“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.” – Oscar Wilde




The Totally Rich


"They are the totally rich. You've never heard of them because they are the only people in the world rich enough to buy what they want: a completely private life. They do not have neighbours, and if they require a murder they do not use so clumsy a means as an axe. And if by some other million-to-one chance the searchlight does tend towards them, they buy it and instruct the man behind it to switch it off. How many of them there are I don't know. I have tried to estimate the total by adding together the gross national product of every country and dividing by the amount necessary to buy a government of a major industrial power. It goes without saying that you cannot maintain privacy unless you can buy any two governments. I think there may be one hundred of these people. They are not on maps. Literally, where they choose to live becomes a blank spot in the atlases. They are not in census lists, Who's Who, or Burke's Peerage. They do not figure in tax collectors' files, and the post office has no record of the addresses. Think of all the places where your name appears - the yellowing school registers, the hospital case records, the duplicate receipt form in the store, the signature on letters. In no single such place is there one of their names." - John Brunner, The Totally Rich

The Totally Rich is a brilliant short story. It's fiction, but might as well be fact. We live in a world that is all about serving every need and whim of the super rich, and leaving the People to rot.


The most important concept in modern politics and economics is "rebooting". To understand what this means, consider the richest football league in the world ... the English Premier League. Out of twenty teams, there are only two or three that can realistically win the contest, all owned by foreign billionaires. All the other teams are also rans, mostly languishing in mid-table mediocrity, or in the relegation zone, desperately fighting for survival.

Football works like this. At the start of the season, every team begins from the same starting point, i.e. with zero points. As the season progresses, each team keeps the points it has accumulated, and at the end of the season the team that has accumulated the most points wins the league and is awarded the trophy. At first sight, it all looks quite meritocratic: equal opportunities and unequal outcomes. All teams begin with an apparent equal opportunity to win, and they will succeed if they are meritorious enough. Of course, the stark reality is that the "big" teams turn up each year with enormous inherited wealth from all the previous years of success, and it would take a miracle for any of the little teams - with none of the privileged existence of the stellar teams - to compete effectively. Now the football league starts to resemble the actual world we live in. From the get go, most of us start with no chance at all. We can't compete. We don't have the resources. We are outgunned every time by the rich, powerful and privileged, with all of their inherited wealth and influence, their ability to rig the game to suit their own agenda, and to harm ours.


As we said, each year the league is rebooted ... every team starts again from the same starting line (zero points) ... yet this is no genuine rebooting. Some teams begin with enormous and overwhelming inherited wealth, privilege and power. Life itself is even worse, even more rigged. There is no rebooting at all in our world. Inherited wealth and power - the basis of the rule of the dynastic families (the Old World Order) - is completely unchecked and unchallenged. and even encouraged, celebrated and aspired to.


Like the football league, we need a regular rebooting to restore everyone to the same starting line, but, if we are genuinely interested in equal opportunities and fair and just competition, we also need to reboot the wealth, power and privilege of all the competitors.


In other words, anyone who is authentically interested in competition and meritocracy must support 100% inheritance tax. Imagine a football league where all of the teams have the same resources at the start of the season. We will have a proper competition and a proper, meritorious outcome. Anything else is a farce. All systems, and all markets, are rigged. We can't break out from unfairness and injustice until we smash to smithereens all means of rigging the game of life. You can either go on insanely trying to succeed in a game where the winners were decided before you were even born ... or you can stand up for yourself and do something about it. It's entirely your choice. If you oppose 100% inheritance then you have made your choice ... you are a supporter of the privileged elites that run the world. You want the 1% to continue to apply their boot to the neck of the 99%. That makes you guilty of High Treason against the People. You are an enemy of the People, and when the Revolution comes, you know what fate must befall you.


While the elite can look forward to winning all of the glittering prizes life has to offer, everyone else is in the relegation zone, desperately trying to keep themselves from drowning. It's insane that we carry on in this way. There is no greater issue facing the human race than that the 99% should dictate to the 1%, and not the other way around. The French Revolution showed what must be done. We need a Second Enlightenment, preceded by a Second Revolution where the natural order - of fair competition and everyone having a proper chance - is restored. Join our Movement, or declare your support for the Ancien Régime.



Everything and Nothing


They get everything and you get nothing. How long will you tolerate it?





The Life Lottery


With the start of every football season, the fans of the little teams can dream of winning the league, even though grim reality soon sets in. Resetting the league to zero at least gives them hope. Hope, after all, springs eternal. But now imagine a league which is NEVER reset. The gulf between the rich and poor teams would grow ever wider, so vast eventually that they could no longer even see each other. They would be living almost parallel existences, except when they have to play each other, regarding which the outcome is always certain. That's the world we're living in ... the world of privilege and inheritance, entirely free of social, political and economic rebooting. The number one item on the agenda of the elite is to ensure that rebooting is impossible. They lobby continuously on behalf of zero inheritance tax. They brand anyone who mentions 100% inheritance tax a socialist or communist, and, in America, that's like calling someone a Muslim terrorist.


Poor people dream of winning the lottery to change their lives. Heirs and heiresses don't. They have already won the lottery of life.


Any sane, rational society must abolish the lottery. Everyone must be given the chance they deserve. Your fate, and that of your children, is entirely dependent on the introduction of a rebooting mechanism for the world.



“One does not make revolutions by halves.” – Saint-Just


“The Revolution has grown cold; all its principles are weakened; there remains only red caps worn by intriguers.” – Saint-Just


Dare! – this word contains all the politics of our revolution.” – Saint-Just


“Thermidor was the eleventh month in the French Republican Calendar. The month was named after the French word thermal which comes from the Greek word ‘thermos’ which means heat. ... Because of the Thermidorian reaction – 9 Thermidor Year II – the overthrow of revolutionary radical Maximilien Robespierre and his followers in that month, the word ‘Thermidor’ has come to mean a retreat from more radical goals and strategies during a revolution, especially when caused by a replacement of leading personalities. ... The Thermidorian Reaction was a coup d'état within the French Revolution against the leaders of the Jacobin Club who had dominated the Committee of Public Safety. It was triggered by a vote of the National Convention to execute Maximilien Robespierre, Louis Antoine de Saint-Just, and several other leading members of the revolutionary government. This ended the most radical phase of the French Revolution.” - Wikipedia


Robespierre (36) and Saint-Just (26) were overthrown on 27 July, 1994, and executed the following day. With their deaths, the French Revolution effectively ended. Soon after came the rise of Napoleon, who made himself an emperor, and appointed members of his family as kings.


“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” – Maximilien Robespierre


“To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is cruelty.” – Maximilien Robespierre


“The king must die so that the country can live.” – Maximilien Robespierre


“Pity is treason.” – Maximilien Robespierre


“Crime butchers innocence to secure a throne, and innocence struggles with all its might against the attempts of crime.” – Maximilien Robespierre


“The general will rules in society as the private will governs each separate individual.” – Maximilien Robespierre




Thesis: Communism = Equal Opportunities; Equal Outcomes.


Communism is a rigged system of forced equality, run by a sinister totalitarian party.


Antithesis: Capitalism = Unequal Opportunities; Unequal Outcomes.


Capitalism is a rigged system of privilege for the few, and hard grind for the rest (alleviated by bread and circuses), run by a sinister, predatory, capitalist, super-rich elite, hiding behind a fake democracy. The people have no power in capitalism; only those with capital have power.


Synthesis: Meritocracy = Equal Opportunities; Unequal Outcomes.


Meritocracy is a free system. There’s no privileged elite, and no totalitarian party. In a fully established meritocracy, there will be no political parties at all. They will be redundant, just as they are in Star Trek.


The Superfluous Ones


“Many too many are born: for the superfluous ones was the state devised! ...


“Behold the superfluous ones! They steal the works of the creators and the treasures of the wise. Culture, they call their theft – and everything becometh sickness and trouble to them!


Behold the superfluous ones! They are always sick; they vomit their bile and call it a newspaper. They devour one another, and cannot even digest themselves.


“Behold the superfluous ones! They acquire wealth and become poorer for it. They seek power, and the lever of power, much money – these impotent ones!


“See them clamber, these nimble apes! They clamber over one another, and thus pull each other into the mud and the abyss.


“They all strive for the throne: this is their madness – as if happiness sat on the throne! Often filth sits on the throne – and often also the throne on filth.


“Madmen they all seem to me, and clambering apes, and too eager. Foul smells their idol to me, the cold monster: foul they all smell to me, these idolaters.


“My brothers, will you suffocate in the fumes of their maws and appetites! Better to break the windows and jump into the open air!


“Escape from their foul stench! Escape from the idolatry of the superfluous!


“Escape from their foul stench! Escape from the steam of these human sacrifices!


“The earth is yet free for great souls. There are still many empty sites for the lonesome and the twosome, surrounded by the fragrance of tranquil seas.


“A free life is yet possible for great souls. He who possesses little is that much less possessed: blessed be a little poverty!


“...look there, my brothers! Do you not see it, the rainbow and the bridges of the Superman?


“Thus spake Zarathustra.” – Nietzsche




“I teach you the Superman! Mankind is something to be overcome. What have you done to overcome mankind?” – Nietzsche


Where is your bridge to heaven? If you cannot construct it, follow those that can. The rainbow bridge is a mathematical bridge of pure light, and none but the Gods can reach the other side.


Do you know how to walk on a light beam? No? ... then find those that do and learn from them. Don’t proclaim that one “answer” is as good as any other.






Incommensurate Minds


Given Occam's Razor, the search for the most economic explanation, what's the simpler explanation – that “God” created the universe, or that it jumped out of nothing for no reason? Is either of these even an explanation at all, or simply an ideological claim? How can you compare and contrast two such radically different “explanations”? They don’t share the same language. As Thomas Kuhn points out, they are incommensurate.


Wikipedia says, “According to Kuhn, the scientific paradigms preceding and succeeding a paradigm shift are so different that their theories are incommensurable – the new paradigm cannot be proven or disproven by the rules of the old paradigm, and vice versa. (A later interpretation by Kuhn of ‘commensurable’ versus ‘incommensurable’ was as a distinction between languages, namely, that statements in commensurable languages were translatable fully from one to the other, while in incommensurable languages, strict translation is not possible.) The paradigm shift does not merely involve the revision or transformation of an individual theory, it changes the way terminology is defined, how the scientists in that field view their subject, and, perhaps most significantly, what questions are regarded as valid, and what rules are used to determine the truth of a particular theory. The new theories were not, as the scientists had previously thought, just extensions of old theories, but were instead completely new world views. Such incommensurability exists not just before and after a paradigm shift, but in the periods in between conflicting paradigms. It is simply not possible, according to Kuhn, to construct an impartial language that can be used to perform a neutral comparison between conflicting paradigms, because the very terms used are integral to the respective paradigms, and therefore have different connotations in each paradigm. The advocates of mutually exclusive paradigms are in a difficult position: ‘Though each may hope to convert the other to his way of seeing science and its problems, neither may hope to prove his case. The competition between paradigms is not the sort of battle that can be resolved by proofs.’ (SSR, p. 148). Scientists subscribing to different paradigms end up talking past one another.


“Kuhn (SSR, section XII) states that the probabilistic tools used by verificationists are inherently inadequate for the task of deciding between conflicting theories, since they belong to the very paradigms they seek to compare. Similarly, observations that are intended to falsify a statement will fall under one of the paradigms they are supposed to help compare, and will therefore also be inadequate for the task. According to Kuhn, the concept of falsifiability is unhelpful for understanding why and how science has developed as it has. In the practice of science, scientists will only consider the possibility that a theory has been falsified if an alternative theory is available that they judge credible. If there is not, scientists will continue to adhere to the established conceptual framework. If a paradigm shift has occurred, the textbooks will be rewritten to state that the previous theory has been falsified.”


It’s a crucial point that scientists refuse to deem a theory falsified unless they have migrated to a new theory via a paradigm shift. This means that the falsification principle is absurd since science does not use it when falsification has actually occurred, but only when a successful new paradigm has been established. That’s like someone waiting to find a new religion before they abandon their previous religion. You ought to abandon it as soon as you know it’s false.


You cannot compare incommensurate theories. You can compare only theories that belong to the same order. Scientific, religious, spiritual, philosophical and mathematical explanations are all incommensurate. Theories based on words, emotions and faith (Mythos explanations) cannot be compared with theories based on numbers and reason (Logos explanations). Scientific theories based on the senses cannot be compared with theories based on reason and logic.




Theories based on words are incommensurate with theories based on numbers. Theories based on words or numbers are incommensurate with theories based on sensations. Mythos and Logos theories are incommensurate. Empiricist theories are incommensurate with rationalist theories. Physical theories are incommensurate with metaphysical theories. Faith theories are incommensurate with theories based on reason. Emotional theories are incommensurate with thinking theories. Sensory theories are incommensurate with intuitive theories. Mystical theories are incommensurate with rational theories. Sensory theories are incommensurate with non-sensory theories. Why are hidden variables repudiated by science? – because they are incommensurate with scientific experimentalism.


Human beings are always talking at cross purposes. They argue over theories that are wholly incommensurate. The real issue is this ... what kind of theory has the right qualities and properties to provide a definitive answer to existence?


All wrong theories are incommensurate with the right theory of existence. Not all theories are equal. There is no relativism of theories. One is right and all the rest are wrong. If you haven’t identified the right one, you have wasted your life, and failed the exam your existence has set for you. As soon as you say there are many ways to enlightenment, you have proved you have no idea what enlightenment is. Only once you have defined enlightenment ontologically and epistemologically can you know how to attain it. Otherwise, you are making it up as you go along.











"Neither by land nor by sea shalt thou find the road to the Hyperboreans." - Pindar




The Question

What is a thought made of? How do thoughts flow? How do they interact? How does one thought turn into the next? How do we remember? Where are our memories stored? Where are thoughts located? What is a feeling made of? What is a sensation made of? What is an intuition made of? What is a desire made of? What is your will made of? What is your soul made of? How are such things able to exist at all?

If you can't answer these questions, you literally know nothing about the fundamental nature of existence.

When it comes to understanding reality, people fail at the first step. They cannot understand the difference between noumena and phenomena, between the appearance of something and that thing without an appearance, between the information carrier and the information carried.

Thoughts, feelings, sensations, intuitions, and so on, are all empirical information. They are what we experience. But they are all conveyed by things - information carriers - that we never experience under any circumstances. They are always "hidden" by the very fact that they carry unhidden information. The unhidden hides the hidden.

Imagine listening to your favourite song. What you experience is the sound information conveyed by sound waves. You do not experience the sound waves themselves - the carriers of the sounds. You don't hear pressure waves bombarding your ear drums.

Do you get it? Existence has two aspects: the carrier of information, and the information carried. We are entities that experience information. What we experience is the information carried and never the information carrier. That has catastrophic consequences for human understanding. Virtually every theory of existence ever devised concerns the information carried, and ignores the information carrier. Yet there would be no information carried without the information carrier. The carrier is what makes the information, and, without it, there's nothing at all ... just eternal non-existence.

When Leibniz asked why there is something rather than nothing, what he was really asking was why information carriers exist. They can exist for one reason alone: mathematics allows all information carriers to be exactly equal to zero. Since it's impossible to stop nothing then anything that is precisely equal to nothing, without being absolute nothingness (i.e. total non-existence), must exist.

The secret of existence is that, thanks to mathematics - and mathematics alone - it's possible to create things that exist while being "nothing". The answer to Leibniz's question is that something is nothing. It's not that something exists rather than nothing, it's that something exists because it's nothing (mathematical nothing, which is entirely different from nothingness).

The universe is made of invisible, non-sensory mathematical waves that are at all times equal to zero, hence are impossible to detect. Yet because they are also "somethings" (i.e. mathematically definable entities), they carry information. It's this information that you experience, but, of course, you experience it as anything other than mathematics. Indeed, mathematics is the last thing that would occur to you while you are having an experience. Your feelings, for example, seem like the opposite of mathematics, yet all they are is mathematical information being subjectively experienced.

Non-sensory reason - which has nothing at all to do with your feelings or sensations - is how you access non-sensory mathematics. However, because your feelings and sensations seem concrete and immediate to you, while reason seems cold, abstract and unreal, you can't help but delude yourself that your feelings and sensations are revealing reality to you when, in fact, the exact opposite is true. They are Maya - illusion, phenomenon - concealing reality from you. Only your reason can break on through to the other side and reach the hidden mathematical world that defines all of reality, including why you are here, what you are, what the meaning of your life is, what your purpose is, and what your fate is.

You have an immortal, indestructible soul. It's immortal and indestructible exactly because it's "nothing", and you can't destroy or degrade nothing.

Your soul is the most exquisite mathematical entity. Its foundation lies in the most beautiful formula of mathematics: Euler's Formula, from which is derived what is regarded as the most beautiful equation of all: Euler's identity. Euler's identity is none other than a snapshot of your soul, while Euler's formula, suitably generalised, describes your entire soul.

Of course, 99% of humanity cannot grasp this. They recoil from any notion that reality is pure math, their soul is pure math, and all their feelings and dreams are pure math. Nothing could be more objectionable to them, and more improbable as far as they are concerned. So it goes. The most difficult thing of all is to overcome Maya - your own propaganda, delusions, opinions, conjectures, beliefs and interpretations.

The red pill that takes you down the rabbit hole to ultimate reality is one that you will certainly be refusing ... because the red pill is pure math, and nothing is more terrifying to you than that. Like Cypher in The Matrix, the blue pill is much more to your liking because then you can tell yourself whatever bullshit you like, whatever floats your boat, whatever comforts you, whatever accommodates your personality, your feelings, your imagination, your hopes and dreams, and so on. Lies have always been infinitely more attractive to humanity than the Truth. Lying to yourself has always been a human being's most characteristic trait.

There are literally infinite ways to empirically interpret reality, but there's only one rational Truth ... the mathematical Truth of the information carriers that define everything and make everything possible. Of course, what you would like us to tell you is that there are myriad different ways to enlightenment, and it's extremely likely that whatever way you have personally chosen is exactly right. But we're not going to tell you that. In fact, we're going to tell you the absolute opposite. You are totally deluded, and immersed in a vast ocean of delusion. You are clueless about how to become enlightened, and everything you try is 100% futile. Everything you do is about fleeing from the True Path.

Existence has a single answer. That answer is mathematics. If you're on any other path, you're on the road to nowhere. You're on the Relativism Road, where there are as many answers to existence as there are people.

It's real simple. Reality either has one answer, or no answer at all. If existence has infinite answers, it has no answer, since infinite answers mean you can believe whatever you like. If it has only one answer, there's only one way to arrive at it. You can't solve a mathematical equation by reciting Shakespeare, praying to Jehovah, or meditating under a tree. You can solve math only by doing math, and everything else is pie in the sky.

We're not here to convince you of anything. We're not asking you to believe anything we say. Frankly, we couldn't care less what you believe. We're here to communicate with like-minded people, to reach out to the smart, rational people of the world, the ones who will decide the future of the human race.


What explains reality is the eternal, necessary information carrier. The information carrier is mathematics. To be precise, all information in the universe is conveyed by sine and cosine waves - pure energy waves - the basic versions of which are ontologically defined by Euler's formula.

The answer to reality does not exist in terms of the temporal, contingent, empirical information carrier.

Information is interpretive - believe whatever you like, whatever rocks your world. But there's only one absolute truth. It's not that of the interpretive, empirical information, but of the rational information carrier.

Have you got it? You experience information, but you don't experience the information carrier, yet the information carrier is the answer to why the information you treasure so much exists in the first place. The information carrier is beyond empiricism, but not beyond rationalism. Our reason, not our senses or feelings, reveals the Truth.

Our senses confer an appearance on the information carried; our feelings allow us to experience information as pleasurable (useful to us) or painful (harmful to our objectives). Neither our senses nor feelings tell us a single thing about the information carrier.


"Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives." - William James

The thing you must change above all is your attitude to the Truth. You must ask yourself what kind of character Truth must have, and how we can access it. Do we access eternal, necessary Truth via our feelings, our senses, our intuitions, or our reason? If the Truth is not about feelings, it's pointless to bring your feelings to the search for the Truth.

Is the Truth about "bare awareness"? What does that even mean? "Bare awareness" concerns a hypothetical, empirical state of mind. It has precisely zero connection with eternal, necessary, knowable, intelligible Truth.

When you get down to it, humans are looking for anything other than the Truth. They want things to feed their senses, feelings and intuitions, and they have contempt for reason. Yet only reason is actually about eternal, necessary Truth. 1 + 1 = 2 is the truest statement you have ever encountered. It's true forever, and without doubt, unlike all of your feelings, sensations, hypotheses, beliefs, opinions, experiences, interpretations, and mystical intuitions.


Science is a use system, not a truth system, i.e. it provides an effective model of phenomena while telling us zero about noumena. Math alone has truth value.

The Buddha

Monty Python's Life of Brian contains one of the greatest lines ever: "All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?"

This is a great test ... "What has X ever done for us?"

What, for example, did the Buddha ever do for the human race? - er, nothing.

What have math and science done for the human race? - er, everything!

Who in their right mind sneers at math and science books, and prefers to pick up books on the Buddha? How much hatred of knowledge would you need to possess to make that choice? The infection of idiocracy is total. People despise reason, logic and knowledge. They just want to chant and meditate, and achieve "No-Mind", i.e. the total absence of intelligent thought.

The Buddha is a joke. Moses is a joke. Jesus Christ is a joke. Mohammed is a joke. All prophets and gurus are a joke. They have done nothing for the human race. All progress has been despite these people, not because of them, yet billions of people still support these clowns and drag their ancient, decrepit "knowledge" into today's world and inflict it on rational people.

What person in their right mind wants to ignore the Renaissance, the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment and all the great philosophers, and turn to ancient mystics and madmen spouting ancient superstitions that have been refuted for millennia?

Nietzsche Contra The Buddha

"In a chapter of Thus Spoke Zarathustra entitled 'The Preachers of Death,' Friedrich Nietzsche wrote about the Buddha: 'There are those with consumption of the soul: hardly are they born when they begin to die and to long for doctrines of weariness and renunciation. They would like to be dead, and we should welcome their wish. Let us beware of waking the dead and disturbing these living coffins! They encounter a sick man or an old man or a corpse and immediately they say, "Life is refuted." But only they themselves are refuted, and their eyes, which see only this one face of existence.'" - Mark W. Muesse

Buddhism is death cult. It's about renouncing, denouncing, and despising life. It's about detaching from life, and detaching from mind. It's not enlightenment, it's endarkenment. Just as the Abrahamists worship the Devil and call him God, the Buddhists worship the dark and call it light.

You cannot be a supporter of Nietzsche and a Buddhist. Nietzsche is the opposite of the Buddha. Buddha was a life denier, Nietzsche a life affirmer. Nietzsche did not advocate escaping from samsara but celebrating the fact that you are stuck in it forever (via eternal recurrence).

The Despisers of Knowledge

People who imagine they can meditate their way to knowledge are deranged. You might as well have a lobotomy. It says everything about you if you reject reason (rationalism) as the path to enlightenment, and instead embrace meditation (empiricism). How can an ephemeral state of mind be a state of absolute knowledge and understanding of the universe? Do you believe that you will miraculously learn and know everything without using reason and logic, but simply by sitting under a tree with your eyes closed? You must despise knowledge to imagine that knowledge is associated with meditation rather than reason. It's a category error to link meditation to knowledge. Imagine if all the world's great mathematicians, scientists and philosophers had rejected reason and simply meditated. We would now be living in the Stone Age - which is exactly where Buddhism leads.

Wikipedia says, "Mindfulness is the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one's attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment, which can be trained by meditational practices that are described in detail in the Buddhist tradition."

Is this really what people regard as the path to knowledge, understanding, control and mastery of their existence? Is this what they regard as the means to bring about enlightenment? Where is the reason, the logic, the ontology, the epistemology, the metaphysics, the science and the mathematics? This is moron's charter, for lazy people who can't abide thinking.

The Enemies of Knowledge

Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists are all enemies of knowledge. How dare humanity turn its back on reason, logic, mathematics, science and philosophy in favour of superstition, faith, mysticism, meditation, revelation and Mythos?

The past was Mythos. The future is Logos. From the darkness of stories and words to the light of reasons and numbers. The False prophets are legion. The truth tellers are the rarest things in the universe.


When Pythagoras said that all things are numbers, that statement contained more truth than every religious and spiritual statement ever made. This universe is made of numbers (energy frequencies; ontological vibrations). It's not made of words, or "matter", or sensations, or feelings, or "bare awareness", or any other mumbo jumbo. The universe is ordered, structured, rational and intelligible exactly because it's made of math. If you don't like the Truth, too bad. No one is compelled to leave the world of Lies and accept that Truth. Only a special kind of human being can have a relationship with the Truth ... really smart human beings who can understand the ontology of mathematics. Such understanding is beyond 99% of humanity. So it goes.

It's extraordinary the degree to which human intelligence has been betrayed. Billions of people can't cope with any degree of complexity, and, at the first opportunity, slide back to primitive beliefs, superstitions and stories. How can any sane person believe that meditation and prayer are superior to mathematics and science? How can people in the 21st century jettison all modern knowledge and go back to the ramblings of people who knew nothing about mathematics and science? The idea that Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism have any advantages whatsoever over mathematics, science and philosophy is comical, perverse and tragic. How can you reason with people who reject reason in order to go and meditate or pray? Does prayer or meditation tell you a single thing about the fundamental nature of reality? Reason must make people ill if they are so quick to abandon it to get onto their knees, or cross their legs. New humanity will do the opposite of old humanity. It will laugh at prayer and meditation and, instead, use its nous. Old humanity does the opposite. We actually get people sneering at mathematics and saying that the Buddha is obviously the guy to listen to. You might as well take the advice of Santa Claus. You have a very simple choice: support or oppose reason. The vast majority of humanity do the latter. They can't stand reason, and have no use for it. Only people who have contempt for reason turn to prayer and meditation. To be a follower of any mainstream religion is 100% incompatible with being on the side of mathematics, science, philosophy, reason and logic. All traditional religious concepts can be made fully rational through ontological mathematics, so there's no need now for anyone to any longer bother with prayer, meditation, prophets and gurus. All mainstream religions have had their day. Every single one of them has failed dismally.

What the World Needs

What the world needs are the new Greeks and Romans, the theoreticians (dreamers) and the engineers (pragmatists). It doesn't need Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus. When will humanity be cured of these ancient mental illnesses?

The Age of Reason is the antidote to the Age of Praying and the Age of Meditation.

If thoughts, feelings and sensations are all mental, and can coexist and interact with each other within the mind, they must all be made of the same thing and obey that thing's laws. That common thing is of course mathematics, the ontological carrier of all thoughts, feelings and sensations. Mathematics is the fibre and fabric of existence. Ontologically, mathematics is made of sinusoidal waves, and these are nothing other than energy in itself. They are the energy that powers everything and conveys everything, both mental and material, and allows them all to interact.

Q. Is Illuminism a Religion?

A. Anything that's about the gods, the immortal soul and a non-physical, metaphysical order, is the province of religion. Non-religion (atheism) typically concerns materialism, and the absolute denial of any independent, non-physical, mental universe. Schopenhauer was an atheist insofar as he denied the existence of a God, but his system would be regarded by scientific materialists as pure metaphysics, and therefore as a form of religion. The same is true of Buddhism.

An atheist is someone who denies the existence of God, gods, souls or minds. A scientific materialist atheist denies all of the above and also all of metaphysics, anything noumenal, anything transcendent, anything Platonic, anything non-sensory, any independent mental reality.

Illuminism is about the Pythagorean-Leibnizian mathematical soul - the monad, hence, by our definition, it can't be anything other than a religion. It is, however, a religion like no other. It's the world's only Logos religion: a religion based on ontological mathematics and the principle of sufficient reason.

Illuminism explicitly repudiates the claim that ultimate Truth has any connection with the senses, faith, experiences, meditation, chanting, praying, revelation, prophets, gurus or mysticism. Truth is revealed by the principle of sufficient reason alone, and this principle is ontologically conveyed by mathematics.

Illuminism has no connection with Mythos, except to add a touch of "colour". Any Mythos that contradicts Logos is automatically false and ridiculous. All the great "holy" books of the world are absurd. None of them is about mathematics, science and metaphysics.

Illuminism concerns the mathematical transformation of souls into Gods via teleological, dialectical, mathematical evolution, proceeding by way of the Fourier transform which links the Singularity (frequency) domain of mind and the spacetime universe of matter.

A "God" is simply a fully optimised soul, a soul that has converted all of its potential into actuality, that has fully optimised and solved itself, hence has attained its perfection. Only mathematics can furnish perfection, and perfection is manifested in terms of perfect mathematical symmetry.


How can any system that is about cosmic meaning, purpose and the alchemical transmutation of base souls into Gods not be religion? If you don't like the word "religion" - and you're so dumb as to be unable to distinguish between Mythos religions of faith and a Logos religion of reason - well, go and join your materialist, nihilist brethren who believe that the universe is a stupendous accident, and has no meaning, point or purpose whatsoever.

Mythos religions are about mysticism, faith, ancient stories, tribal customs, superstitions, prophets, popes, priests, preachers, and involve the slavish worship of some tyrannical God, or the practice of some speculative, meditative technique to get in touch with a "Higher Force".

A Logos religion is about pure reason, pure mathematics, pure ontology, epistemology and metaphysics. It's devoted to attaining absolute, infallible, rational knowledge and understanding of the cosmos. It's about achieving total mastery and control of the universe. It has nothing to do with praying, meditation, chanting or any other anti-intellectual practices that contribute zero to understanding reality. Gnosis is a rational state - a state of absolute knowledge, of Total Mind. It's the opposite of Eastern "enlightenment", which is a hypothetical empirical state involving the total suppression of knowledge and thinking, leaving nothing but "bare awareness" ... a state of No Mind.

Rationalism is always opposed to empiricism and faith. Catholic Scholasticism was false because it sought to combine faith and rationalism, with the latter subordinated to the former. Science is false because it seeks to combine empiricism and rationalism, with the latter again in the subordinate role. Ontological mathematics is all about rationalism.

You have two choices. Either you're on the side of: 1) religion, spirituality and metaphysics, of a non-sensory, non-"naturalistic" order of existence, with meaning and purpose, or 2) you're an atheist, and nihilist, who believes that humans are Cartesian automata without free will or subjective agency; you possess an autistic sensory mania and literally cannot conceive of anything non-sensory; you deny that existence has any meaning or purpose; and you insanely claim that we are made of lumps of lifeless, mindless matter that jumped out of non-existence for no reason, via no mechanism, then miraculously and randomly arranged themselves into living beings with minds, even though this is formally impossible since atoms possess neither life nor mind.

We find that "skeptics" are, exactly like religious believers, totally skeptical towards all beliefs other than their own, towards which they are absolutely credulous.

You may consider science rational. We certainly don't. Science is empirical, and empiricism is explicitly opposed to rationalism, just as faith is. Scientists trust their irrational senses more than their reason. They regard their experiences as more trustworthy than their intellect.

We repudiate all mystics, all people of faith, and all empiricists. We are rationalists, and pure rationalism is simply ontological mathematics.

Ontological mathematics concerns immortal mathematical energy systems (monadic "souls"), and how they can be rendered perfect (transformed into Gods) via ontological Fourier mathematics.

You may not understand anything of what we've said - but that's your problem, not ours. The Truth is not a democracy. It's not for everyone. Only the most rational human beings - those who can transcend the human condition itself (i.e. their human senses, human feelings, human desires, human intuitions, human experiences and human delusions) can break on through to the noumenal order of eternal, necessary Truth that preceded the existence of any human being, or any human delusions about the nature of reality.

Your task, if you want to discover the Truth, is simple. You must speak the same language as the Truth. The Truth's language is perfect, analytic mathematics.

Faith is about human feelings, not about Truth. Science is about the human senses, not about Truth. Mysticism is about human intuition, not Truth. If you don't know what the Truth is and what its language is, then, naturally, you can never come into contact with it, and you will always be in the grip of the Lie. All humans are fluent in the language of the Lie, of the False, of the Delusional and Fantastical. Humanity's tragedy is that it has insisted on calling the Lie the Truth.

Look at Abrahamism. The "God" that ordered a father to murder his innocent son as a test of slavish obedience is plainly the Devil, yet is called the opposite. Human beings almost invariably invert everything. That's what happens when you fail to speak Truth's language.

Illuminism is the one and only system of thought concerning the ultimate, rational, infallible, absolute Truth. If you've been brainwashed into believing that Logos religion and mathematics aren't the same thing, that math is just some weird manmade abstraction, just remember that the first great mathematician, and indeed the first ontological mathematician, was Pythagoras, and he was entirely preoccupied with the fate of the mathematical soul. The greatest insight in the whole of history belongs to Pythagoras: "All things are numbers; number rules all."

Isaac Newton, so revered by science, was much more interested in alchemy and religion than he was in physics, and was convinced that he was a prophet of God and that his scientific work was shedding light on the Mind of the God, and the modus operandi of God.

Don't let scientific atheists put you off religion. Don't let deranged Abrahamic people of faith, and equally deranged followers of Eastern mysticism and Karmism, put you off religion. True religion is the most rational undertaking of all, and is about nothing more "odd" than conferring ontology on mathematics.

This is a self-solving, self-optimising mathematical universe, undergoing wondrous and staggeringly beautiful symmetry operations on a cosmic scale (the symmetry version of the Music of the Spheres). We are all nodes in that cosmic, divine equation. The equation reaches its solution, its final destination, its Omega Point, when it simultaneously achieves perfect individual and group symmetry. At that point, we are all Gods, and we are all in paradise. Perfect symmetry equates to perfect light, perfect reason, perfect thought, and perfect experiences.

Mathematics guarantees that we will all become Gods. It's all in the math. Do the math!

We're not going to threaten you with hell if you don't agree with Illuminism. In fact, we couldn't care less what you believe. Your opposition to us is part of the inevitable mathematical dialectic. You are already playing your part in what is mathematically inevitable.

You have a very simply choice. Be on the side of what is inexorably mathematically unfolding and enjoy the trip, or be against it and believe whatever bullshit you want to believe. Just as all the moaning and groaning in the world can't stop a suitably sized star from collapsing into a dimensionless black hole singularity, nothing is going to stop the whole universe, and you with it, collapsing into a single cosmic Singularity, exactly the same Singularity from which the universe was born in the first place, via the Big Bang.

You can't resist mathematics. The mathematical operations of the universe are inevitable. The fascinating point to bear in mind, however, is that the universe is driven towards its mathematical climax by exactly those souls that understand the mathematical operations of the universe, and become the Gods. With their divine powers, they make all the rest of the universe bow to their will to Truth and Power. You can be on their side - and indeed be one of them - or you can futilely oppose them. It's entirely your choice. What you can't choose is to defy mathematical inevitability.

Your personal beliefs are the least important things in the universe. Your personal experiences are dots in infinity - they're totally irrelevant. Those who are becoming Gods don't give a damn about whether you support them or not. In the end, ultimate power = absolute truth = perfect mathematical symmetry. Nothing in the universe can resist this equation. To become one of the Gods, you must understand this equation. To fail to understand it - because you're stupid - means that you won't be one of the Gods driving the universe according to your will, but, instead, one of the victims of the Gods, forced to obey the will of the Gods, regardless of whatever absurd beliefs, false prophets, false gurus and false gods to which you subscribe.

The Lie will never set you free. Only math can free you. Math is the light itself.

Dialectical Religion

Illuminism is a dialectical religion. It's always evolving. Since it is founded on ontological mathematics, it changes as ontological mathematical knowledge grows. There are no holy books in Illuminism. There are no prophets. Faith and mysticism are incompatible with Illuminism, and utterly unacceptable.

Materialism versus Idealism

Anyone who endorses materialism is an atheist and a nihilist. Idealists, on the other hand, are always religious and spiritual. Some people have a bizarre notion that reason and religion don't go together. On the contrary, materialism goes along with empiricism and is explicitly opposed to rationalism. Only idealism is compatible with rationalism. If you are NOT religious and/or spiritual, you are ipso facto irrational. Most religious and spiritual people are of course irrational too, but that's because they haven't grasped the one thing that turns religion and spirituality from a Mythos joke into the quintessence of rationalism ... Logos mathematics. You can never equate Illuminism to a Mythos religion. It is the absolute opposite. Illuminism is the Church of Reason. Illuminism deals with reality as a rational, dialectically evolving organism ...  a vast, cosmic, living mathematical equation, the nodes of which are mathematical souls (monads), and the culmination of which is perfect universal symmetry, the symmetry of perfect light, and the annihilation of all "matter". This is what a rational, mathematical universe must accomplish to solve itself. This is the purest math you can possibly get: the mathematics of existence itself. It is the mathematics of interacting singularities (souls).


Some of the greatest religious thinkers in history: Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Descartes, Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Gödel. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to stand in the company of these illustrious geniuses? They were of course all dealing with different versions of Logos religion, not ridiculous Mythos religion. Never forget the difference. All of these figures are associated with philosophy, mathematics and metaphysics, and that's the whole point ... all valid religions should be based on exactly these subjects. They should  never refer to "holy" books, religious revelations, faith, prophets, gurus, meditation and mysticism.

The Simple Minded

You get idiots who argue like this: most religions are absurd, therefore all religions are absurd. This is a complete non sequitur, and says a whole lot about the people who make the claim (who are invariably incredibly stupid). What these people want to promote is the message that all religions are preposterous, irrational cults. In fact, when a religion is rational - specifically, mathematical - it's the best thing conceivable, and saves humanity from the death cults of materialism and Buddhism, which irrationally deny the existence of the immortal monadic soul.


"Anger is a gift." - Malcolm X



We get a lot of people saying that this website and the God Series of books are full of anger. And your point is, caller? Anyone who is not enraged about human stupidity must belong to the legions of the stupid (the damned). We could be living in paradise right now - if humans weren't infected by unreason, faith, mysticism, empiricism, worship of emotions and the senses, and so on. As Aristotle said, "Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy." Those people who are opposed to anger are opposed to changing the world for the better.

You ask humanity to seek for, and learn, the language of Truth, and what do they do? They kneel and pray, or they sit cross-legged and meditate. WTF! They certainly don't pick up a book on how to reason, or how to perform Fourier mathematics.

Jungian feeling types will always cling to an emotional understanding of reality, and an emotional "logic". Jungian feeling types are Abrahamists and emotional New Agers who preach "love, light and peace."

Jungian sensing types will always cling to a sensory understanding of reality, and a sensory "logic". Jungian sensing types are scientists, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, nihilists, and autistics.

Jungian intuitive types - if they don't combine their intuition with reason - will always cling to a mystical and meditative understanding of reality. Jungian intuitive types are typically drawn to Eastern religion and New Age mysticism (where quantum mechanics collides with "consciousness").

Only Jungian thinking types (rationalists) can arrive at a truly rational, intelligible explanation of reality that avoids human emotions, the human senses and human mysticism.

In essence, you will agree with us if you are rational, and you will oppose us and hate us if you're not. So it goes. That's the nature of the human condition.

Are true statements emotional statements, sensing statements, intuitive statements or rational statements? The only things that are eternally, infallibly true are the truths of reason, and those are simply the truths of ontological mathematics. All emotional statements are temporal, contingent, and ever-changing. You can love a person one moment, and hate them the next. No sane person would ever claim that our fickle, unreliable, frequently delusional feelings could ever lead us to the Truth. Sadly, the world is full of the insane.

All sensory statements are based on the fallible, unreliable, ever-changing human sensory capacities. Like human feelings, they are mired in temporality and contingency, and are wholly entangled with the human condition, and have no validity beyond that. How can you use the human senses to understand the reality that existed prior to the existence of the human senses? As for intuition, this can link us to the Truth, but only when it's harnessed to reason. Otherwise, it degenerates into mysticism.

We already know who will support us and who will despise us. Rationalists and rational intuitives will come to us. Abrahamists, Karmists, New Agers, scientific materialists, empiricists, "skeptics", atheists and agnostics will all denounce us. So it goes.

We don't care about our enemies. Our mission is to bring together in one group all of the brightest, hardest-working, most meritorious, most rational people in the world, in order to create a true Age of Reason, and Second and Final Enlightenment. The First "Enlightenment" was about empiricism, not rationalism. Science, not mathematics, ruled. Now we need mathematics to rule, and science to be its servant.

Only math provides definitive answers. If you don't get that, you are clueless and everything you say about reality is false. So it goes. The human race has always had a Will to Lies, not a Will to Truth. It has always rejected the Truth (= mathematics). But that will change, and we shall be the ones who change it.

Plato, a great rationalist, gave humanity the Allegory of the Cave thousands of years ago, yet humanity still prefers the cave to the light.


"Socrates continues, saying that the freed prisoner would think that the real world was superior to the world he experienced in the cave; 'he would bless himself for the change, and pity [the other prisoners]' and would want to bring his fellow cave dwellers out of the cave and into the sunlight.

"The returning prisoner, whose eyes have become acclimated to the light of the sun, would be blind when he re-enters the cave, just as he was when he was first exposed to the sun. The prisoners, according to Socrates, would infer from the returning man's blindness that the journey out of the cave had harmed him and that they should not undertake a similar journey. Socrates concludes that the prisoners, if they were able, would therefore reach out and kill anyone who attempted to drag them out of the cave." - Wikipedia

You love it in the Cave. What would you do without the darkness of ignorance that you carry around with you? The Truth is not for the likes of you. You are the endarkened, not the enlightened. The light of reason will never illuminate your life. That's your choice. No one ordered you to believe absurd things. No one makes you keep believing.

People say that there are many paths to the Truth, to enlightenment. Really? Go on then, rationally justify that claim. Does a math question in a school exam have as many right answers as there are students? Or is there only one right answer that all students must arrive at, or get the question wrong? If we give every student's answer the same weight, i.e. everyone gets the same mark regardless of whether they actually provide the right answer then we have told the world that we don't care about rightness, correctness, standards, the Truth. We will accept anything as right, which means we accept nothing as right, since we are not in the game of right and wrong at all, but only of acceptance and relativism.

People, especially feelings types, hate to be told they are wrong. It makes them feel really bad. But we, as those who care about the Truth rather than the fragile feelings of those who are compulsively wrong, aren't here to soft soap those who believe they can choose any old way to "enlightenment". They believe that if they pick up some book about some guy who sat under a tree thousands of years ago, or listen to some New Age guru blabbering on about quantum mechanics and feelings, or some populist writer telling them to be "Mindful" (which actually seems to involve abandoning your mind entirely!) then they will be saved, and know the "Truth" of reality. Oh dear.

These people are absolutely deluded, absolutely in denial, absolutely clueless. Reality doesn't have countless right answers. It has exactly one. As in any exam, if you don't get the right answer, you have ipso facto got the wrong answer and you have failed.

We have provided you with the means to get the right answer, but, unless you are rational, you will mock everything we say, just as you sneered at your math teachers at school because you hated the idea that math, at which you were totally useless, had any relevance at all to your life. If reality is about math and you are shit at math, you're fucked aren't you? Rather than try to learn math and thus get the right answer, and pass life's exam, you say, "Fuck math ... it's total garbage." That's the attitude taken by all losers and failures. They want reality to accommodate them rather than accept that they have to accommodate reality.

What will you do when Ronnie Real comes calling? Ronnie Real never lies. He always tells it like it is, and he never cares about your feelings. Are you going to lie to Ronnie Real? Are you going to tell him that reality has as many answers as there are people like you, and all of you are right, and none of you are wrong? Tell Ronnie Real whatever you like. He doesn't care what you believe. He gets on with being real ... unlike you!

Every mother of a Spartan warrior said to her son, "Come back with your shield, or on it." That is, you must win or die. There can be no retreat.

We like that clarity. Feelings types despise clarity. They want everything to be a big soppy mush where everyone is told they are right and no one ever says under any circumstances that you are wrong and you have well and truly fucked up. Feeling types can't bear the pain of failure, so they simply deny that they have failed, and they do that by claiming that everyone is right and there are as many paths to the Truth as there are people.


"Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses." - Plato

Men on the Moon

Was it science or math that landed men on the moon? Remove math from science, and there wouldn't be anything landing anywhere. Science would be reduced to divination.

Science's biggest problem is that it's totally reliant on mathematics, yet is clueless about what mathematics is. Science worships experiments, yet mathematics has zero connections with experiments. Talk about a fatal contradiction! However, scientists, as people who despise philosophy (rigorous thinking), don't care about such things.


"Beauty is truth, truth beauty." - Keats

Mathematics is Truth, and Mathematics is Beauty. Beauty = truth = math. All things are answered by that equation.

The Carpers

If you disagree with us, the rational thing to do is to move on and find something you can be positive about. Bizarrely, that's not what happens. People hang around our work for years, bitching about us, creating Facebook pages to bitch about us, and recruiting others to bitch about us too. What sad people. Don't they have a life?

These people are completely defined by us. They say they reject everything we say, yet they do nothing but obsessively come back to our work. There are countless things to do in life, yet they have chosen to define themselves by opposing us. Why are they so disturbed and troubled by us? Why do they follow us around year after year? Can't they move on with their lives? Have they got nowhere else to go? Surely David Icke is their kind of guy.

They're at Stage 1 of the Schopenhauer scale: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

The great people of the world are those who can recognise the Truth as soon as they encounter it, rather than mocking it.


People who have never read this website and never read any of our books ask us to explain the secrets of existence on a Facebook page. Imagine Einstein being asked to use Facebook to convey the general theory of relativity, and to dump all the math because "the universe isn't math" (or science), "and math is really boring". We're going to put in as much effort into doing what these people want as they do to studying our work, i.e. none at all.


We see this website being described as "controlled opposition". Controlled by whom? To what end? Well to whatever conspiracy agenda the people who make this absurd claim are subscribing.


"The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude. Conversely, highly skilled individuals tend to underestimate their relative competence, erroneously assuming that tasks that are easy for them are also easy for others.

"David Dunning and Justin Kruger of Cornell University have postulated that the effect is the result of internal illusion in the unskilled, and external misperception in the skilled: 'The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.'" - Wikipedia

Our work attracts legions of people manifesting the Dunning-Kruger effect. We get people saying that we are obviously wrong because love is so much more important than math and science. Er, when did love cure cancer, invent the internet, put men on the moon, and allow us to watch morons thousands of miles away on TV? What's love made of? How is it transmitted?

Whatever can be said about the virtues of love, no sane person would ever try to address ontology, epistemology and metaphysics by playing love songs. It's literally impossible to reason with someone who thinks that love is the way to explain reality, or that love, rather than reason, is what humanity lacks.





There are people who achieve things, and there are people who talk about achieving things. On Facebook pages, you can get groups of people who want to achieve something, but then people show up on those pages who just want to bicker, argue, promote their own agenda and beliefs, and soon enough all hope of achieving everything has gone. If you want a Facebook page to accomplish anything, step one is to drive out all of those people who have no interest in accomplishing anything and just want to bitch, carp, put others down and big themselves up. If a Facebook page clearly isn't on your wavelength, why are you there ... if not to cause trouble, and disrupt it for everyone else?

The disruptors always claim to be on the side of free speech. No one is denying them their free speech. They can say whatever they like ... on their own Facebook page. They have no right to inflict their opinions on others who have no interest in them. That's tyranny, the opposite of free speech. We have stated our position on this website and in our many books. If you don't like what we say, go and find something you like. Why are you hanging around like a foul odour? Have you got nothing else in your life? Are negativity and sabotage the only things that get it up for you these days?

The Deathbed Test

On your deathbed, will your greatest regret be that you didn't post enough inane, grammatically mangled, badly spelled, incoherent, bitching messages on Facebook? Is your social networking archive going to be the sum and substance of your life?





Creativity needs different thinking, new thinking, bold thinking. But our culture is all about sameness, conformism, being accepted, fitting in with the crowd, not rocking the boat, not being "weird". You must avoid being a "freak", an "outsider", a "loner" at all costs. Yet the people most likely to be creative are the freaks, outsiders, loners, non-conformists, radicals, dissenters, renegades, and mavericks. They are exactly the ones who have a different perspective on life, who won't follow the herd, who won't be one of the sheeple.

Creativity is hard. And when you have produced your masterpiece, the herd - the sheeple - will sit in judgment of it, and may go to town mocking it. You may be relentlessly trolled. Anyone with anything powerful to say automatically attracts legions of enemies. As Aristotle said, "To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing." No group in history has been more trolled than the Illuminati, but the Illuminati are also those who have made the boldest claim in history - that humans can become Gods through mathematics, by knowing inside out the language of existence, of Nature, of mind and matter. You can master reality only by understanding reality and how it works.

The morons will always line up to attack us. What do we care? How can maggots defeat destiny?

To save yourself being consumed with hellish regrets on your deathbed, you must achieve, accomplish, create, make something magnificent of your life. Posting silly remarks on social networking sites doesn't cut it. It may make you popular with your peers. Big deal. Is your life to be defined by the regard in which you are held by the herd, the flock, the mob?

Meritocracy is about displaying the highest merit, not about being maximally acceptable to the other-directed horde (the "lonely crowd"), who are forever following the latest fashion, and forever terrified of being unfashionable and rejected.

If you can't accept yourself, no one else will ever accept you. You try so hard to win the approval of others because you know it can be lost just like that. Nothing torments you more than that the crowd will turn its back on you, and you will be all alone.

We are meritocrats. We aspire to the highest excellence, the highest glory, the highest accomplishments. We want to build new worlds, design new stars, reshape the firmament, solve every problem in the cosmos. You are either for us or against us. It has always been thus. There are no neutrals. Those who don't choose have chosen.

Can you create? Do you have the talent? Do you have the character? Do you have the will? Well, then, create. Don't talk about it. Do it. Life is not a spectator sport. Don't post messages on Facebook unless you're advancing a creative cause. Nothing burns up your precious time more than social networking. While you're dreaming of the good life, life passes you by. In the end, all that remains is your social networking archive of pointless comments. Your dreams all died long before. If you don't have a sacred cause, and a total commitment to it, you have nothing.

Who runs social networking? - multibillionaire predatory capitalists who have made all of their dreams come true by making you work for them for free by turning yourselves into capitalist commodities. Facebook without users has zero value. Facebook without comments, pictures and videos has zero value. Who produces the comments, pictures and videos? Mark Zuckerberg? You must be kidding. YOU DO ... and then Zuckerberg sells your efforts to the highest bidder, and you get zilch. Way to go!!! You made yourself a slave and didn't even realise it.

There's a sucker born every minute ... you were one of them. If you go into a room and can't tell who the sucker is, it's YOU.

Fuck the herd! Fuck the crowd! Fuck the mob! Fuck the sheeple. Fuck all those carping, sniping, bitching critics who have never created a single thing. They don't have the talent, they don't have the strength, and they don't have the guts.

If you don't have enough talent or will to do something great - to create a wonder - then find someone who can and does and offer them your help. Don't waste your life on Facebook.

If you are not a genius yourself, you can at least assist those who are geniuses and thereby make your contribution. Yet you need to be humble to acknowledge that someone else is smarter than you are, and where are the humble people these days? They don't exist. The world groans under the weight of narcissists and egoists who think they know it all, yet know nothing at all.

The gospel that there are many paths to the Truth is that of narcissism and egotism. It allows anyone to preach and pontificate as much as they like, without fear of contradiction. Contradiction relies on objective Truth, and if we live in a world of relativism where everyone is right, and you can learn the secrets of the universe just by reading the right guru, how can anyone ever be wrong?


Anti-Power: laziness, weakness, and mediocrity. Anyone who can do anything has a chance given that so many people are incapable of doing anything at all. Well, other than belly aching on social networking sites.

Good and Bad

The Good News - math gives us the answer to everything.

The Bad News - math gives us the answer to everything.

If you want the right answer, math is it. But that requires you to be good at math, and math is the least emotional, least sensory, least mystical, least faith-based, least narrative subject on earth - hence the most hated subject on earth. The average person would accept anything other than math as the truth of reality. The Lie is so much more attractive than the Truth.

As Nietzsche said, "Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." Funnily enough, most of the people who use that quote are New Age feeling types and mystics living in La La land (i.e. they believe in "Mindfulness"; they believe that meditation, rather than hard work to gain true knowledge, can make you enlightened). Some of the people most afraid of having their illusions destroyed are those who claim to most want to hear the Truth. Well, here's the Truth ... the Truth is math ... and you definitely didn't want to hear that did you? Math destroys all of your illusions.


"All beings so far have created something beyond themselves. Do you want to be the ebb of that great tide, and revert back to the beast rather than overcome mankind? What is the ape to a man? A laughing-stock, a thing of shame. And just so shall a man be to the Superman: a laughing-stock, a thing of shame. You have evolved from worm to man, but much within you is still worm. Once you were apes, yet even now man is more of an ape than any of the apes." - Nietzsche

It's time for the dawn of the Superman ... the HyperHuman, the Promethean, the Faustian ... the Coming God. Reason is the tool of the True Gods. Fear is the tool of the False Gods.

Reason will set you free.

It's time to perfect humanity. Will humanity be perfected through listening to the Buddha - a man who sat under a tree and knew nothing of math and science? Boy, you would really have to hate math and science, and indeed all modern knowledge, to listen to a guy like that. Way to go. You despise evolution and progress, don't you? Let's go back to the Dark Ages, right? Let's all sit under trees.

Billions of Muslims revere an illiterate tribesman called Mohammed. Christ, who never wrote a single word, was illiterate too.

While it's certainly true that humanity as a whole is as stupid now as it was in the Buddha's day, or Christ's, or Mohammed's - which is why these retards are still believed in today - a small group of enlightened humans has been getting relentlessly smarter and smarter. They are the Coming Race, the Supermen.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

All change begins with a few people determined to change the world. They are always opposed, frequently persecuted, and often destroyed. But some always make it. Indeed, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism all made it. Given tiny changes, you might never have heard of any of these.

No Chance

"Middle-class children benefit from a 'glass floor' protecting them from slipping down the social scale in Britain, a report has said.

"The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission said better-off families managed to provide educational and social advantages to stop their slide.

"It found less able, richer children were 35% more likely to become high earners than brighter, poorer peers. ...

"It said wealthier families helped their children accumulate skills valued by the labour market and they also used social networks to secure internships and employment. ... The report also highlighted a 'private school wage premium', where recruitment to high-earning occupations is biased towards those educated in private schools.

"That meant poorer, but more able children were often blocked from the finite number of top jobs, it added. ...

"It said: 'Not only do privately educated children achieve well in examinations and on this basis go on to have highly successful careers, but private school education also bestows a "little extra something". Some of the "extra" is made up of soft skills - for example - presentation, conduct in social settings, accent - which have little to do with productivity and a lot to do with what economists refer to as "signalling".' ...

"Commission chairman Alan Milburn said nobody should criticise parents for doing their best for their children, but it was not right that the less able do better in life than the more able.

"'It has long been recognised that there is a glass ceiling in British society that prevents children with potential progressing to the top. This research reveals there is a glass floor that inhibits social mobility as much as the glass ceiling,' he said.

"'It's a social scandal that all too often demography is still destiny in Britain. The government should make its core mission the levelling of the playing field so that every child in the country has an equal opportunity to go as far as their abilities can take them.'

"The report called on the government to seek policies that would compensate children who are deprived of the benefits that children with educated parents receive." - Hannah Richardson, BBC News education reporter


"If highly educated parents are using their connections to help their children find good jobs. This amounts to opportunity hoarding and results in fewer opportunities available for equally able but less connected children. ...

"In this paper we have shown evidence consistent with opportunity hoarding and identified limited downward mobility among advantaged children irrespective of their early cognitive ability. We have discussed ways in which parents act to increase the chance of their children achieving well in their education and succeeding in the labour market but of course it is not simply what parents do that matter as certain recruitment practices, some aspects of school systems and processes, and higher education practices have all been shown to exacerbate socio-economic inequalities." - Abigail McKnight


The elite families that rule the world are entirely preoccupied with "opportunity hoarding" - keeping all the best jobs and opportunities for themselves. They create a glass ceiling to prevent new people from arriving at their privileged party, and a glass floor to ensure that no one at their party can ever fall out of their perpetual idyll into the abyss below where the People abjectly scratch out their living.





Everyone who advocates inheritance is a supporter of the private good over the public good, and is an explicit enemy of meritocracy. They believe that immense advantages and rewards should be given to people who have done exactly zero to earn them, hence have no moral right to them, unless you regard the mere fact of sharing the same bloodline as someone else as the decisive moral criterion of our world. For those obsessed with self-interest - of themselves and their family - blood is indeed regarded as the highest moral principle.

You often hear parents saying they will do "anything" for their children. Is anyone who makes such a claim moral in any way? Will they trample over the rights, merits and opportunities of others in order to do the "best" for their own children? And if they are indeed willing to go any lengths, shouldn't it be the State's job, on behalf of all of their victims, to actively stop them?

Inheritance is the exact means by which a few elite families control the world dynastically because no government is willing to stop them. Indeed most of these elite families are actually in government, or manipulating and controlling government.

You are the stupidest person on earth if you haven't worked out that the world is run by elite dynastic families for the benefit of elite dynastic families, and that inheritance is the engine of this undemocratic, unmeritocratic, anti-democratic, anti-meritocratic system.

In the name of morality, the public good and equal opportunities, inheritance must be abolished. Support 100% inheritance tax, and bring to an end the rule of dynastic elites.

The Inheritance Game

No one merits an inheritance. They don't work for it ... they are simply given it.

No meritocrat could ever support inheritance. The moment you endorse inheritance, you are supporting the selective transmission of overwhelming financial advantage from rich parents to their heirs. You are supporting dynastic families. You are supporting the privileged elite. You are supporting the Old World Order. That makes you an enemy of the People.


It's the State's job to create a controlled, rational environment, not one based on chance and accident. There is no greater example of chance and accident than the absolute lottery of inheritance. Why should the State allow a few of its citizens to inherit a vast fortune (which they did exactly zero to earn in terms of their own sweat and efforts), and the overwhelming majority to inherit little or nothing? The State is not running a casino. We don't live in a national and international Las Vegas (or at least we shouldn't be!). The legitimate State must run a just society, fair to all, giving everyone an equal opportunity.

There can be absolutely no place for inheritance, so 100% inheritance tax must apply in any society that rejects the lottery of life - where the odds are massively against any particular citizen, while a few can't believe their luck. These few have been given the Golden Ticket, while everyone else gets the "dick up the ass" ticket - they are well and truly buggered by the elite.


George Osborne, Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer, said, "The left will never understand this. The wish to pass something on to your children is about the most basic, human and natural aspiration there is." Extreme right-wingers such as Osborne have never understood that virtually no one in the world can pass on a meaningful inheritance to their children, hence, according to Osborne's ideology, they must consider themselves total failures. Osborne himself is of course the beneficiary of inheritance.

If this is such a natural urge as Osborne claims, why don't poor people simply kill the rich, take their money, and give it to their children? Isn't that the inevitable outcome of Osborne's rabid right-wing beliefs? The fundamental urge that all parents ought to have is to pass on a fair, just world to their children, where their talents will take them as high as they deserve to go, i.e. a meritocratic world rather than a world of privilege and inheritance. No decent person or family would ever support inheritance. No one who supports inheritance can be considered moral or ethical. These are people who will do anything for self-interest.

Generational wealth transfer is evil and also unnatural given that nature decrees that the dead can have exactly zero say in the world they have left behind. Generational wealth transfer has no place in a just, civilised meritocracy.

What is inheritance? It's insulation against lack of talent. Parents who support inheritance must be terrified that their children are talentless wasters who can't make their own way in the world, and need an inheritance in order to cope, or to gain an unfair advantage.

Only the weak and pathetic have to buy advantages, have to rig the game, and handicap others. They are anti-competition and anti-nature. They're too scared to compete on an even playing field. They're terrified of starting from the same line as everyone else because they know they will definitely lose.

In a meritocracy, there's downward mobility as well as upward mobility. The rich elites in today's world refuse to be downwardly mobile, and that means they actively stop upward mobility for everyone else.

It's either/or. It's either you or them. If you rise, they must fall. If they refuse to fall, you can never rise. This is a zero-sum game.

Samuel Pepys wrote, "God Almighty should lose no time at all in destroying this city - this latter-day Sodom. Nothing but vice in the whole place…" He was referring to Tangier, but he should have been referring to Midas's City - the city of the obscenely wealthy, those who inherited all of their wealth.


"If [people] place such things as friendship and family ties above their own productive work, yes, then they are immoral. Friendship, family life and human relationships are not primary in a man's life. A man who places others first, above his own creative work, is an emotional parasite; whereas, if he places his work first, there is no conflict between his work and his enjoyment of human relationships." - Ayn Rand

Inheritance - which involves placing your family ties above everything else - is entirely contrary to Ayn Rand's right-wing philosophy. Anyone who supports inheritance is repudiating Ayn Rand, the Queen of the right wing libertarians. All libertarians - if they accept Ayn Rand - must oppose inheritance, hence support 100% inheritance tax.


"It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly." - Bertrand Russell


How can the famous statement, "All men are created equal" be compatible with inheritance, i.e. with a few inheriting the wealth of Midas, while most inherit little or nothing?

Anyone who supports inheritance is opposed to the American Declaration of Independence, and the American Constitution. The Supreme Court ought to declare inheritance illegal. Inheritance is incompatible with democracy and meritocracy. It contradicts the notion of equal citizens with equal rights and equal opportunities.

No one can be surprised by the hypocrisy of the American ruling elite given that they continued the slave trade in total repudiation of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Inheritance is simply a more subtle form of slavery. All those who inherit peanuts are the slaves of those who inherit vast fortunes. Slavery has no place in the world, and that means inheritance has no place. There can be no privileged families, lording it over everyone else. There can be no hereditary elites, no dynastic ruling families.

Just as inheritance is a disguised version of slavery (the non-heirs are the slaves of the heirs), so it's a disguised version of monarchy (the heirs are the princes and kings who rule over their impoverished and abject subjects).

Inheritance is wholly incompatible with a fair, just, rational society. Anyone who supports inheritance is guilty of High Crimes against the People. They might as well adopt the Confederate flag as their banner.


Rich people love their dogs. They don't love you. Their dogs are part of their family. You're not. They treat their dogs infinitely better than they would ever treat you. They hate you! What are you going to do about it? Be their poodles and hope they tickle your tummy and feed you some treats?


Loki: [to crowd] "Kneel before me. I said… KNEEL! Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel." (From The Avengers)

The "Debate"

We get people who want to have a "debate" with us, and ask us questions ... even though they admit they haven't read our books. So, what shall we debate ... their laziness, their ignorance of our work, their obvious contempt for our work? Imagine writing to Stephen Hawking for a debate without knowing anything at all about his work. Do you think he would give you the time of day? So, what makes you think we would?

Old Thinkers

We don't want "old" thinkers coming to our work. They won't understand it ... dinosaurs never do. We want young minds that haven't yet been corrupted, or those rare and wondrous older people who have retained young, nimble, flexible, open minds. Such people are the wise heads that should be advising the world.

Make It Count

Are you one of life's bystanders? Are you watching the parade as it goes by? You have to make a difference in life. You must count for something. You must be part of foreground, not dissolving into the background.

The B-Movie

Are you in a B-movie? Are you in a pantomime? Is this world a circus? Are you in a cosmic nuthouse? Is this a planetary prison? Are you in hell on earth? Welcome to the world!

On Your Ass

Sitting around on your ass meditating won't enlighten you. Going with the flow won't enlighten you. Finding your own "truth" won't enlighten you. Relativism won't enlighten you, nihilism won't enlighten you, skepticism won't enlighten you, cynicism won't enlighten you, scientific materialism won't enlighten you, organised religion won't enlighten you. Only the light of reason will enlighten you. There is no other way.



Human Sacrifice

Kierkegaard imagines the case of a man, who, after hearing a preacher extolling Abraham's example, is so inspired that he returns home planning to kill his son, just as Abraham was willing to do. If this man went through with it, he would of course be executed or sent to a madhouse. Everyone would be horrified. Yet exactly the same people who would be disgusted by a child-murderer are themselves Abrahamists who celebrate the example of a man willing to slaughter his own son and thus be a child-murderer himself.

"Saviour Machine"

President Joe once had a dream

The world held his hand, gave their pledge

So he told them his scheme for a Saviour Machine

They called it the Prayer, its answer was law

Its logic stopped war, gave them food

How they adored till it cried in its boredom

'Please don't believe in me, please disagree with me

Life is too easy, a plague seems quite feasible now

or maybe a war, or I may kill you all

Don't let me stay, don't let me stay

My logic says burn so send me away

Your minds are too green, I despise all I've seen

You can't stake your lives on a Saviour Machine

I need you flying, and I'll show that dying

Is living beyond reason, sacred dimension of time

I perceive every sign, I can steal every mind

Don't let me stay, don't let me stay

My logic says burn so send me away

Your minds are too green, I despise all I've seen

You can't stake your lives on a Saviour Machine

Writer(s): David Bowie

Copyright: Tintoretto Music, Nipple Music, Chrysalis Music Ltd.





"A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side." - Aristotle

In America, an atheist could never be President. Listen to Hillary Clinton: "At the risk of appearing predictable, the Bible was and remains the biggest influence on my thinking. I was raised reading it, memorizing passages from it and being guided by it. I still find it a source of wisdom, comfort and encouragement." This woman will lie through her teeth to get elected. She knows exactly what the moronic masses want to hear.

"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire." - Aristotle

Reason, in most humans beings, is the rarest cause.

"All men by nature desire knowledge." - Aristotle

But not true knowledge ... only "knowledge" that makes them feel good about themselves.

"All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind." - Aristotle

Capitalism degrades the mind. It's about dumbing down, the lowest common denominator, and the race to the bottom.

"All persons ought to endeavour to follow what is right, and not what is established." - Aristotle

It's time to abandon all established religions once and for all, and to revalue all values through the prism of mathematics.


It's simply unacceptable in the 21st century for people to invoke ancient prophets and gurus. Although we proclaim Pythagoras to be a monumental genius, the fact remains that humanity has mathematical tools available now that he could only have dreamt of. The past geniuses have brought us where we are today, but where we are today is far more advanced than anything that has ever gone before. You are anti-evolutionary - retarded - if you turn to any ancient religious beliefs and regard them as better, wiser and more useful than mathematics, science and philosophy. That includes all people who look to Buddhism and Hinduism. Ontological mathematics has made all religions redundant. It has transformed religion from Mythos into Logos.

Reason is now the name of the game, not prayer, faith, meditation, revelation and mysticism. There is no longer any excuse at all for holding silly, irrational beliefs. Ontological mathematics has bridged the gap between atheistic scientific materialism on the one hand, and religion and spirituality on the other. Math explains the whole thing ... rationally!!! This is the Age of Logos. Get off your knees. Uncross your legs. Stop praying and meditating and start thinking and reasoning. You are supremely unenlightened if you look to ancient beliefs that were in circulation thousands of years before Europe underwent the Enlightenment, when the grip of Christianity at last started to be released. Why abandon the nonsense of Abrahamism, only to embrace the equal nonsense of Karmism?


Math is reality. Get over it. Everything you experience is information carried by mathematics. Live with it. Anyone who opposes mathematics is ipso facto irrational and demented. There's no excuse for rejecting mathematics. If you look to anything other than math for your answers. it's the surest proof that you have failed the exam of life . Math is the subject that is quintessentially about providing exact answers, and existence is itself exactly answered mathematically.


A book on Mindfulness contains no science, no mathematics, no ontology and no epistemology. What it does contain is an enormous amount of speculative "spirituality", emotionalism, New Age babble, mysticism, Mythos and nonsense. None of this is knowledge. In fact, it's anti-knowledge, yet the cretinous masses lap it up and really believe they are learning something about reality. They might as well read Lord of the Rings. It contains as many "truths" about the human condition as any New Age book. The average human being is completely unable to distinguish between Mythos and Logos. Here's a crash course: Mythos concerns words and is conveyed by manmade languages, and Logos concerns numbers and is conveyed by ontological mathematics. People love words and hate numbers, and that's exactly why humanity is fucked and believes the most astounding idiocy imaginable.

No Excuse

If you believe in Hinduism or Buddhism, don't kid yourself that you're vastly superior to, and more rational than, Abrahamists. You're as hostile to reason, logic and knowledge as they are, and every bit as mired  in superstition, credulousness, faith, mysticism, revelation and Mythos.

Given the nihilism of atheistic scientific materialism, people had an excuse for looking to something to provide them with spiritual sustenance. But that excuse no longer exists. Illuminism and ontological mathematics allow scientific materialism and empiricism. which is incompatible with religion and spirituality, to be converted into scientific idealism and rationalism, which is fully compatible with religion and spirituality, and fully explains the eternal, dimensionless, immaterial, mental reality that underlies the observable world and gives it its meaning and purpose. With scientific idealism and rationalism, mind, not matter, becomes the basis of reality. All material things are transformed into mental things, and atheism becomes an absurd superstition wholly divorced from the facts of existence. It's  math, which lies at the core of science, that destroys materialism since mathematics is not material.


You either keep on believing ancient old shit, or you wake up and try to understand the staggering amount of knowledge humanity has amassed in the last four hundred years. Anyone who spends any time at all on any Mythos religious system whatsoever has turned their back on human progress, and effectively declared useless all modern knowledge. Why are you going backwards rather than forwards, to unreason rather than reason? Why are you going back to ignorance and superstition? The answer is simple ... you don't understand modern knowledge whereas you're perfectly happy with ancient mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus.You're addicted to fantasy and illusion and despise reason and reality. Why would anyone seeking to be "enlightened", study Buddhism or Hinduism rather than Gödel's incompleteness theorems? Er, because Gödel's incompleteness theorems are fucking hard, whereas any dumb ass can get some kind of hold on Buddhism or Hinduism. Talk about dumbing dowm and the race to the bottom! What's the average IQ of the kind of person who studies Gödel's incompleteness theorems compared with the average IQ of the type of person who gets involved with Abrahamism or Karmism? That tells you the whole story. Stupid people study stupid things, and smart people study smart things.  

Scientific Materialism

Even science has serious difficulties. Science can be regarded as mathematics allied to and modified by experiments. Mathematics reflects rationalism, while experiments reflect empiricism. Rationalism and empiricism are incommensurate. Science is thus the philosophy of empiricism (and materialism) imposed on rationalist mathematics, which has nothing at all to do with experiments. Science refuses to address this contradiction. It's driven by pragmatism, not Truth. Science seeks to understand the world, and yet, bizarrely, can't understand itself, and makes no attempt to do so. But science, for all of its lack of intellectual integrity, has applied mathematics to the world and been fantastically successful. Remove math from science and you would have nothing but augury. Why have so few failed to realise that it's when you apply numbers (math) that you get to grips with reality, and when you use words, emotions, faith, mysticism, and so on, you get all the crazy religions and ideas that have defaced human history.

The Truth

Words and numbers are incommensurate. Reality is based on either words or numbers. It can't be a bit based on words, and a bit based on numbers, since numbers and words, like Cartesian mind and matter, have no basis for interaction. You have a very simple choice to make. Will you attempt to understand reality verbally, numerically, or via an incoherent combination of the two? There can only be one answer to existence, and if you choose the wrong means to address reality, you have failed automatically. So, we ask you a very simple question: Was Pythagoras right that all things are numbers, or will you contradict him and claim that all things are words? Your choice. Make the wrong choice and you have cut yourself off from Truth and are living in a fantasy world.

Conventional religion and spirituality are all about emotional and mystical words. Philosophy is about the careful examination of the meaning of words and what they imply about reality. Science is a mixture of philosophy and numbers, and math is all about numbers.

There can be no Cartesian dualism or pluralism. You can't mix, match and combine incommensurates. There must be a monism, and the only coherent monism is the monism of numbers.

Scientific experiments are an artificial add-on to mathematics. They have the effect of force-fitting mathematics to the observable world and thus producing something that seems "real" (to the senses). However, they also have the disastrous effect of annihilating all mathematics that is not compatible with sensory observations. The whole point of ontological mathematics is to address both observable AND unobservable reality, and to unify them in a single system. "Dimensionless" mathematics concerns immaterial Fourier frequency (mental) functions outside space and time, while "dimensional" mathematics concerns Fourier spacetime (material) functions. The two interact via Fourier mathematics. And thus the whole of reality is explained. It's all in the math. Do the math. 

The Exam

You're in an exam - the exam of existence. Do you know how to pass it? To whom will you turn for advice? This is the strangest exam of all. You are presented with a blank sheet, and you yourself must provide both the questions and the answers. How well you do this will determine whether you pass or fail. Most people ask the wrong questions and give the wrong answers.

Know Thyself

Keep it Real

Get Real

This is the Dawn of the Coming Race, the Supermen, the Hyperhumans.

We are the Illuminati.