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Aren't you sick of stupid questions? Never argue with stupid.

Trying to explain ontological mathematics to all but the cognitive elite is like trying to converse with a goldfish.

How is it that Plato remains more intelligent than close to 100% of today's human race even though he's been dead for getting on for 2,500 years and enjoyed none of the benefits of the knowledge accrued by the whole of humanity since then? What does that say about humanity, and the state of human knowledge? Are we evolving or devolving?



All of humanity's energy went into entertainment, sport, religious faith, religious mysticism, status symbols. Intelligence was the last thing on humanity's mind, and remains the last thing - which is why mathematics, the acme of intelligence, is hated so much.

Why can't 99% of the human race discover the answer to existence? It's because this task requires intelligence, not faith, prayers, hymns, meditation, mindfulness, observation, or all the other activities the confederacy of dunces distracts itself with to avoid engaging its intelligence. No gospel is more nauseating to the masses than that intelligence should be required to understand reality. ABI: Anything But Intelligence.


Get Me Out of Here



He's Back

You've longed for his return. Where has he been? He's back with a bang. In ten new books, Jack Tanner explains everything you've always been desperate to know.

Whatever you think math is, it isn't that. Math is the God language in which everything is written.

Zarathustra will teach you everything you want to know about lucid dreaming, OBEs, NDEs and brain waves.

Will DMT change everything?

How can you be your Best Self?

Are you brave enough to travel to the ineffable Source of dreams?

Discover why Ken Wilber is a charlatan preaching endarkenment. Is scientific "emergentism" a reflection of intellectual bankruptcy?

Have you found the meaning of life yet? How do you know you're on the right track?

Well, which is true: resurrection, reincarnation, or annihilation?

Do you have a second mind more powerful than your consciousness?

What happens to your daytime consciousness in dreams?


The Dimitri Revolution: How DMT Changed Humanity

Dimitri is coming. Who is Dimitri? He's DMT. Dimitri is going to change everything. Do you want to meet Dimitri? You already have. He's in your brain right now. What is he doing to you? Don't you want to know?

There's no revolutionary like Dimitri. He will shift your reality. He will take you to other worlds. He will introduce you to aliens. Yes, real aliens. Let's see them aliens. If you want to see them up close and personal, you need even more of Dimitri.

Dimitri never short changes you. Dimitri is more real than real. He's better than any prophet. Dimitri delivers highs you can't even imagine. Dimitri doesn't deliver perceptual hallucinations, but conceptual hallucinations. That's a whole different ball game.

Forget Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Dimitri is a much more interesting guest. Have you set the table?

Here he comes now. Everything's about to change.


Zarathustra's Out-of-Body Experience: How Humans Become Angels

Come and follow Zarathustra's incredible journey through lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, and near-death experiences.

Come and discover how everything in human reality is about brain waves.

What brain waves do angels have? Do angels even have brains? Or are they pure minds, pure intellects that always engage in out-of-body experiences?

Don't you want to undergo a metamorphosis into a higher being, an angel? Then come inside and find out how.

The Second Mind: Accessing Your Divine Powers

Here's the curious thing about reality. Your godlike mind is not the one in charge. It's your feeble human mind, with its feeble consciousness and feeble capacity to do anything, that's running the show.

Why is reality configured this way? You won't believe the answer. It will transform your life.

Your own spacetime consciousness is what is getting in your way.

Are you ready for the truth? Are you ready to meet your inner god? Are you ready for transcendental super consciousness?

The Source of Dreams: When Human Imagination Died

What is the Source of Dreams? Where is it? In ancient times, humanity had the most enchanting ideas about dreams. That enchantment is gone. The human imagination is dying. It's time to revive it. Come with us to the magic lands where you can once again revel in the sheer power of imagination and creativity.

Dream Consciousness: What Happens to Consciousness During Sleep?

You come to a fork in the road. On the right is the path to the world created by all minds. This is the objective world, the public world. On the left is the path to the world created by your own mind, your own unconscious. This is your dream world, your private world.

Your dream world changes every time you go sleep. There is no continuity of space and time. The objective world, by contrast, stays the same every time you wake up. There is complete continuity of space and time. That's the difference between an objective, public experience and a subjective, private experience.

Your consciousness is designed for facing the public world. It becomes drastically disoriented when it faces the private world. Yet it also has the chance to do something astounding - to enter and probe your own mind and discover all of its greatest and deepest secrets.

How else will you know yourself if you don't know your own mind? Only dreams can take you there. It's time to delve into the mysteries and extraordinary powers of dreams.

Endarkenment: New Age Fake Enlightenment

"Enlightenment" is a scam. You know it is. Meditation is useless. You know it is. Mindfulness is actually Mindlessness. You know it is. Here's the message that you definitely don't want to hear. Reason and logic explain reality. The Principle of Sufficient Reason and Occam's Razor are the instruments necessary to understand reality, not meditation, not mindfulness, not yoga, not perception, not empiricism.

If you are opposed to the Principle of Sufficient Reason, you are thereby a defender of irrationalism. Irrational answers are not answers. Unreason is endarkenment. Reason is the enlightenment, the TRUE enlightenment. The light of reason shows you the way to the Absolute Answer.

Fixed and Mobile Souls: Resurrection Versus Reincarnation

Which is right? Resurrection or Reincarnation? Religion and spirituality entirely depend on which one is real. If reincarnation is true, all religions based on resurrection are false, and vice versa.

Resurrection and reincarnation have drastically different ontologies and epistemologies. The ultimate answer to existence is dependent on whether souls reincarnate or experience resurrection.

Don't you want the knowledge that will dictate the fate of your soul? Then come and get it. The first stop is the incredible world of ancient Egyptian religion.

The Best You: The Politics of Self-Optimization

Do you know what negative liberty is? It's when the powers-that-be say, "Solve your own problems. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Don't expect us to help you. Make your own way in life. Succeed in a system that was never designed for YOU to succeed, but for those that run the system. US. The In Crowd. The Inner Circle. Our success is guaranteed. It's baked in. Why would we care about you? You're not one of us. You're not part of our family. You're not one of our friends or cronies. There are only a few good jobs in the world, and we've reserved them all. That's the entire point of the system. Sheez, haven't you worked that out yet? Dumb asses."

Wouldn't you rather live in a positive liberty system where the whole point of the State is to ensure you get everything you need to make the most of yourself, to maximize your potential, to be the best you?

What is the best world? It's the world where every person is the best version of themselves. But that's no good to the super rich elite. Their definition of the best world is the one we live in right now where a few people have as much wealth as half of the planet!

If you want an equal chance in life, you had better get rid of those who want unequal chances. The whole point of elitism is to create a system of inheritance, privilege, nepotism and cronyism where the same elite families and networks run everything, generation after generation. You're not in their gang, so you will never be part of the top set.

Have you still not worked out how the world works? Wow, you're slow.


Do the Math: Why Math Is Nothing Like How You Imagine

Whatever you imagine mathematics to be, you can be sure that's not what it is. Many scientists believe that non-analytic energy "strings" are the foundations of reality. In fact, strings are science's 1-dimensional version of 0-dimensional mathematical sinusoids, the true analytic basis of energy.

We live in a mathematical universe, not a scientific universe. Science is a manmade approximation to ontological mathematics.

Science works solely because it uses mathematics. If it didn't use mathematics, it would be useless, exactly as it was before it embraced mathematics, when it was alchemy.

Nobel laureate Eugene Wigner famously wrote an article called "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences" in which he described the uncanny ability of mathematics not only to describe, but to predict, phenomena in the physical world. Of course, there is nothing unreasonable and uncanny going on if reality is in fact mathematical, which, by Occam's razor and the Principle of Sufficient Reason, is the only possible explanation of why mathematics is relevant to reality.

The truly unreasonable issue is why scientists, who use mathematics all the time, refuse to accept the ontology of mathematics. They have an uncanny ability to ignore the rational truth in order to serve their manmade agenda of empiricism and materialism.

The ultimate intellectual revolution, the final paradigm shift is coming - from messy science, with no conceivable supreme answer, to beautiful mathematics, with a guaranteed, definitive answer.

Only mathematics can furnish a grand unified, final theory of everything. It already has. Ontological mathematics is the one and only answer to existence.

It's time to do the math. The answer is in the math. It always has been. The problem is that humanity got distracted by religion, philosophy and science, the three impostors to ontological mathematical truth.


The Meaning of Life: Where Is Your Life Taking You?

Do you know your direction in life? Does the universe have a direction? Are you getting pulled along by it, regardless of your own personal choices? Are you making your own way? Are things going as you hoped?

The meaning of existence is much more multi-dimensional than you might imagine. It's about all minds operating in concert. It's not about "I", it's about "We". It's not the You-niverse, it's the We-niverse.

The biggest realization you must come to is that we are all in it together. We are indissolubly linked together. All of our fates are connected. No man is an island.

The most difficult task people have is escaping from their own selfishness and narcissism. They try to create meaning based on "me, me, me" when the universe is shouting loud and clear that it's all about "we, we, we."

Can you overcome the most difficult obstacle of all - yourself?!


Jack's Word of the Day

Recidivism: a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior especially; relapse into criminal behavior.



The God Language


Plato and Aristotle made a mistake. They talked about form (order) and matter (formlessness; chaos).

They thus created an impossible Cartesian substance dualism. It's impossible for order and chaos (absence of order) to coexist. They have no basis of interaction. They have nothing in common.

What Plato and Aristotle should have talked about is quantity and quality. Quantity is the rational, intelligible, explicable, noumenal, syntactic aspect of reality. Quality is the empirical, sensible, subjective, phenomenal, semantic aspect that accompanies quantity as its experiential flipside. Quantity and quality are not two separate things. They are always paired. Every quantity comes with a particular quality. Just as you can add and subtract quantities, you can add and subtract qualities.

Our senses are attuned to quality (the empirical). If they were instead attuned to quantity (the rational), everything would be different.

Imagine you saw reality as nothing but code, as in The Matrix:


The actual code reality is written in is the mathematical code of sinusoidal waves. All you would ever see on the background screens of reality are sine and cosine waves combining into wavefunctions, or wavefunctions breaking down into sines and cosines. That's all that's going on. By virtue of the principle of sufficient reason, Occam's razor and ontological Fourier mathematics, that's all you need to explain EVERYTHING. 

Leibniz said, "In whatever manner God [Mathematics] created the world, it would always have been regular and in a certain general order. God [Mathematics], however, has chosen the most perfect, that is to say, the one which is at the same time the simplest in hypothesis and the richest in phenomena."

No reality can be both simpler and richer in phenomena than one based entirely on sinusoidal waves. The trouble is, you need to be hyper intelligent to grasp this fact, and, as we said, intelligence is not humanity's strong suit.











The Drug

It's almost Christmas. Have you take your Jesus drug yet?

The Jesus Drug: The Miracle Pill by Adam Jefferson

A drug that stops war.

A drug that ends cruelty.

A drug that eliminates crime.

A drug that makes everyone equal.

A drug that makes real the Golden Rule: Do as you would be done by.

It's the miracle the world has always wanted - the cure for evil. So why are a New York doctor and young reporter hellbent on destroying the Jesus Drug?

A charismatic preacher who leads a religious cult called Golden Angelica is giving away a pill with an astonishing effect. He calls the miracle pill the Jesus Drug. He says that anyone who takes the pill cannot sin. It makes them behave as Jesus Christ would want them to. Sinners who take it never sin again.

A Senator, a veteran New York police chief, a radical community leader, and an Oscar-winning film starlet are all backing these extraordinary claims. Thousands of new converts believe heaven on earth is imminent. A new Eden really can be created, they say. Humanity can be what it was always intended to be.

Network News has asked star reporter, 23-year old Lisa Garrison, to investigate. Garrison is already working on another story. In a six-week period, twenty-four young millionaires have killed themselves after clubbing in "The Lazar House", a glamorous new nightspot in Manhattan with a fatal secret. Before they died, the rich kids raved about something called ConX. No one knows what it is. A drug? A new angle on sex? A collective spiritual experience? None of the club's regulars is talking. Silence is total and unbreakable.

Is ConX too much of a good thing? Is that what's killing the privileged elite? Garrison has never worked on a story as big as this. It doesn't make any sense. Or maybe it makes too much sense. The rich live differently and now they are dying differently.

As Garrison pursues the sensational story, she encounters Dr Josh Kramer of the Trope Biopsychology Institute in Manhattan. He's working on the same cases, from the medical angle.

As the two swap notes, they find a connection between the two cases and a link that points to the most unexpected place: Nazi Germany.

Kramer is struggling to find a cure for an illness that affects just one group of people - Jewish survivors of a Nazi death camp. His own father is one of the victims. He's certain there's a link between the preacher's pill and his father's condition. When he claims the pill was first manufactured in Block 10, the sinister medical facility of Auschwitz, his colleagues think he's gone mad.

If he's right, Hitler is taking an ingenious revenge from the grave. If he's wrong, he's denying the world its best ever chance.

Now everyone is demanding the answer. Is the Jesus Drug a gift from heaven … or from hell?




Which of our books is most hated by the masses? Curiously enough, it's Sex With Angels: The Watchers and the Watched by Jack Tanner. It truly infuriates hoi polloi. It has thus become one of our all-time favorite books!

Nietzsche wrote, "Whatever a theologian regards as true must be false: there you have almost a criterion of truth." Similarly, whatever the masses hate, is a criterion of highest quality!

 The Fall


The Power Gospel

"What is good? - All that heightens the feelings of power, the will to power, power itself in man. What is bad? - All that proceeds from weakness. What is happiness? - The feeling that power increases - that a resistance is overcome." - Friedrich Nietzsche

What is the greatest of all expressions of power? It is working out the Truth of existence since this is the problem that offers the greatest possible resistance. We defy anyone on earth to refute Ontological Mathematics. Your feelings won't cut it. Your mystical intuitions won't cut it. Your perceptions won't cut it. Your faith won't cut it. Randomness won't cut it. Magic and miracles won't cut it. Love and light won't cut it. Nondual consciousness won't cut it.

Every snake oil salesman is exposed when asked a simple question: What is IT made of? ... What is God made of? What is love made of? What is nondual consciousness made of? What is matter made of?

Ontological mathematics tells you exactly what everything is made of.

Join our Adventure. Join the Truth Seekers. Join those that Know, not those that believe.