is at an all-time low. People are more suspicious and withdrawn than ever. No one seems to be able to agree on anything. Opposing factions are killing each other all over the world, and no one seems to be able to do anything about any of it. Politicians are mistrusted and often outright despised, even by those who elected them. No one takes them seriously anymore. They are talking heads who never keep their word on anything (even if they wanted to, they couldn't make a difference, since it is not politicians who are running the show). In times of crisis, all they seem to do is spout the same old platitudes to console the population. People no longer look to the powers-that-be for help. They have started taking matters into their own hands. Muslim subhumans are persisting with their wave of terror, killing innocent people in the name of their vile, Satanic "God." Alt-right retards have begun to adopt Islamic tactics by driving cars into crowds, showing just how much they admire those they claim to hate. Alternative media is on the rise while mainstream media is on the decline. The ruling elite are old, dried up husks who have no connection to the people they rule. They don't "get" them, and they don't want to. To them, the "Heroes," we are nothing more than simple peasants (the Hunted) who should work for them but have no say on any matters of importance. Simply put, things are getting worse and worse.

The outcome is not certain. The future of humanity hangs in the balance. Survival is not compulsory. If you want a better world, you must fight for it. Increasingly, the Ignavi are not tolerated, even by common society. Everyone must pick their side. Which side are you going to be on? Which cause is worth risking your neck for? The door is closing soon, and everyone must decide on where they will stand in the upcoming war.

The alt-right and the Muslims are gaining more momentum and getting more radical with each passing day, while liberals are getting more and more useless (and who would've thought that was possible?!). No one's listening to you hippie fuckers, and nor should they. All you cunts are doing is kicking the can down the road. Liberals are sitting ducks waiting to be picked off by those with more will and more drive. Liberals have no solutions, and no Big Idea. The Muslims do, and the alt-right do. No one in their right mind would join any of these moronic groups, so there is only one option for sane, courageous individuals…. The rational choice: Become an Illuminist Meritocrat. Become a radical left winger. Join us and fight for a better world.

Life in the Way


Art credit: "AT" 


If you have chosen our side, you are an Illuminist (in theory, anyway). Yet llluminism is not just a word - it's a life's pursuit. It's a philosophy, a goal, an outcome, a solution. It's the Truth. If you are an Illuminist, it means you are a rational, dedicated, intelligent, and passionate individual with a vision for a glorious future. You view yourself as a fate shaper, a world historic figure. You possess astounding ambition and are on a quest for perfection. If you aren't, then you aren't an Illuminist. Don't kid yourself. Our values are Total Revolution, and we will stop at nothing to get there. If you do not share this same drive, don't waste your time (and even worse - our time). Move on. We are sick and tired of the endless chatter, the unactualised plans, the dream without the action. There is never any follow through.

Sadly, more of the same appear to be drawn to our Revolution. Chatterati, discussionati, and the old wait-and-see-what-everyone-else-is-doing-then-applaud-like-a-seal-while-standing-on-the-sidelines gang.

What's your Big Idea? Do you have one? If not, why the fuck not? If you have read even a fraction of the Illuminati's works, you would have found endless means of inspiration and a plethora of things that need to be done. If you aren't doing anything, and have no plans on doing anything, then why the fuck would you associate yourself with an activist movement?

If you aren't a creator yourself, then help one. Join a project and put whatever talents you have to good use. If you don't have a specific skill, what's preventing you from attaining one? Too lazy? Too hard?

What don't you understand? If you are a member of our circles, you are the VANGUARD of the Age of Illuminism. You are part of a handful of people who will rise to change and shape the world anew, to regenerate it from the cancerous toxins killing it. You are a philosopher-warrior, a soldier of Mother Earth, an agent of the World Spirit itself. If you don't view yourself as such, you clearly have not understood a single thing that millions of words have been trying to teach you.


We hear endless excuses about people being "too busy," so it has prevented them from working on projects (yet, these same people never seem too busy for a chat!). Only a Last Man could say something like this. Last Men are always looking for excuses and never solutions. Too many false Illuminists (Chatterati) have come our way over the years, and we are sick and tired of them all. What, really, is the difference between the aforementioned apathetic Westerner and the Chatterati? The former is a fat, lazy slob (if not physically, then certainly mentally/spiritually) who is completely uninspired. The Chatterati are arguably even worse than these slugs, because they have found their way to the Truth (Illuminism), but are doing absolutely nothing about it.

Why has our Revolution gone nowhere? It's because the Illuminati's works are written for a humanity which does not yet exist. These works are written for the autonomous individual.


Our stagnation in the nether pits of the internet comes down to a question of autonomy. Most people in our Revolution would claim to be autonomous individuals, but such people are only lying to themselves.

To be autonomous is to be self-defining. It's about forging your own identity. Autonomy is having the ability to self-start, to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. It means being able to construct yourself anew, free of whatever identity has been enforced on you since birth. Sadly, most people are clearly unable to do this to any satisfactory degree, which leaves them in no man's land. They are, in fact, anomic individuals. They have found their way to something (the Holy Grail), but have no idea what to do with it. They are standing in awe of the treasure before them, but are too afraid to go near it for fear of the change it might bring about. They have failed to take the Great Leap into the unknown. They stand on the edge, but are too afraid to jump.

Such people think that simply discussing the Holy Grail with others is enough. It makes them feel like they have "made it out" of the brainwashing imposed on them by society. They are only kidding themselves. Everyone else sees right through the bullshit. They aren't fooling anyone.

Like the autonomous, anomic individuals stand outside of the other types (other/inner/tradition-directed) which brainwash a person. The big difference is that autonomous individuals have a plan, an identity, and have forged themselves anew. They have struggled, and they made it. Anomic individuals haven't. Many try, but it ultimately becomes too hard for them so they fail. They then turn into psychopaths, trolls, lingerers, or other degenerate losers of this ilk. They waste away their lives dreaming what could have been. They were loath to give up their comforts and lifestyles, making them no different to Last Men (except with the delusion that they weren't!).

Generally, the anomic will view the autonomous as militant, hardline, and unwavering. The autonomous, on the other hand, will view the anomic as pathetic, weak-willed, and a time waster. These two types cannot get along. Their values and worldview are totally different. At no point has our Revolution been composed of more than perhaps 5% autonomous (and that's being very generous), with the other 95% being anomics (identifying as autonomous) who never get things done and actually hold the autonomous back.

Autonomous individuals are keen and excited to work on projects. They will find a WAY because they have the WILL. They will look at their life, and cut out something unnecessary ("me-time," or whatever the fuck) to work on something necessary (a Meritocratic Revolution, for instance!). However, being surrounded by anomics (who think they are autonomous) will deflate the truly autonomous person in an instant. They will then jump ship and swim to shore to create their own visions since no one else will help them. Progress becomes very slow because each autonomous individual is working on things by themselves on their own island, rather than finding other truly autonomous individuals with which they can build a grand, unified project.

Anomics are those who never commit to anything. They are the "P's" (in Myers-Briggs terms). They spend all their time umming and ahhing, and never actually doing anything. The "J's" are autonomous, decisive, and have a plan of action they are happy to follow through with all the way, no matter what.

Imagine all the great achievements throughout history. Imagine all the great speeches heroes have made to others to inspire and uplift them. They then rose together as one and made an impact on the world. Spartacus, for instance, made many fine speeches to the slaves he liberated. They were behind him one hundred percent, which allowed the slaves to rise and nearly overwhelm the most powerful force the world had ever known at that point in time. These slaves were "J's." A crowd full of "P's" would say something like "yeah but not all Romans are bad" (!). The slave rebellion would never have taken place with such people.

Spartacus talking to people in our Revolution would be met with "You go, Sparty (can I call you that?)! You sound like a super keen, motivated, and talented individual. Wish I could join you, but you know, these university studies are really keeping me busy. Plus my dog is sick, so me and my partner take turns in watching over him so he doesn't die. The poor little guy had worms, you know, and is now spewing his guts out. It's been a really rough ride, but we are hoping for a quick recovery. Also, you wouldn't believe what has been happening at work. My manager told me that if things…."

Spartacus, if he didn't die of shock at what he'd just heard, would probably do the only rational thing at that point and kill himself. If these are his "friends," who the fuck needs enemies? He would be flabbergasted at hearing slaves making excuses to stay enslaved.


- Always "too busy" with life/work/university/family/whatever

- Always nitpicking at details

- Never follows through on something they said they would do

- Makes excuses for why something cannot be done, rather than seeking solutions

- Generally lingers around, "chatting productively"

- Is super excited when others do work, yet never produce any themselves


- Has a grand vision and is demonstrably working towards it

- Has a proven track record of acting instead of talking

- Is constantly pushing others to be autonomous (after all, autonomous people only respect others who are like them)

- Sees how something can be done rather than making excuses for why it can't

- Will not associate with anomics for long, as they are unbearable to the autonomous individual

- Endless ambition and the pursuit of perfection


Socrates said "Beware the barrenness of a busy life." Beware indeed! People love to keep themselves "busy," yet what have they got to show for it? Their "business" basically reduces to upkeeping the lifestyle they had before they became Illuminated (despite the fact that Illuminism is about changing everything). What is so fucking hard to get? Change. Progress. Evolve. Cut out all unnecessary aspects of your life. What, afraid of being a minimalist? Want to live in supreme comfort upkeeping the OWO, while paying lip service to a Meritocratic Revolution? Which side are you on?!

People who are "too busy" to work on projects are people who shouldn't be part of our Revolution. They should immediately be expelled. They will just drag others down. They are anomics pretending to be autonomous. On the one hand, they want a Revolution (or so they say), but on the other, they aren't doing anything towards achieving it. What are we to make of such people? Are they friends, or foes?

Marx was a highly educated man who could have made a great living as a lawyer, yet chose the thankless profession of philosopher instead. He lived and died in poverty because he didn't want to be part of the system he was dedicated to abolishing. He was true to himself and his ideals all the way. Can you say the same of yourself? If you are willing to give up NOTHING but desire EVERYTHING, you are a pathetic Last Man. Stop fucking around and thinking you are some great hero dedicated to the betterment of humanity. You aren't. Pick a side! Either be a part of the system (i.e., continue to be "busy" with university, pets, partners, friends, and family), or dedicate your life to abolishing it and implementing something better (Meritocracy).

You are either with us or against us. There is no middle ground. If you are "too busy," then fuck off and find something less demanding to dedicate your life to.


What does your vision of a New World look like? Write it out and reflect on it. Now, ask yourself how the fuck that vision would become a reality if everyone was "too busy" upkeeping the old system to bring about your new one. Only once you do this will you understand our position.

The OWO wants you to be as busy as possible so you don't have time to think or work on projects that will bring about their demise. If you are busy, you are their agent, not a herald of the NWO. You are playing their game. You have allowed yourself to be shackled and aren't ready to break free. You are terrified of making true, radical changes in your life that will enable you to fight for a better world. You can't imagine giving up all the "good stuff," to gamble it all on an uncertain outcome. You will live and die as a nobody yearning to be a somebody. There is no more tragic a fate.


Do you truly believe you are liberated simply because you possess knowledge? Don't kid yourself. You are not liberated because you live in a world which imposes its will upon you, and its will is irrational. That will is rooted in Abrahamism, Karmism, and free-market capitalism. These are all slave systems which must be overthrown. If you have a job that you can be fired from, if you rely on others for your sustenance, if you cannot make your own way in the world, and if you live in fear you might be hurt or killed for speaking out against others, what are you?


Only once you face this awful truth can you begin to change it. Sadly, most people think that they aren't slaves. They imagine they have broken free, but their lifestyle and attitude tells a completely different story. They talk the talk, but the walk is nowhere to be seen.


The future will not be built by the "busy," but by those with enough will to make a mark on the world. Organise your fucking time better! Illuminism and Meritocracy are the only things worth fighting for because they are the Truth. If you disagree, it's not because these systems are wrong - it's because you are. You are simply not rational enough to understand that this is the Omega Point of humanity.

If you agree that Illuminism and Meritocracy are the future, what are you doing about it? Sitting around being "busy," or getting out there and making a difference in the world? It's unfathomable how many people with a false consciousness have come our way over the years. They are liars who lie to others (and themselves). Cut the shit and get with the program!


Ancient Celts would often paint themselves with woad before they went to war. This represented a transition from their daily life to that of the warrior. Marking themselves meant that they were ready for battle. It meant they were ready to go all the way. There was no going back. They would either die, or they would conquer the enemy.

Where are our woad warriors? All we have are woe worriers!


The Age of Man will soon come to its end. We are on the verge of returning to the Age of Gods and all the horrors associated with it. Only we can stop it. Break free. Bring about Revolution. Herald the age of Illumination. Develop a firm stance on who and what you are. Look in the mirror. Who is looking back at you?

What would you do to bring about a New World Order? How far would you go?

Are you in, or are you out? The Second Enlightenment awaits. We need heroes now more than ever.

Non desistas non exieris!

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