There’s a catastrophic conceptual error at the heart of the supposed war between good and evil. “God” rewards his followers in heaven, while Satan punishes his followers in hell. How does it make any sense that Satan, who wants to recruit the souls that reject God, should adopt the policy of torturing these same souls rather than embracing them? Imagine how different Abrahamism would be if it was said that Satan liberally rewarded everyone who rejected “God” and that “hell” was full of joy and merriment, of eternal delights.


With “Satanists”, no one imagines that they worship Satan in order to be eternally punished by him. Clearly, they worship him because they see him as a better God than “God” and they want to be with him and rewarded by him. It would be perverse and indeed insane if those who follow the Devil expect to be tortured by him.


In Abrahamism, the “Devil” is actually an employee of God. He’s in charge of God’s torture chamber and his task is to “test” all souls and see whether they are faithful to God. Those “virtuous” souls that cannot be tempted by Satan go to heaven and those souls that are successfully lured by Satan are then punished by Satan, which seems somewhat ungrateful!


Why shouldn’t Satan be completely independent of “God” rather than his torturer and tester? Why shouldn’t Satan reward his followers and punish his enemies, just as “God” does? And, in fact, isn’t that exactly what we see in the real world? Every side offers pleasure to its supporters and pain to its enemies. No side ever says, “We’ll punish you if you reject the other side, our hated enemy.” It’s ridiculous and wholly unnatural.


So, what we have is a bizarre system whereby God’s sworn enemy is actually helping God by torturing everyone who rejects God and chooses to come over to his side. Why would he do such a crazy thing? No one ever punishes his own supporters.


Do you see what’s really going on? In Abrahamism, “Satan” and “God” are actually one and the same person. Specifically, Satan is God’s Shadow. If you do what God wants, God admits you to paradise. If you don’t do what he wants, his Shadow punishes you in hell. That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


Consider the Bible. Isn’t the Old Testament all about God’s Shadow (Satan) rather than God himself, while the New Testament is about God rather than his Shadow? The Old Testament God is about power, hate and violence while the New Testament God is about powerlessness, love and peace. Plainly, they cannot be the same God, but they can be God as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: two opposite aspects of the same God.


In this light, the baffling Islamic tale of Abraham and Ishmael suddenly makes perfect sense. The evil version of God orders Abraham to perform human sacrifice, and the good version of God pleads with him not to. What we are encountering is an internal struggle between God’s two sides – good and evil – not between two different beings.


Doesn’t the whole of Abrahamism become much more logical if it’s seen as a titanic struggle between a fractured psyche – a schizophrenic God, a lunatic deity? This “God” of course reflects humanity’s own inner conflict between the Freudian id and superego.


Abrahamism is about the human psyche and its problems, and this is manifested in the bizarre God of Abrahamism who usually seems more like Satan than God, just as humans are usually cruel and selfish rather than decent and altruistic.


If there were a being called God and a polar opposite, independent being called Satan, God would reward his own followers, and punish any of the enemies that he captured, while Satan would do exactly the same in reverse.


This produces an entirely different religious picture. “Heaven” is where God rewards his supporters, and he has a torture chamber in it called “hell” where he punishes the supporters of Satan.


Exactly the same is true for Satan. He rewards his followers and punishes any of God’s supporters he captures.


Doesn’t that provide a 100% demolition of Abrahamism? Even if you are a perfect follower of God, you could end up in the Devil’s torture chamber (if he captures you), rather than God’s heaven. It would make religion totally different if no one were guaranteed a place in heaven for doing God’s bidding; if hell and eternal punishment were still a real possibility no matter how “good” you were. Why shouldn’t Satan capture “good” souls? Why shouldn’t God capture “evil” souls?


Of course, Abrahamism is set up in such a way that God cannot punish anyone, only reward them with heaven. Someone else has to do the punishing, hence “Satan”. But if Satan is God’s sworn enemy why would he do God’s punishing for him? Why wouldn’t he reward those who rejected God, exactly as he’d done? They’re on his side. They’re allies, not souls to be punished.


Abrahamism promotes a notion that the “good guys” can never punish anyone, but Abrahamism is also based on the eternal punishment of the “bad guys”. So, the logic, or rather illogic, of Abrahamism requires the bad guys to organise their own punishment. But why would they? What’s in it for them? Moreover, the bad guy head honcho is supposed to be the punisher in chief. But why would he punish people who had disobeyed God? Why wouldn’t he have a party with them?


Abrahamism is wholly devoid of sense. It uses God’s enemy to do God’s dirty work even though there’s no conceivable reason why he would. It’s God who does the judging and Satan who does the punishing. Why doesn’t God have the guts, honesty and integrity to do his own punishing of those he has judged? It’s God, not Satan, who sends souls to hell, so why should Satan punish them? That’s incomprehensible. They haven’t done anything against him. In fact, they have shown that they share his sacred anti-God cause.


Consider how different Abrahamism would look if you could support either God or Satan and be rewarded by either with eternal paradise. There would no longer be any overriding incentive to worship God. People would be faced with a genuine choice. Perhaps Satan would offer a far more enjoyable paradise than God.


Abrahamism is entirely predicated on being horrifically punished for disobeying God and, insanely, it’s God’s chief enemy Satan who does the punishing. What if, instead of punishing you, Satan rewarded you with every pleasure conceivable? What if you were actively incentivised for rejecting God?


The logic of Abrahamism is that you are rewarded for obeying God and punished for disobeying him. But that all changes if you are instead rewarded for disobeying God. Why wouldn’t Satan reward you? Why would he help out the being (God) he hates more than all others? It’s God that hates the souls that have disobeyed him, not Satan. If anything, Satan loves these souls. The last thing he would do is torture them for rebelling against God (following his own example and leadership). Satan doesn’t punish his “demons and devils” and his fellow fallen angels, so why would he punish “fallen” souls?


Abrahamism is a ludicrous, irrational story that people don’t laugh at simply because they have been so heavily brainwashed by it.


Abrahamism is like the Spanish Inquisition. The Inquisitors didn’t kill anyone. What they did was judge heretics and find them guilty, then hand them over to the secular arm to do the actual killing and burning. But no rational person can deny that the Inquisitors were morally responsible and accountable for the deaths. The secular arm would have done nothing without the judgment of the Inquisition. Moreover, the secular arm were in complete cahoots with the Inquisition. They were enthusiastic advocates of the work of the Inquisition. With “God”, he passes judgment on souls and then passes them over to be punished, and he gets none other than Satan – his sworn enemy – to carry out the sentence. God is as guilty as the Spanish Inquisition. He’s a monster and torturer claiming that there’s no blood on his hands, and he even gets his enemy to execute his dread sentences for him.


If God judges then he himself must punish. Anything else is immoral. Anything else is cowardice. And the very last person the True God would hand over any soul to is Satan.


Apparently, 98.7% of the human race are sentenced to hell. Why doesn’t Satan simply make them his army and attack heaven? What we know for sure is that if Satan doesn’t punish anyone then no one else will. Punishing is apparently against God’s religion!




“But, if Satan punishes bad people, does that not make him good?” – Anonymous


So, if Satan rewards bad people that does make him bad? Here’s the logic table:


Satan punishes bad people, so Satan is “good”.


Satan rewards bad people, so Satan is “bad”.


Satan rewards good people, so Satan is “good”.


Satan punishes good people, so Satan is “bad”.


Well, which is it?


Why on earth would Satan punish people for disobeying “God” when that’s precisely what he did himself? If you hate God, why would you punish everyone else who hates “God”?




It’s essential for Abrahamism to deny that you have a choice. After all, if choosing “Satan” over “God” had no adverse consequences, you would then have to seriously ask yourself why you should choose God. You would have to read the respective manifestos of Satan and God and decide which you preferred, and that’s no good to Abrahamism.


The tale of the Tree of Knowledge is a classic Abrahamist choice scenario. If you eat the fruit of the tree, you go to hell. If you don’t, you go to heaven. So, logic says you shouldn’t eat the fruit. However, if eating the fruit makes you a God and has zero adverse effects, you’d be insane not to.


The Abrahamic test of faith is another classic. If Abraham doesn’t agree to make a human sacrifice of his own son, he has defied “God” and will go to hell. If he agrees to carry out the horrific deed, he goes to heaven. But what if Abraham earns his place in heaven precisely because he refuses to carry out God’s order to murder his son? Abrahamism would collapse if disobeying God was the right thing to do!


What Abrahamism is determined to say is that you win if you obey God and lose if you disobey. But what if you win by disobeying God? If that idea were ever to take hold, Abrahamism could not survive. The whole intent of Abrahamism is to rule out the possibility that disobeying God can ever have good outcomes. If it can, Abrahamism is automatically finished.


People are Abrahamists because they are terrified of not being Abrahamists. They are petrified of the hellish consequences. If that threat is removed, Abrahamism loses its trump card. Who in their right mind would obey “God” if they didn’t have to, and if they could get to paradise anyway?


The God Series: World, Overworld, Underworld, Dreamworld


Ancient cultures were faced with two immense problems. Why is there something rather than nothing and why is the universe ordered rather than chaotic? To answer these questions, they invented cosmologies, which were also the basis of their religious beliefs. A person’s cosmological and religious beliefs are always interdependent. If you have an atheistic (scientific materialist) cosmology, you will be an atheist. If you have a Creator God cosmology, you will be an Abrahamist. If you have a pantheistic cosmology equating God and Nature, you are likely to follow an Eastern religion. If you have an ontological mathematical cosmology, you will be an advocate of the rational soul (dimensionless mathematical monad – Fourier frequency domain singularity).


The ordered universe of the ancients was divided into four: 1) the World (that we inhabit), 2) the Overworld (the sky and heavens that the gods inhabit), 3) the Underworld (that the dead inhabit), and 4) Dreamworld (the mysterious zone between sleep and death that connects the living, dead and the gods). This is the incredible story of these four worlds and how they have influenced the development of all human thought, right up to the present day.





The God Series: All the Rest is Propaganda



The world is always forcing its propaganda on you. Everyone is “selling” you something. At the very least, they’re selling you their story, their version of events, their view of the world, the way they want things to be. You’re at it too, of course. Facebook and Twitter are not social networking platforms. Rather, they’re personal propaganda vehicles, which is why they’re so successful and why people lavish so much time on them. They’re cyber self-portraits, and people will endlessly keep airbrushing them, trying to perfect them. What’s the secret of making money? Pander to people’s narcissism. Make it all about them – their favourite subject.


We’re saturated with propaganda. We’re bombarded with religious, political, economic, social and psychological propaganda. The media and advertising industries have no other function than to mass produce propaganda. Where is the truth in all this? What and whom can you trust? What propaganda techniques should you be looking out for? How can you protect yourself?


This book is the gospel of anti-propaganda. This is the exposé of all the propagandists out to manipulate and exploit you. By the time you’ve finished this, you’ll know exactly what to believe. It’s a short list!


“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell


In a time of universal propaganda, knowing what the truth is in the first place is revolutionary.


Learn the truth. Join the Revolution. Be a heroic soldier in the war of the Second and Final Enlightenment: the war to end Abrahamism, Karmism and free-market capitalism once and for all, the war to place humanity’s irrational past behind it and advance into the glorious, divine future.





We live in a world run by psychopaths. Psychopaths are everywhere. In fact, psychopathy is a fundamental part of the human condition.

The top five things to look out for if you suspect someone is a full-blown psychopath are:

1) No remorse. Psychopaths never doubt themselves and never feel any guilt about what they do.

2) Nothing is ever the fault of psychopaths. They always blame everyone else, and never themselves.

3) Psychopaths have a great capacity for charm that can be switched on and off.

4) Psychopaths are completely self-focused and never do anything that doesn't benefit themselves.

5) All psychopaths are game players. They will lie, cheat, manipulate, exploit and set others against each other to advance their own cause.

In a dog-eat-dog world, psychopaths have extraordinary advantages over others. They are not hindered by morality. They don't have any!

Ruthless, predatory, amoral and immoral free-market capitalism is a godsend for them. In a fair, rational, moral world, psychopaths would fall to the bottom of society (where they belong). In an irrational, immoral world, there's nothing to stop them.

Remember, psychopaths never do anything that doesn't help themselves, and they will step on anyone (even their own mother) to get what they want. They don't let any obstacles get in their way, least of all moral principles. Psychopaths are callous, unemotional and fearless. They're con men and shapeshifters who come with multiple masks; a mask for every occasion. A psychopath never reveals his true self - except when he's about to murder his victim and there are no witnesses.

Many celebrities and sports stars are psychopaths. Almost all of the super rich are psychopaths.

A psychopath has no respect for others. He will use every advantage to the maximum. All psychopaths are fanatical supporters of inheritance, privilege, cronyism and nepotism. They despise merit because they know they stand no chance in a rational society where all of their tricks will be exposed.

The top five psychopathic professions are:

1) Members of Boardrooms (CEOs, CFOs, chairmen, directors)

2) Lawyers

3) The media

4) Salespeople

5) Surgeons

The Boardroom psychopaths have trampled over countless people to get to the top. They have no conscience, no remorse, and are perfectly happy to pay themselves enormous amounts of money for firing huge numbers of their employees (they love the godlike power they exercise over people's fate). They will cheat and lie without compunction. The ends - their personal glory and victory - are all that matter. The means are always justified in their minds.

Lawyers are professional liars (sophists) and spin doctors who will do anything to win. In most countries, elected politicians frequently have law degrees. In America, around 40% of the House of Representatives have law degrees, and it's an astounding 60% in the Senate.

The media will say and do anything to advance their careers and deceive the masses. They are always pushing the agenda of the psychopathic ruling elite and justifying their inordinate wealth and power.

Salespeople will do anything to make a sale. Ripping off their customers, cheating and lying to them, come as second nature to them. The sale - not the person - is all that counts.

Surgeons are psychopathic because they love the power they hold over life and death. They revel in the status and adulation they receive. With their sharp knives, sharp tongues and mordant humour, surgeons are simply sublimated serial killers. The latter end life with the blade, and the former save it with the blade, but both are using a knife to determine matters of life and death.

Boardroom psychopathy is five times greater than the rate of psychopathy in the general population. Corporatocracy is rule by psychopaths. Private banking - the basis of the capitalist economy - is run by psychopaths willing to take extreme risks with other people's money to enrich themselves.

The 2008 financial meltdown that almost destroyed the global economy was the culmination of decades of banking and corporate psychopathy. It certainly wasn't free-market capitalism (economic psychopathy) that saved the day, but socialist (anti-psychopathy) government bailouts.

Unregulated free-market capitalism was the sole cause of the disaster. Yet libertarian psychopaths claim that "crony" capitalism was the real cause and that ultra pure capitalism is the answer. Crony capitalism is of course the inevitable psychopathic outcome of any kind of free-market capitalism. The only way to control capitalism is by bringing the private infrastructure of capitalism under public control. Just as it would be insane to have a private army outside public control (this is the basis of military "Caesarism"), so it's insane to have a private economy outside public control (economic Caesarism). Our world is ruled by economic Caesars - psychopaths - steadily transferring all of the world's assets to themselves, and fully supported by all free-market capitalists (enemies of the people!).

Psychopaths are extremely attracted to jobs in banks and corporations because that's where they can make vast amounts of money and get vast amounts of power. Their risk-taking, shallow charisma, ruthlessness, fearlessness and lust for danger make them unstoppable. They thrive in uncertainty and chaos. Because they lack empathy and sympathy, they can focus solely on their own advantage and exploiting the fear and indecision of others. Where others hesitate, they never do, hence they often seem to be great leaders, fully in control. When everyone else panics, they remain icy calm and in their element. Many medal-winning military heroes are psychopaths. They don't get scared like ordinary people. In fact, they are stimulated by the horrors of war.

Psychopaths are adrenalin junkies and cocaine fiends. They love dangerous sports. Unlike introverts, they have very low levels of cortical arousal, so constantly need external stimulation.

People who love Bungee jumping or parachuting out of an aeroplane are on the psychopathic spectrum. Psychopaths are free of phobias and anxieties. Imagine knowing no fear or anxiety. What would you feel like? - God! Manic-depressives in their manic phase become psychopaths.

Free-market capitalism is simply unrestrained psychopathy. Free-market capitalists are parasitic predators, better-educated criminals, criminals from affluent rather than poor backgrounds. They're risk-taking and danger-seeking gamblers. Putting them in charge is like putting vampires in charge of the blood bank.

One psychopath  said of himself, "I'm a cat in a world of mice. What I'm doing is perfectly normal for a cat."

Psychopaths are content to simulate being mice - until they're ready to strike for the kill.

Serial killing psychopaths are convinced they will never get caught and that they are intellectually superior to their pursuers. All psychopaths believe they are far superior to the herd, and that they should be able to enter the sheep pen for a feast whenever they like.

The Fictional Psychopath

James Bond, the elite fictional British secret agent, has been identified as a classic psychopath. He loves killing, compulsively jokes about it (while he's actually doing it or immediately after he's done it), shows  zero remorse, and is addicted to risk-taking, thrill-seeking and danger. He has no empathy or sympathy, is totally self-absorbed and narcissistic, has superficial charisma that allows him to charm people, especially women, and exhibits "grandiosity", meaning he thinks himself supremely important and godlike. Like many psychopaths, Bond is greatly loved and admired. Men want to be like him and women want to sleep with him. Such are the power and attraction of the psychopath.

Many prophets such as Mohammed were outright psychopaths. Many popes and kings were psychopaths. Great leaders such as Alexander the Great, Caesar,  Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and Mao were psychopaths. King Henry VIII of England, who executed two of his six wives, was a psychopath. Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan Dictator who executed Charles I of England was a psychopath. History is littered with psychopaths. They have been a central feature of the human story.

Most politicians, lawyers, accountants, surgeons, architects, generals, bankers, CEOs,  media moguls, police chiefs, intelligence chiefs, entrepreneurs, and so on, are on the psychopathic spectrum. They are white collar versions of blue collar serial killers, rapists, muggers, burglars and hitmen.

We live in a Mafia world, run by a criminal, psychopathic elite who make the people an offer they can't refuse.

Cover Ups

Why do cover-ups take place? Because of psychopathy. All psychopaths would much rather let the innocent suffer, die and be thrown to the dogs than admit their own failings and culpability.

Why are whistle blowers treated so badly? Because their revelations will damage the reputation of the people in charge (psychopaths), who will never permit that to happen. So, they totally discredit and trash the whistleblowers and destroy their careers. Our whole culture - ruled as it is by psychopaths without any morality, who will do anything to succeed - automatically becomes wholly corrupt and resistant to all criticism. All official statistics are lies, simply invented by psychopaths to present a completely false picture of their abilities.

Psychopaths can never tell the truth, particularly about themselves. If you put such people in power, never expect any culture of integrity, honour and truth.

Always expect the worst.

Institutional Repression

"I hate America very deeply. The economic repression of the masses institutionalised." - Bill Haydon in John Le Carré's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

America is arguably much less free than the old Soviet Union. The Soviets weren't free and knew it. The Americans aren't free but think they are. The Americans are institutionally deceived by their religious, economic, political, social and media systems. The most satirical American movie of them all is It's a Wonderful Life - a Satanic hymn to the prison of small-town America and why you should never attempt to leave your jail.

The Madness

Libertarian Americans believe that in a "free" country, the government should not be allowed to tell anyone to do anything, since that, in their opinion, is contrary to freedom. In other words, these libertarians are anarchists who reject laws and government. A government is of course pointless if it's unable to pass and enforce any laws. If you accept law, you accept the constraint of your freedom. If you don't accept law, you're an anarchist and you're outside the law, outside society and a self-declared opponent of the State. America is now full of people who, in the name of "freedom", completely reject the social contract. America has become ungovernable.


Cartman in South Park is a psychopath. His most famous line - "Respect my authoritah" - is a classic psychopath statement. Psychopaths are obsessed with having religious, social, political, and economic authority over others. Cartman never has any agenda other than himself.

The Freudian Psyche and Psychopathy

Our Freudian Id component is our inner Psychopath, and our Freudian Superego is our inner Empath and Sympath. Our Ego mediates between them (obeying the Reality Principle). In public, most people obey the Superego, but will let the Id have its way during "play time", and in privacy (with other consenting adults).

We are all part Dr Jekyll (Superego) and part Mr Hyde (Id = Psychopath). Psychopaths are those who are routinely much more like Mr Hyde than Dr Jekyll.

Psychopaths bring their Id right into the public arena and declare themselves "libertarians" - lovers of liberty - by which they mean they reject any laws that restrain their Id compulsions. They want to be free on their terms, not on those of everyone around them. The narrative of "freedom" is of course highly seductive, except there's no freedom at all in a world with psychopaths running amok, as they would be in Ayn Rand's libertarian vision of society.

Rand promoted  the "Virtue of Selfishness" - a position of absolute psychopathy. The fictional Gordon Gekko stated the psychopathic axiom - "Greed is Good" - and was ecstatically applauded by all anarcho-capitalist libertarians and Randroids.

Psychopaths will do anything to be No.1 and free from the rules of society. Psychopaths hate rules, leaders, government and the State. However, if they can't get rid of them, their next objective is to take over and dominate them. Governments and States are usually run by psychopaths. The "democratic" nations are ruled by free-market capitalist psychopaths who control the economy in their own interests (which is why we get the 1% owning half the world).

Test Yourself For Psychopathy

Do you hate all authority? Do you hate being told what to do? Do you resent every cent of tax you have to pay? Do you reject public healthcare and want all healthcare to be based on private insurance? Do you rail against public health measures such as fluoridating water? Do you despise public education and support elitist private education? Do you support inheritance and privilege? Would you do "anything" for your family? Are you obsessed with power, wealth and status? Do you think you are one of the greatest people on Earth and your opinions are always right? Do you believe in the God who ordered Abraham to murder his son? Do you see nothing wrong with that? Do you think the father of a family is always right and should always be obeyed?

Will you do anything to win? Do you want to be No.1 at any cost? Will you say and do anything to achieve that goal? Do you feel entitled to all the best things in life? Are you obsessed with yourself? Do you always want your own way?  Do you feel superior to others? Does it infuriate you when others disagree with you or contradict you? Are you a libertarian, a fundamentalist Christian, a fundamentalist free-market capitalist? Are you right wing? Are you conservative? Are you "saved"? Are you one of the "elect"? Do you love guns and would never surrender them? Are you a "patriot"? Do you love Ayn Rand? Is Wall Street your favourite film? Do you believe implicitly in the 9/11 conspiracy theory? Do you eagerly talk about social Darwinism, the "natural order", the survival of the fittest, about the lion and the wildebeest?

Then you're a psychopath.

Hawks, Doves and Retaliators

People who identify with hawks (bird of prey) are psychopaths. People who identify with doves (symbols of peace and love) are the prey of hawks. Retaliators are those who are dovelike when with doves but, unlike doves, will retaliate against hawk aggression.

All of the dynamics of the world revolve around hawks, doves and retaliators.

Everything has to be done to create a Constitution that identifies psychopaths, prevents them from getting to the top, and ensures that, if they still get through, the law will stop them from doing what they want. The law must be more powerful than any person. All right wingers want there to be no laws at all - a sure sign of psychopathy. All libertarians are natural-born psychopaths. They are extremely dangerous: hawk predators. They want to revel in hawk capitalism that makes them gods and everyone else their slaves.

The master-slave dialectic is the predator-prey dialectic, the psychopath-victim dialectic.

Hawks = Masters = Predators = Psychopaths.

Doves = Slaves = Prey = Empaths and Sympaths.

Right Wing Psychopaths

Free-market capitalism is a psychopathic system, a hawk system, a Freudian Id system devoted to the pleasure principle, self-indulgence and instant gratification, funded by "credit" (i.e. deferred debt).

Communism is an Empath and Sympath system, a dove system, a Freudian Superego system devoted to equality. America despises communism because right wing America is essentially psychopathic. American Psycho is an appropriate designation for the whole of the American right wing. The Pope was instantly branded a Marxist for daring to criticize "trickle down" economics. President Obama is regularly labelled a Marxist. Anyone who says one word against American capitalism is instantly dismissed as a communist. American psychopaths will simply never listen to one word of rebuke.

Ayn Rand's infamous book Atlas Shrugged is about pure psychopathy and a right wing coup by the super rich, led by John Galt (an unquestionable fictional psychopath.)

Atlas Shrugged is the story of elite psychopaths going on strike and exhibiting pathological hatred towards a non-psychopathic left wing government seeking to promote the general good, despite the elitist saboteurs and psychopaths in their midst.

Rand herself  was a psychopath, and addicted to extremely strong sado-masochistic sex. She dreamt of being raped by a strong, dominant man - a supreme psychopath such as John Galt, her fictional ideal man.

Anarchists are psychopaths because they want all rules to be abolished. They reject government, the State, laws, leaders - anything that gets in the way of their personal psychopathy and compulsive need to do whatever they want, regardless of others.

The whole libertarian movement is psychopathic. The Confederacy fought against the "tyranny" of the Federal Government in order to uphold their "freedom" to enslave millions of Africans. If that's not psychopathy, what is? All libertarians are obsessed with their own liberty, but not that of anyone else. They are perfectly happy to enslave others or treat them like scum. They claim that their freedom is being restricted if they are not allowed to do so.

Most conspiracy theorists are psychopaths. They have a psychopathic hatred of government and the State and are willing to tell any amount of lies to overthrow the government and State to serve their own anarchist and libertarian agenda.

Many conspiracy theorists, anarchists and libertarians were abused, bullied or neglected as children hence are paranoid and resentful towards "authority" (a proxy for their parents). They are displacing their anger towards their parents to the government and State.

Psychopathic Religions


Jehovah = Psychopath; Moses = psychopathic prophet. Judaism is a Hawk religion (the Jews call themselves the "Chosen People"). The Jews are the slaves of their cosmic Master (Jehovah), but feel empowered by this "alliance".


Allah = Psychopath; Mohammed = psychopathic prophet. Islam is a hawk religion (the Muslims believe they are the Faithful and True servants of God and that everyone else is evil and damned); Muslims "submit" unconditionally to Allah and Mohammed, but feel enormously empowered by this self-subjugation.


This religion masquerades as a dovelike religion (it pretends to promote peace, love, compassion and forgiveness), yet Christianity is allied with the supreme psychopathic religion of Judaism, which is based on fathers being expected to murder their own children if "God" (the ultimate serial killing Psychopath) commands it. Jesus Christ's condemnation of the rich logically leads to economic communism and yet almost all Christians are rapacious capitalists.


Hinduism operates the Caste System, a truly psychopathic system. The top caste are the masters, the bottom caste their slaves. The top caste are the predators that prey on the bottom caste, the hawks that feed on the doves.

The God Complex

Psychopaths suffer from a God complex. They think they are God and, crucially, that being God means being worshipped by others rather than being part of a Community of Gods and Society of the Divine.

The ultimate psychopath with a God complex is Satan: he who thinks he's the True God.  He says, "It's all about me. I'm all powerful. I have the power of life and death in my hands. I take life and I give life. Look on my works ye mighty and despair. Bow before your Lord and God. Worship me."

We live in a psychopathic world, ruled by a psychopathic economic system (free-market capitalism), and psychopathic religions (Abrahamism and Karmism). We need to live in a Retaliator world that specifically takes on the hawk psychopaths and beats them.

Psychopaths always get to the top unless they are identified and stopped (by retaliators).

Psychopaths always promote the private over the public good, the individual over the collective, "liberty" over rules, the family over society. They are always right wing even if, like Stalin, they disingenuously call themselves communist or left wing. Stalin's only interest in communism was that it allowed him centralised control of everything, like a medieval monarch. Stalinist Russia had nothing to do with true communism and was all about totalitarian control of the people.

Most conspiracy theorists are psychopaths. They believe in a ridiculous theory such as 9/11 because they themselves see a black flag inside job as perfectly rational and understandable, i.e. they are projecting their own psychopathy onto the world.

Osama bin Laden was a psychopath - so were the 9/11 maniacs who perpetrated the attack. They had been subjected to the brainwashing of the ultimate psychopathic conditioning system: Islam.

The American government of 9/11 was of course full of psychopaths too, but such psychopaths are all about "getting away with it", with not getting caught, with maintaining their power and control. 9/11 as an inside job would be mad since the cost-benefit analysis would reveal a huge potential cost - being caught and executed for high treason - against a tiny or non-existent benefit. These guys already had enormous wealth and power. Why risk that to get a marginal amount more? Risk-taking is one thing. Being insane is quite another.

The Psychopathic World

The history of the world is the history of the psychopath. The Abrahamic "God" is the most psychopathic of all, concerned with pure power and domination. Humanity cannot advance until it eradicates Abrahamism, Karmism and free-market capitalism.

"Becoming God" means joining a Community of Gods and Society of the Divine, not becoming a God worshipped by others. Such a God is a False God, a Demiurge, a Devil.

Anyone who refers to "the Creator", to "God Almighty" is a worshipper of psychopaths.

All monarchists are worshippers of psychopaths

Anyone who wants a fuehrer or dictator is a worshipper of psychopaths.

If a Nazi officer ordered a Jew called Abraham to kill his son, it would be regarded as a war atrocity and crime against humanity. When Jehovah ordered Abraham to kill his son, Abraham got on his knees and worshipped him. That's the Jews for you. Psychopaths!

The War of the Dominants

Dominant Extraverts (Psychopaths; Hawks) versus Dominant Introverts (Rationalists; Retaliators).


When Caesar crossed the Rubicon, he brought his private army into the Roman State, contrary to the wishes of the Roman government. This is the wet dream of all anarcho-capitalist libertarians. They fantasise about bringing their private army to Washington D.C.

Caesar was a psychopath, obsessed with ruling Rome and getting his own way. All anarcho-capitalist libertarians are exactly the same. In the past, our world was ruled by Caesars with private armies. Today, armies belong to the nation rather than individual generals, but the economy doesn't. Now we have economic Caesars - global capitalists who can do whatever they like with their private corporations (like private armies). They owe no loyalty to any State.


Governments have no control over anything. If a powerful capitalist corporation decides to transfer a million jobs from America to China, the American government has no say over this. If this were a private army, this act would constitute high treason. But it's a private corporation, so no one says a word. No one is tried for treason.

If Google or Microsoft invented some brilliant new automation procedure that earned a fortune for Google or Microsoft and its shareholders, but put millions of Americans out of a job, the American government could not breathe one word of criticism. In free-market capitalism, the government has zero control. It's entirely a hostage of corporatocracy. The biggest lie of modern times is that governments are in charge. The truth is that they have zero power. Corporations and banks dictate everything. A democratic capitalist government is held hostage by globalist corporations. When a country has no say over its destiny, when its people are powerless to control their own future, then that means the nation is under the rule of psychopaths. The first requirement of "people power" is that the people should be responsible for their own fate, not banks or corporations or globalism.

Free-market capitalism is inherently a contradiction of democracy. No voter has any say at all over the corporations and banks that run the world. You cannot be both a free-market capitalist and a democrat. You cannot be both a free-market capitalist and a meritocrat. Either unelected, unaccountable corporations and banks (Wall Street) are in charge, or the people (Main Street) are in charge.

What's it to be?

For the people to be free, corporatocracy - free-market capitalism and private banking - must fall. Your choice. Will you vote for the end of free-market capitalism and corporatocracy? If you don't, you have agreed to be ruled by psychopaths over whom you have no control whatsoever. Your future is entirely in their hands, but they are unelected by you and unaccountable to you. If you go along with that, you are the biggest sucker and slave of all time. If you surrender your control over your own fate, you deserve to be a slave. You have chosen that fate for yourself. No one made you put corporations and banks in charge of your life. That was your choice. Shut your face about government and the State if you have voluntarily chosen to be ruled by banks and corporations.


Historically, America is a nation of psychopathic immigrants - religious maniacs with fanatical religious beliefs who were either expelled by their home countries or fled in order to be able to spread their poison without any interference from government and the State.

America is a still an overwhelmingly Christian county. Christianity is of course a psychopathic religion. If it were remotely logical, it would promote communism. Instead, America has made Christianity and free-market capitalism go hand in hand. Free-market capitalism is an economic system designed by and for psychopaths, with zero consideration for others. All capitalists worship Mammon, god of profit at any price.

Psychopaths are those who cannot control their Id. They believe they have infinite rights, but they do not believe that others should have any rights at all if they conflict with their right to do whatever they goddamn please.

The Illuminati CIA Department

Many 9/11 psychopathic conspiracy theorists conclude that because we reject their theory as absurd, we are ipso facto on the side of the government and part of the conspiracy. That's their "logic".

Well, of course, we are wholly opposed to all capitalist democratic governments and regard them as psychopathic too and the pawns of the deranged rich elite - the 1% (the anarcho-capitalist libertarians and advocates of Ayn Rand).

We support the meritocratic Platonic Republic that obeys Rousseau's General Will, Kant's Categorical Imperative, the Hegelian dialectic and Leibnizian rationalism. We don't support any governments that defend privilege, nepotism, cronyism, predatory capitalism, inheritance, casino banking, private control of the banking system, corporatocracy and the rule of the 1% (the super rich capitalists).


Heroes such as James Bond have a Superego Cause but use Id methods.

Many "heroes" are Id fantasy figures and Superego nightmares.

Most video games, especially the shoot 'em up genre, are psychopathic games, designed for Id fantasies. Superego video games are in very short supply and in severely limited demand.

The Reptilian Psychopath

The Psychopathic Id corresponds to the reptilian part of the brain. It's the Satanic component of a person.

As for the Ego and the anti-Psychopathic Superego, two different schemes are possible:

A) Superego = Limbic System: promotes emotional accord and empathy and sympathy between people. It's all about "love and light". It's the Luciferian part of people.

B) Ego = Neocortex: rational thinking aspect that obeys the Reality Principle. It's the Abraxian part of people.  


A) Superego = Neocortex: rational thinking aspect that obeys the Reality Principle and rational Kantian Categorical Imperative.

B) The Ego corresponds to the emotional limbic system and sits between the reptilian brain and the neocortex. It has its own judging system and obeys the reality principle. In private, it normally supports the reptilian brain and in public it normally supports the neocortex. With psychopaths, the Ego always sides with the Id and the Superego is ignored.

Following the first scheme, there are three types of opinions: Id opinions (Psychopathic; Satanic), Superego opinions (emotional; Luciferian) and Ego opinions (rationalist; Abraxian).

There's absolutely no point in attempting to engage in debate with people holding Id opinions. That's the definition of futility. Abrahamists, Karmists, free-market capitalists, "patriots", Randroids, libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, members of the Republican Party or Tea Party, anyone who opposes 100% inheritance tax, 9/11 conspiracy theorists - all of these people are reptilian, Satanic, fanatical psychopaths who will never change their opinions under any circumstances. They denounce us when we declare that we are not a debating society. Well, a rational debate can only take place at the Superego or Ego level and never at the psychopathic level of the reptilian brain and Id.

It's well known that right wingers are much more stupid than left wingers. Right wingers are heavy users of their psychopathic, reptilian, Id brain. They never say anything rational. Their stance is always that of pure, unadulterated self-interest. They hate government and the State which dare to attempt to tame the Id: the Satanic, psychopathic, reptilian brain.

What is "libertarianism"? It's the primeval scream of rage of the reptilian brain. It despises everything to do with the Superego that strives to rein it in and control it. Civilisation and society are possible thanks only to the Superego. They are always under threat from the Id.

You cannot reason with crocodiles, sharks or American right wingers. That's a simple fact. They are the absolute enemies of true freedom. The only freedom they care about is their own. Not yours.

Every part of the 9/11 conspiracy theory has been totally debunked, and yet still all of the right wingers peddle the same old nonsense, and refer to legions of "experts" who agree with them. Oddly enough, they never refer to the much vaster legions of genuine experts who disagree with them (or they are conveniently dismissed as part of the conspiracy). That's classic psychopathy of course: never listen to the opposition; promote your own message at any cost. Always deny that you have been refuted.

Have you ever heard of a Christian Fundamentalist accepting that science has disproven the Bible? 9/11 Conspiracy theorists are exactly the same. They have already reached their conclusion before the debate begins. You are simply required to unconditionally surrender to them. All rational people know better than to waste their time talking to psychopaths.

David Icke

David Icke insanely claims that alien reptilians (the "Illuminati") are running the world. In fact, human reptilians (psychopaths ruled by their reptilian brainstem) are running the world. David Icke himself is a psychopath. He lies relentlessly to his millions of credulous, superstitious, gullible, irrational fans. None of them benefit from Icke's theories. One person, however, does fantastically well from those theories - David Icke himself! The whole point of these theories is to enrich David Icke and give him power and status. Icke is a modern-day Mohammed. Mohammed spoke of hidden, shapeshifting, pan-dimensional jinn (genies), led by Shaitan, intent on corrupting humanity. If you believe in alien reptilians, why don't you believe in jinn? They're the same concept. Of course, Icke's moronic supporters don't know anything about Islam. They think Icke has new ideas. Not a single thing he has ever said has not been plagiarised from other sources.

When conspiracy theorists attempt to engage in a "debate" with us, they always refer to 9/11. Not one has ever mentioned ontological mathematics even though the whole of Illuminism is predicated on ontological mathematics. 9/11 is Mythos and ontological mathematics is Logos, and all conspiracy theorists stay as far clear of Logos as they possibly can.

To all conspiracy theorists, we say this: If you claim you know the truth of this world then you should have no difficulty refuting the ontological mathematics of the Illuminati. So, go on then - read the God Series and attempt to show how ontological mathematics is wrong and your whacky Mythos theories are right. Good luck with that!


Humanity is not run by invisible alien lizards. It's run by visible super rich capitalist psychopaths. Tragically, most of those who claim to be against shapeshifting reptilians are very much for super rich capitalists, which is why it's so hard to get rid of these monsters.

Until all of the enemies of the 1% agree that free-market capitalism is the source of the 1%'s power, we can never make any progress. The task of the elite and their puppets - such as Icke, Jones, Makow and Fulford - is to divide and rule, to sow confusion, to deflect criticism away from free-market capitalism. Thus we are subjected to the ludicrous claim that capitalism isn't capitalist enough, and if only we could get rid of "crony" capitalism and all government and State restraints on capitalism, everything would be wonderful. When it comes to this popular right wing narrative, cui bono? - the super rich psychopaths. There's nothing the elite would love more than to dispense with government and the State entirely and rule by markets alone. Who are the markets? They are!!!

Free-market capitalism is the dictatorship of super rich psychopaths. If you haven't worked that out yet, you really are dumb.


Look around you. Can you identify the hawks, the doves and the retaliators? Can you see the human sharks and crocodiles in your midst? People make the catastrophic mistake of imagining that most people are like them. They're not. The only ones who are like you are those who share your personality type, or other personality types closely related to yours. For example, INTJ, INTP, INFJ and INFP types should all get along well.

Other personality types might as well be aliens from other planets. They are fundamentally different from you. They think in completely different ways. You have nothing in common with them. You have zero empathy with them. You could never place yourself in their shoes, and vice versa.

Psychopaths are the worst of all. They see all other human beings as means to an end rather than ends in themselves. Look at how the world is run. Is it run for everyone? Or for the benefit of the self-obsessed, psychopathic elite?


People claim that we could never enforce 100% inheritance tax. Well, tell that to the French Revolutionaries. Where there's the will, anything is possible.

Humanity's future is very simple. It must destroy the psychopaths - the elite 1%. Then all the rest of us will be free. From now on, we must have Retaliator governments and States that enforce the General Will. Never again will we have Hawk governments, States, and economic and religious systems that serve the interests only of psychopaths.

Con Men

Psychopaths have no emotions. They are like walking sharks or crocodiles. Given that their brains are entirely given over to their own advantage, they are superb at "reading" people, at gauging what makes them tick, what their primary motivators and fears are. A psychopath can press all of your buttons. All conmen are psychopaths. They are brilliant at deceiving people and care nothing for their victims.

To understand someone, there are only a few things you need to be aware of:

1) Their family background.

2) Their social background.

3) Their profession, where they live, their status, what clothes they wear.

4) Whether they are motivated by love, money, sex, friendship or status.

5) Their appearance.

If you listen to anyone for a sufficient time, they will reveal who they are to you and what defines them. With that knowledge, if you're a con man, you can tell them exactly what they want to hear as you relentlessly manipulate them to do exactly what you want.

Violent Psychopaths

"Opinions founded on prejudice are always sustained with the greatest of violence." - Francis Jeffrey

It's no surprise that American right wingers are extremely heavily armed. Psychopaths never like to be far from a gun.

Abrahamism = contagious psychopathy.  Lynch mobs are always led by psychopaths. The Muslim mob is psychopathy in action.

The Great War

We are in a great war between Enlightenment (rationalism) and Endarkenment (psychopathy), between the left and right wings, between the forces of the Superego and the Id, between humanity's divine nature and its bestial nature, between God and Satan.

Humanity cannot advance to a divine future - to paradise on earth for all - unless governments and States devote all of their efforts to this end. It's the greatest positive liberty undertaking in history.

All negative libertarians who despise government and the State, all anarchists who hate rules, laws and leaders, all free-market capitalists who revel in consumerism and the profit principle, all Abrahamists and Karmists - they are the unpardonable enemies of human progress.

If they resist and obstruct the Dialectic then the Dialectic will simply crush them. The stupid can never beat the smart. The beasts can never beat the Gods. One way or another - peacefully or violently - the New World Order will come into being. It's humanity's divine destiny.

You have a very straightforward choice - get with the program, or become irrelevant. In which case you will join the dinosaurs.

It's not wealth that will dictate the human future, and it's not "goodness". It's intelligence alone.

If all of the world's rational people get together then, even if they form only ten percent of humanity, they will still possess an overwhelming, crushing advantage. The ninety percent could no more beat them than chimpanzees could defeat humans.

Hitherto, the rich have bought the intelligent and given them a nice life in exchange for their intellectual brilliance. But why should the smart do the bidding of the rich? Why don't they do their own bidding? When they do, everything in this world will change. Then the Second Enlightenment will happen, and humanity will evolve into its divine phase.

It's time for the smart to act. To make history. To save the human race.

From the psychopaths who have run the world so far.


Evolution means a switch from man's bestial nature to his divine nature - from the reptilian brain to the neocortex. The psychopaths are the defenders of the human beast. They must be overcome to release the human god.

Which side are you on? Are you a Satan or a God? Do you belong to the past or the future? Are you illuminated or not?

We are the Illuminati. We are the Plan. We are the future. Our enemies are the dead past. If you're not illuminated, you're in the process of becoming extinct. No one needs you. You have nothing to contribute to humanity's future.

The Archons

Gnosticism asserts that the world is under the control of the Demiurge and his archons (the Devil and his demons). We live in hell. What could be worse than being ruled by psychopaths who will do anything to serve their own agenda? All right wingers are Satanic. All conservatives, all those who support the dynastic family, inheritance, nepotism, privilege, cronyism and "libertarianism" are psychopaths. You are psychopathic if you are opposed to the rational, meritocratic State. Reason alone is the solution to humanity's ills. Reason is the antidote to psychopathy.