Democracy is dead. It's time for meritocracy.

Predatory capitalism ("crapitalism") is dead. It's time for social capitalism. Predatory capitalism is designed for the rich, private elites. Social capitalism is designed to serve the people and deliver the profits of capitalism to the people and not to the psychopathic elites that currently rule the world.   

Mad as Hell: Why Everything is Getting Crazier (Political Series Book 1)

This is a short book about madness - the madness of the world. Every person, every city, every nation, every continent, and the planet Earth itself is steadily going insane. What are the causes? Can anything be done? Can the process be arrested and even reversed?

This book concentrates on the United Kingdom as one of the most deranged countries in this Mad World, but a host of other nations would serve just as well.

The major causes of insanity are: 1) religion, 2) nationalism, 3) corporations, 4) capitalism, 5) the family.

It's time to put the world on the psychiatrist's couch and listen to its tale of fear, alienation, angst, inauthenticity, disenchantment, over-expectation, constant disappointment and thwarted dreams.

Never has so much been promised to the ordinary man and woman and so little delivered.

The Meritocracy Party (The Political Series Book 2) by [Faust, Michael]

The Meritocracy Party (The Political Series Book 2)

The political system of the future is here. Meritocracy represents the end of the democratic hegemony. Join the Revolution. 

The Meritocracy Party campaigns to replace democracy with meritocracy. Democracy has become the single biggest obstacle to the rise of the most meritorious. In the USA, no matter your talents, you cannot become President unless you have access to vast wealth to fund your campaign. In Great Britain, social mobility - the opportunity to improve your social standing - has gone into steep reverse. If you are born into a poor family you are statistically almost certain to remain poor, regardless of your merits. If your parents are rich, you can start looking forward to a prosperous future, regardless of your merits.

The Meritocracy Party seeks to remove the link between parental wealth and children's outcomes in life, and to eradicate nepotism and cronyism, the dual drivers of privilege. The Meritocracy Party is "viral". You don't need to join anything, seek anyone's permission, go to any meetings, or pay any money. If you're broadly in tune with the meritocratic ethos, all you have to do is go out and spread the word.

The world can be changed: conversation by conversation amongst intelligent people.

The Case for Meritocracy (The Political Series Book 3) by [Faust, Michael]

The Case for Meritocracy (The Political Series Book 3)

The human race is ill. One story above all reveals the sickness at the core of the human psyche... the tale of the Tree of Knowledge. What does it say about the human race that knowledge is associated with the loss of paradise, with the forbidden, with the defiance of the rightful authority ("God"), with alliance with the serpent (the Devil), and with the advent of suffering, sin, and death? Why should we be surprised that Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism, described reason as "the Devil's whore"? Why was Socrates put to death by Athenian democracy? Why has no genius ever been a king, prime minister or president? Why are intellectuals held in contempt? Knowledge and reason have always been viewed by the human race as distasteful, suspect, unnatural, and certain to lead to trouble.

Of course, the smartest human beings have always taken the opposite view. It's ignorance, faith and irrationalism that are holding back humanity. The allegory of the Ship of Fools derives from Plato, one of the world's greatest geniuses, and describes the disaster that will befall a ship if the crew gets rid of the navigator..., i.e., if the fools, contemptuous of knowledge and expertise, put themselves in charge of steering the vessel.

Human history has been subject to three disastrous forces - three Horses of the Apocalypse, we might say: 1) the power of violence (war, military strength... everything that's sustained by brute force), 2) the power of stories (religion, monarchy... everything sustained by the beliefs people hold, by the Mythos they have chosen to explain their lives to themselves), and 3) the power of money (the universal currency for buying what you want, for getting people to do what you want because they crave the money you can give them).

Human societies have always been ruled by military elites, or Mythos elites (religious or royal), or rich elites. They have never been ruled by intellectual elites.

Humanity could be saved by knowledge, understanding, reason and logic, but these have always been despised by the average person. Plainly, none of these things plays any role in the lives of typical Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, or consumer capitalists. They play no part in prayer, meditation and going shopping. No one in the West says you can be "saved" by maximizing your intelligence; no, you must instead maximize your irrational faith. No one in the East says that the path to Enlightenment is the one concerned with the most rational ontology and epistemology; no, you must cross your legs, close your eyes, and literally try to escape from your own mind - the exact definition of a Mindless ideology (not Mindfulness)! No capitalist says that anything other than buying stuff can make you happy.

In comparison with the three Horses of the Apocalypse, intellectual attributes have never played a decisive role in human affairs. They have always served the Horses, and never controlled them. The intelligentsia have always been advisers, and never those occupying the throne, taking the decisions.

What would happen to the world if Logos people rather than Mythos people were in charge, if smart people rather than military people were in charge, if people of knowledge ruled rather than people of wealth? The world would be transformed. Humanity would undergo a wondrous metamorphosis.

A political system exists that can deliver this New World Order... a world where intelligence becomes the most valued resource. It's called Meritocracy.

Crapitalism (The Political Series Book 4) by [Faust, Michael]

Crapitalism (The Political Series Book 4)

Even more than an economic system, capitalism is a psychological instrument for manipulating and exploiting gullible, credulous, suggestible human beings. It's about "pressing your buttons", about working out what makes you tick in order to sell you more stuff. It's about operant conditioning to control your behaviour. Where religion wants to control you by making you fear God, capitalism wants to control you by making you desire to be treated like a God... while you have the money to buy things.

Capitalism's task isn't to make you a perfect person, but merely a perfect consumer. Capitalism is purely about enriching those with capital. It's about the Profit Principle. Not only is it strictly amoral, it turns out to be an ideal vehicle for empowering psychopaths, and pandering to the sociopathic and narcissistic traits of profoundly unsavoury people. The global epidemic of trolling by deeply disturbed individuals is a symptom of the way that capitalism tells egotists that the world is all about them, and they are entitled to trash anything they don't like. Capitalism thus degenerates into crapitalism.

Capitalism is summoning all manner of sinister forces from humanity. Capitalism is a psychological experiment conducted economically. Those conducting the experiment are the super rich elite, committed to dynastic rule of the world via "free-market" globalism. The experiment's inevitable output is crazier and crazier people, more and more desperate people, and people ever further from realizing their dreams.

John Maynard Keynes said, "Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the benefit of all." That's capitalism in a nutshell. You need to be mad to believe that capitalism will have a good outcome for the human race.

Contra Mundum: Against the World

Contra Mundum by [Weishaupt, Adam]

Contra Mundum

"I'm plotting revolution against this lie that the majority has a monopoly of the truth. What are these truths that always bring the majority rallying round? Truths so elderly they are practically senile. And when a truth is as old as that, gentlemen, you can hardly tell it from a lie." - Dr Stockmann (in Henrik Ibsen's play "An Enemy of the People")

Contra Mundum is a handbook for all those who think there is something fundamentally wrong with the world. The ancient Gnostics claimed that the world was actually created and ruled by the Devil (the Demiurge), hence why everything is so hideous, unfair and horrific.

Modern Gnostics (Illuminists) assert that the problem with the world is that it's ruled by the forces of unreason rather than reason, by Mythos rather than Logos, by silly story-based religions rather than mathematics, philosophy and science.

People are in thrall to their feelings, senses and mystical intuitions, and regard reason and logic as "unreal", "abstract", and boring. Everywhere, rationalism is under assault. Empiricism and relativism are all-conquering.

Science is useless without mathematics (rationalism), yet proclaims itself the quintessence of empiricism. It claims to be in the business of explaining the universe, but cannot explain what mathematics is ontologically, and why an empirical subject is worthless without the quintessential rationalist subject (mathematics).

Science is all about experiments, but would achieve nothing without mathematics, which doesn't use experiments at all. Not a single scientist in history has addressed this fundamental contradiction. Remove math from science and you go back to Aristotelianism, alchemy and divination. Why is it mathematical non-empiricism that uniquely elevates an empirical subject such as science into something useful?

This book also addresses the new irrationalist religions that have appeared of late ... such as Discordianism, the gospel of relativism and subjectivism, much-favoured by internet trolls seeking to sow discord wherever they go.

The world is in a mess, but it can certainly be fixed ... via reason. Reason, however, is that against which the world has turned its face. Reason is contra mundum, and so are all rational and logical people. They are having to endure a madhouse where reason and logic are despised.

Humanity refuses to be cured. It loves madness too much. No sane person would be anything other than contra mundum.

The Triune Brain, Hypnosis and the Evolution of Consciousness by [Weishaupt, Adam]

The Triune Brain, Hypnosis and the Evolution of Consciousness

The only person who has produced a cogent understanding of the extraordinary phenomenon of hypnosis is Julian Jaynes, one of the most important figures of the twentieth century, yet tragically overlooked.

Jaynes linked hypnosis to the bicameral (two-hemisphered) structure of the brain, and inferred that consciousness arose from a prior "master-slave" mode of functioning that he called the "bicameral mind".

Language is intrinsic to consciousness, and the first arena where language appeared was perhaps not between human beings but between the two hemispheres of the brain. It is more or less the case that the human unconscious is located in the predominantly silent right hemisphere of the brain while consciousness resides in the left brain where language and logic capabilities are located.

According to Jaynes, the hemispheres of the human brain have switched sides in terms of their relative dominance. In the past, the right hemisphere dominated the left and the human mind was bicameral rather than conscious. The unconscious right brain gave orders to the equally unconscious left brain. The right brain used auditory and visual hallucinations - of the type that are now familiar to us as dreams - to communicate with the left. Except the left brain did not regard them as dreams but as reality. After all, how would it know any better? It had no non-dream world of consciousness with which to compare and contrast.

All of humanity once existed in a permanent dream-state in a dream-world populated by spirits, monsters and gods!

The architecture of consciousness is the opposite of the architecture of bicameralism. The former hasn't replaced the latter. It simply sits on top of it, and in certain circumstances the old architecture can reassert itself. This is what happens with hypnosis.

All of human behavior may be understood in terms of the ongoing conflict between these two architectures. Although most people seem conscious, they are often in a thinly-disguised bicameral mode that reflects the master-slave paradigm.

Consciousness evolved in line with increasingly sophisticated language and logic skills. The corollary is that the smartest people in society - those with the best language and logic skills - are radically more conscious than stupid people. Those people who subscribe to ancient bicameral religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam remain locked in an earlier mode of mental evolution. Too put it bluntly, they are retarded.

The human race will not fulfill its potential until it sweeps aside bicameralism. It's time for humanity to become truly conscious. And then we will realize the profoundest truth of all - that we need no Gods because we ourselves can become God.

This book also explores Paul MacLean's theory of the "triune brain", and David Riesman's famous categories of the other-directed, inner-directed, tradition-directed and autonomous. Discover why Western intervention in Islamic nations is always sure to end in failure.

Do not read this book if you are an Abrahamist. This book is only for rational, intelligent, open-minded people.

This book is one of a series by the Pythagorean Illuminati, the oldest secret society in the world. The religion of the Illuminati is called Illumination and belongs to the Gnostic tradition of enlightenment. It is opposed to religions of faith.

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