Amfortas, the Grail King = the Grand Master of the Illuminati

The Grail Knights = the Illuminati

Montsalvache, the Grail Castle = Illuminati Headquarters

The Grail Hallows = the Holy Relics of the Illuminati

The Holy Grail = the Illuminati’s Most Sacred Object

The Spear of Destiny = the Holy Weapon for Killing "God"

The Waste Land = the World

The Wound That Never Heals = the Fractured Human Psyche

The Fisher King = He Who Catches Souls

The Round Table = Meritocracy

Galahad = The Finder of the Grail, The Saint

Parsifal = The Hero; he who embarks on the Road of Trials

Klingsor = the Magician, the Enemy, Lord of the Dark Arts (the God of Abrahamism)

Kundry (First Sorceress, First She-Devil, Hell's Rose) = Temptation

The Flower-Maidens = Seduction (leading us away from the True Path)

The Siege Perilous = the Traitor’s Seat, for those who betray the Illuminati; the seat that’s deadly to all who are Unworthy

Simon Magus = the Divine Simon who gave the Illuminati the most precious object in the world: the Holy Grail itself

The Soul Camera = the Camera that takes a picture of the human soul. What is the connection between it and the Grail? No one who fails the Soul Camera test can ever be admitted to the presence of the Grail
Interested in the Illuminati? Study the coded Arthurian Romances. Go and see Wagner’s Parsifal. Study the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Go and see Goethe’s Faust. Study Dante's Divine Comedy. Go and see Tarkovsky’s Stalker. Embrace the Light. Walk the Path of Truth, the hardest path of all, the path that all Questers of Enlightenment must take.

The Armageddon Conspiracy

The Armageddon Conspiracy = the Illuminati’s 21st century coded Arthurian novel

The Armageddon Conspiracy = the Plot to Kill God

Who is “God”? He is Jehovah, Christ, Allah. But he is NOT God. He’s the Devil. Humanity cannot live until the Devil dies.

Saint-Just, the great French Revolutionary and Illuminatus, demanded the death of the tyrant king Louis XVI. Even more so, the tyrant “God” must perish.

“A man of great spirit might say, in another age, that a king should be accused, not for the crimes of his administration, but for the crime of having been king, as that is an usurpation which nothing on earth can justify. With whatever illusions, whatever conventions, monarchy cloaks itself, it remains an eternal crime against which every man has the right to rise and arm himself. Monarchy is an outrage which even the blindness of an entire people cannot justify; that people, by the example it gave, is guilty before nature, and all men hold from nature the secret mission to destroy such domination wherever it may be found.” – Saint-Just

No matter how the Abrahamic God cloaks himself, whether in the coat of Judaism, Christianity or Islam, he remains an eternal criminal against which the whole of humanity must take up arms. The Abrahamic God is crime itself. How did he sign his Covenant with Abraham? - by ordering Abraham to murder his own son to show how good a slave he was. Only slaves could ever kneel to this diabolical "God".

“No man can reign innocently. The folly is all too evident. Every king is a rebel and a usurper. Do kings themselves treat otherwise those who seek to usurp their authority?" – Saint-Just

“God” cannot reign innocently, and plainly never has. “God” is a usurper of the Rights of Man. He seeks to strip the human race of its rights and impose his hatred of freedom on us all. He is the quintessential enemy of human freedom and Reason itself. One need only look at the slaves who worship him to see how he degrades, imprisons and makes idiots of the human race.

"...I say that the King must be judged as an enemy, and that our duty is not so much to judge as it is to punish. I see no middle ground: this man must reign or die." – Saint-Just

The Abrahamic God is the essence of evil and the greatest enemy humanity will ever face. There can be no pardon for this monster. This Torture God must reign or die.

Will you join the plot to kill the apex predator that preys on humanity?

Don’t worship God. BECOME GOD! When everyone is part of a Society of the Divine, a Community of Gods, there will be no more human slaves on their knees to an invisible Sky God who exercises his power not through being real but through being imagined to be real. When it comes to religion, perception IS reality.


Do you believe in the Illuminati? We don’t. We ARE the Illuminati.

We are the Lizard Kings.

We are the Mathematikoi.

We are the Coming Race.

We are the HyperHumans.

For the infantile conspiracy theorists, “Illuminati” stands for whoever they don’t like. Are the Illuminati Zionists, Jesuits, Communists, Socialists, Freemasons, Knights Templar, Liberals, Knights Hospitaller, pan-dimensional, shape-shifting, alien lizards, Wall Street bankers, the CEOs who run the corporatocracy, the Washington D. C. WASPs who facilitate the corporatocracy, the super rich who lobby and pay for their own agenda to be foisted on the people, the dynastic families of power and privilege who ensure that their rule stretches down the generations (the Old World Order)?

It’s self-evident who the enemies of the people are: the cabal visibly running the world. There’s nothing hidden or secret about them. They’re right in front of our faces. They are those who run global capitalism, free-market capitalism, consumerism, “freedumb and dumbocracy”, bread and circuses, media propaganda, the security services, those who uphold dynastic property rights, inheritance, privilege, cronyism, nepotism, those who uphold hereditary monarchy, those who support ancient, decrepit, evil religions, those who support greed and selfishness in the name of “liberty”, those who support psychopathy and the relentless manipulation and exploitation of the masses in order to siphon more and more power, wealth and resources into the hands of fewer and fewer people.

These people have nothing to do with the Illuminati. They are the OPPOSITE of the Illuminati. They are the 1% of psychopathic humans who feed on the rest. They are the vampire humans, the insatiable hawks who love nothing more than to feast on doves. Just as turkeys are fattened for Christmas, so are the doves fattened (made morbidly obese) so that the Elite never have to worry about these lumbering, slow-minded morons and slaves.

Get Real. Get Active. Get Going.

Isn’t it time to become ILLUMINATED?!




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Everyone on Facebook is engaged in the marketing business, in the selling game, in brand management. The brand is themselves and what they are selling is themselves ... via marketing a wholly false representation of who they actually are.

Can you see the GENIUS of capitalism? It has turned everyone into a node of capitalism. Capitalism is now fully internalised in every consumer. These people have no cause other than themselves. They have no sacred cause, only the cause of all Last Men - those who will do anything for their own petty advantage at all times, those for whom the concept of self-sacrifice or helping the Collective is simply unimaginable and inconceivable.

The only thing that can defeat the Elite is a United People. So, the primary task of the Elite is to utterly atomise society so that they are never confronted by Unity, but only by an infinity of competing, conflicting human atoms that have zero in common and no mutual bond to fight for. Capitalism/ consumerism has created a world of monsters of self-interest without any bonds to their fellow human beings. The cult of the individual takes as its greatest enemy the "Collective". Cui Bono? The Elite will never be toppled by greedy, selfish individuals, only by the brave, strong, principled Collective, representing the General Will of the People. But the Elite have demonized the Collective and now people just want to stay in, eat junk food, play video games, use their smartphones incessantly, stare at screens and fantasise about being celebrities and having a "Wonderful Life".

This is a totally fake, phoney, fraudulent world, full of manufactured consumers whose primary consumption is their own propaganda, their own narcissism. These people would never do anything for anyone else. It's "all about me ... because I'm worth it." It's all about looking after No. 1. It's all about "I" and never about "We". It's always about "me" and never about "us". It's all about "every man for himself" rather than "we're all in this together." Rather than "All for One, and One for All", it's about "me, me, me ... and fuck you!" It's all about celebrating the culture of total selfishness that has led to our world being ruled by the most selfish people you can get - the psychopaths. It's very easy to identify a psychopath - they are staggeringly rich. And they are all ultra free-market capitalists. Free-market capitalism is the economic system of psychopaths for psychopaths. It wholly negates "democracy" by transferring all of the real power to unelected, unaccountable markets - controlled by THEM!

How come no dumbocrat has ever managed to work out that voting never changes anything because the markets rule everything and no one can ever vote on the markets? Dumbocrats are dumb fucks who have been engineered by the Elite to BE dumb fucks. Their purpose is not to think but to serve, to consume, to buy.

A democratic vote, no matter for whom you vote, always has exactly the same effect: it keeps the Elite in power.



There's more enlightenment to be found in BDSM than in all Eastern religions put together.

Sin for Salvation.

Sex for Salvation.

Welcome to the Dionysia.

Have you got your Kink on?

Everyone needs a little Strange.

"Face down, ass up, that's the way we like to fuck." ...


Morality Plays

Young people follow the lives of celebrities as though they are morality plays. They form their moral code based on what they see celebrities doing. They are obsessed with the "stars" and their paraphernalia, just as people were once obsessed with saints and their relics.

Killing the Thing You Love

"And all men kill the thing they love,

By all let this be heard,

Some do it with a bitter look,

Some with a flattering word,

The coward does it with a kiss,

The brave man with a sword!" ... Oscar Wilde

From time to time, we notice people falling in "love" with the Illuminati, and then feeling betrayed and angry when they don't get what they want from it, when they are unrequited lovers, so to speak.

No one asked you to fall in love. That's your choice. Take responsibility for your actions. Man up.

It's often the case that people most vehemently attack the thing that, just a little earlier, they most passionately advocated. They are literally trying to kill the thing they love, or once loved. They ought to save their energy fighting against everything they always hated rather than what they once loved. The latter course of action makes them nothing but sad, pathetic, spurned lovers, fighting against their own shame and embarrassment when their love went wrong.

There's nothing worse than these lame romantics. The Illuminati never said it loved you, never asked for your love, and never asked you to have a tantrum when your love wasn't returned.

If you find that the Illuminati isn't living up to your romantic expectations and projections, then trot along, and find something that returns your love. It's grotesque that we find so many unrequited lovers having nothing better to do with their time than badmouth us.

The God Series

The God Series is the answer to EVERYTHING.

Are you smart enough for Ontological Mathematics - the Science of Existence? Are you smart enough to be God?

The Illuminati are hyperrationalists. Our task is to bring about a New World Order, a Second Enlightenment, a true and permanent Age of Reason.


Michael Faust:

The Divine Series

The Hero-God Series

The Political Series

Adam Weishaupt:

The Illuminati Series

The Anti-Christian Series

The Anti-Elite Series

The Sex Series


The Illuminati Authors: Mike Hockney, Michael Faust and Adam Weishaupt.

The Moon Question

Things that didn't land men on the moon:

1) Praying to Jehovah, Jesus or Allah

2) Meditating cross-legged under a tree

3) Chanting "om"

4) Bathing in a sacred river

5) Waging Holy War

6) Being a suicide bomber

7) Burning witches

8) Subjecting heretics to the Inquisition

9) Beheading infidels

10) Honouring the Sabbath Day

11) Growing a beard

12) Wearing funny hats, and dangly strings on your trousers

13) Eating halal/ kosher food

14) Not doing haram things

15) Wearing a turban

16) Wearing a burqa

17) Dressing modestly

18) Praying to idols

19) Refraining from bacon sandwiches

20) Praying five times a day

21) Giving to charity

22) Going on pilgrimage to Mecca

23) Declaring there is no god except God, and Muhammad is God's Messenger

24) Fasting during Ramadan

25) Knowing any of the world's holy texts inside out

26) Loving "God"

Things that DID land men on the moon:

1) Mathematics

2) Science

3) Technology

4) Engineering

5) Computing

6) The positive liberty vision of JFK: the intent to carry out a great, transformative project on behalf of the People

7) The State-founded, State-funded, State Agency NASA

Faith has never done a single thing for humanity. Knowledge has done everything. It's extraordinary that people imagine that you can become "enlightened" by knowing nothing at all about mathematics, science, technology, engineering and computing. How dumb would you have to be to imagine that being stupid takes you closer to divinity?

Landing men on somewhere other than the earth is humanity's greatest practical achievement thus far. Its next task is to land men on heaven (!) by building the chariots of the gods (starships).

Meditating, or getting on your belly to degrade yourself before your "God", doesn't cut it. You're no closer to heaven than an ape, a rat or a cockroach.

"It is easier to perceive error than to find truth, for the former lies on the surface and is easily seen, while the latter lies in the depth, where few are willing to search for it." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Social Networking

In the age of social networking, all sense of history has vanished. We live in the permanent present. Yesterday's news is ancient history, if it's remembered at all. The Nation State has been replaced by the Market State whereby rich men's "free" markets dictate what Nation States can and cannot do.

We live in an atomised world, a broken world, a lost, lonely world, of isolated fragments reaching out desperately for human contact and warmth. There's no cohesion, no belonging, no home. We don't know each other. We don't trust each other. We don't care about each other. This is the Waste land. April is the cruellest month. Everything is withering, corroding, degenerating, decaying. Everything is cheap and gaudy.


The ruling elite put four enormous barriers in your path to ensure that they succeed and you fail. They are:

1) Financial capital - how rich you are. "What you own."

2) Social capital - how connected you are. "Who you know."

3) Cultural capital - how well you know the tastes and values of the elite. "How you fit in."

4) Symbolic capital - how well you know the unstated code of the elite. "How you know your place."

Even if by some miracle you become rich (financial capital), the rich still won't accept you. You will fail to clear the other three hurdles. The elite control not just the economy, but the networks that lead to the best jobs and lives, the culture that defines the best jobs and lives, and the symbols by which the best jobs and lives are coded. If you come from the wrong background, you will never get in. Unless ... you are a psychopath. There's always room for more psychopaths at the top. Fresh blood is always required. The top is a private club for psychopaths.

Why was Michael Brown, a black man, shot dead by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri? It was because Brown had no capital. In fact, he had negative capital, anti-capital. To the cop, Brown was automatically suspicious, dangerous and undesirable by the mere fact of being black.

White cops regard black men as having no financial capital, a criminal culture (no positive cultural capital), criminal social networks (no positive social capital), and criminal symbols (no positive symbolic capital). In other words, the moment a black man argues with a white cop, a bad outcome is likely. A white man in exactly the same circumstances would have an entirely different outcome because he has much higher intrinsic capital in the mindset of an intrinsically racist cop and racist Nation.

There's nothing more important than changing the nature of capital in all of its manifestations. The rich must be stripped of their financial capital, cultural capital, social capital and symbolic capital. Otherwise, they will stay in charge forever, and black men will be gunned down by white cops forever.


The Elite control the money and the minds, the economy and the culture. They control Soft Power as well as Hard Power. Soft power is the sort you don't even notice. It just seeps into your bones.

To overthrow the Elite, the thing that must be done first is to overthrow the notion that they are in any way ruling the people legitimately, rather than through a financial usurpation of the power of the people.

The Internal Panopticon: The Inner Policeman

"A functioning police state needs no police." - William S. Burroughs 

When you are internally censoring yourself at all times, you have imported the  Panopticon inside yourself. The world no longer needs to watch you. You are watching yourself. You are ensuring your compliance with the System, with "The Man."

Islamic States want everyone to internalise the Koran and Sharia Law. Hinduism wants everyone to internalise the Caste System. The Medieval World wanted everyone to internalise Feudalism. Capitalist States want everyone to internalise consumerism, objectification and the marketplace. Financial materialism (capitalism) is the twin of Sensory materialism (science).

Many people in the workplace are now under constant pressure to produce results, and being badgered by psychopaths to meet "targets". Moreover, since they are now able to be contacted at any time of the day, the boot on their neck is never removed. There is no escape. Who needs physical panopticons when it's so easy to construct mental ones for no cost at all (well, except to the mental health of the human race). "God" was never anything other than the worst policeman conceivable being stationed in your mind by you yourself.

The only thing you should ever internalise is the power of reason.

The Cost of Doing Business

Banks regard paying enormous fines to regulators as simply the "cost of doing business". They never consider the morality of what they are doing, only the financial outcome. If it's positive, it's worth doing, even if it is in fact criminal. This is no different from how the Mafia do business.

"Cost of Doing Business: used to refer to something painful/ dangerous/ regrettable/ otherwise negative associated with doing something you have voluntarily chosen to do and therefore implicitly accept the possible risk of.

>John: 'Sorry if that round of tequila shots I ordered at the end of the night pushed you over the edge.'

>Humberto: 'Haha, no biggie. Cost of doing business with you man.'

"In this case, 'doing business' refers to hanging out with John. The 'cost' is the risk of getting too drunk because John likes to order tequila shots. Humberto is saying that by voluntarily hanging out with John last night, he implicitly accepted the risk of having a tequila shot served to him that may not have been a good idea but that he, in his intoxicated state, may consume anyways.

Victim Souls

"The concept of the victim soul derives from the Roman Catholic teaching on redemptive suffering. Such a person is one chosen by God to suffer more than most people during life, and who generously accepts the suffering, based on the example of Christ's own Passion." - Wikipedia

Every Abrahamist is a victim soul. Every consumerist is a victim soul. Every Karmist is a victim soul. The world is awash with victim souls, but there's nothing positive or redemptive about being a victim soul. It's pathetic!

Stop being a victim. Fight back!

Fool's Paradise

Saint Paul is said to have boasted of being a fool for Christ. He wrote to the Corinthians that God chooses folly to reveal His wisdom. Er, yes, you need to be a fool to be a Christian, that's for sure, and "God" certainly doesn't use reason to reveal his "wisdom". Who but a charlatan would use "folly" to communicate with his people and get his "message" across?

"Answer a fool according to his folly." - Proverbs: 26:5

"Alas, it seems that for all time the Small have suffered from the folly of the Great." - Jean de la Fontaine

"Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise." - Samuel Johnson

"Where ignorance is bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise." - Thomas Gray

"The term fools for Christ derives from the writings of Saint Paul. Desert Fathers and other saints acted the part of Holy Fools..." - Wikipedia

"We are fools for Christ's sake, but ye are wise in Christ; we are weak, but ye are strong; ye are honourable, but we are despised." - 1 Corinthians 4:10

"For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight. As it is written: 'He catches the wise in their craftiness.'" - 1 Corinthians 3:19

"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." - 1 Corinthians 1:18

"For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe." - 1 Corinthians 1:21

"But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong." - 1 Corinthians 1:27

"The Paradise of Fools is a literary and historical topic and theme found in many Christian works. A traditional train of thought held that it is the place where fools or idiots were sent after death: intellectually incompetent to be held responsible for their deeds, they cannot be punished for them in hell, atone for them in purgatory, or be rewarded for them in heaven. It is usually to be read allegorically, though what precisely is allegorized differs from author to author, and often its location is in the lunar sphere. ... One of the most notable examples of the Paradise of Fools is found in Book 3 of John Milton's Paradise Lost, where Milton, in the narrative of Satan's journey to Earth, reserves a space for future fools (Milton also calls it the 'Limbo of Vanity')...." - Wikipedia

Bought and Sold

Under George Bush, the American government's national security strategy stated that the primary aim of the USA was to extend the benefits of capitalism to the world: "If you can make something that others value, you should be able to sell it to them. If others make something that you value, you should be able to buy it." There you have it: the doctrine of globalism, the doctrine of a tiny Elite ruling the world, of everyone being a commodity to be bought and sold in the market. Only people who despise the human race would objectify the human race and make our world into an Istanbul bazaar (or should that be bizarre?). Is the world a shopping mall or a place for humans to be alchemcially transmuted into Gods? The snake-oil salesmen, caprpetbaggers and robber barons will never build heavn on earth for us all, only for themselves. They proclaim that "freedom" is the freedom to buy and sell. What a truly appalling, mercenary vision of human freedom.

This Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

A man seeks help for depression. His doctor says, "The pantomime on at Covent Garden is what you need. I cried with laughter. Go and see Grimaldi. He will cure you."

"Ah," the man replies sadly. "I am Grimaldi."

The Clown

Put on your costume. Powder your face. Don a red wig. Become a harlequin, a clown, a Minstrel Man. Well, why not - the world has been laughing at you since the day you were born.

The Laughing Cure

Turn your tears into jokes. Turn your distress into jest. Turn your pain into a funny face. Turn your sobs into punchlines. Turn the tragedy to comedy. Embrace your true self - a clown who exists for the entertainment of the rich Elite, whom you admire, worship, and wish to emulate. They're laughing all the way to the bank.

The Naked Lunch

Dare to see life raw and naked. Dare to see things for what they are rather than what you want them to be. Embrace the Truth, not the Lie. Turn to Reason, not Faith. Acquire knowledge, not a religion or a conspiracy theory.

Group Size and I.Q.

The larger the group, the lower the average I.Q. All new ideas always begin with a genius individual, never with the mob. The mob always resists new ideas.

As a group grows, the more unthinking it becomes. Just look at religions. Just look at conspiracy theories. Just look at political parties.

Intelligence is the first casualty of groupthink. The crowd isn't wise, it's stupid.

Predators and Prey

"[Hollywood is] an ecosystem of fear and greed and desperation; the sorts of people who function within that and feed it and enable it and are predators there. ... [It could be any pressurised community.] It could be Washington, it could be the financial district [Wall Street], it could be Silicon Valley. But there's something about LA and fame and the hunger and need for acknowledgement which is almost a bit more infantile. When you read [the script], you didn't think it went too far. You thought it was just about right, strangely." - John Cusack

The Day of the Locust?

A message from K:

What you have labelled as a 'Retaliator' could also be called a 'Pro-social psychopath'. In order to win, we have to use our Jungian Shadow to benefit others, but we can't let the Shadow take us over completely. It's absolutely necessary to be an asshole (at times) to make it in this world. The one percent secretly take pride in being Reptilian and they are certain they are superior. The label 'psychopath' is a compliment to them. They are imitating us (pretending to be human - psychopaths are a different species), and no one knows it until the mask slips. They practise displaying emotions.

So if we take away the power of the term 'psychopath' by making it apply to altruistic people who have impulse control like us (which makes us superior because we have the ability to use reason through our neocortex), then they lose the power and fear associated with the word.

We supersede them by acknowledging that there is something scarier than a conventional psychopath... a pro-social psychopath who has more game than them. An altruistic psychopath can get followers, allegiance and true respect because they are not abusing their power for selfish ends. They can destroy the tyrants by using their game against them and exposing them. That's the true definition of a Messiah.

It's not what someone does when things are rough that shows a person's true character. It's what they do when they have POWER. We need people who can accept their power and use it to help humanity without it spiralling out of control. The TV show "Dexter" is an example of this, so it's already in the ether. This is the war of the dominants. The introverted dominants vs. The extroverted dominants. The pro-social psychopaths vs. The anti-social psychopaths.

The irony is that the Matrix is control, yet its controllers can't control themselves. They lack the ability to cooperate and so, when their greed spirals out of control, they will implode. Everything always backfires on them. They hate 'win-win'. They want 'win-lose' scenarios, with them winning, obviously. Somewhere in the world, one of their own - Agent Smith - is spiralling out of control, which will be the ultimate problem for them. The pendulum always swings back in their face. It's the dialectical law of the universe. It's inevitable.

I read that there are two types of psychopaths, but there are actually three: social, anti-social and pro-social. Serial killers, dictators, religious maniacs, bankers and CEOs are the anti-social psychopaths. 'Social psychopaths' are the 'garden variety' types. The socials blend in and are not as obvious. They are the gatekeeper types, those who open the doors for the anti-social psychopaths and act as their enablers and facilitators.

The pro-social psychopaths are those who are tracking down the anti-social and social psychopaths, and stopping them, using psychopathic tactics against them if necessary. The pro-social psychopaths are us. The other never see us coming. We are the infiltrators, and protectors of the weaker people who cannot defend themselves. And we strike only if you piss us off. Otherwise, we are cool as hell. We are doves until we are crossed, and then we become hawks.

Everyone is afraid of the Illuminati. And they should be. But only if they are against us. When we need to be, we are the pro-social psychopaths. We are the only ones with the ingenuity it takes to win and liberate humanity.

The rules are that there are no rules. Once you understand that... it's game on! I finally get it. There are no rules. There are laws of the universe, of course, but no one is judging me but me. Once people get free of the approval trap they become untouchable, like Neo.

People think I am only a dove. They are shocked at what happens when they cross me. Once I catch someone in a lie, it's over. And they never see it coming. They become dazed and confused. MEOW! And when they fuck with someone I care about they meet Mean Kitty.

We are Superpsychopaths. Psychopaths with good intentions. We are two steps ahead of them. I am an expert on psychopaths so I can predict their behaviour. It's easy because they have a default mode and there is nothing they can do about it.

I am told I am 'sexy and innocent'. That is because I am a kind Scorpio. But it's my nature to sting people if they cross me. I know that about myself. I am extremely competitive too. But I like to earn it and I compete with myself to see how far I can go. I don't cheat and rig the system like the weak wussies hiding from humanity.

I have true achievements, not stolen goods and services (inheritance: living off the dead). And I respect my opponents if they defeat me - on a level playing field!

All of us need to find our 'inner psychopath' in order to win. It's just a matter of who can channel this energy to benefit others. Anti-social psychopaths have the advantage of the hawk psychopaths thinking everyone else is the same: dove victims. The hawk psychopaths are inferior because they don't understand consequences and the dialectical process. The more they try to suppress the Truth, the stronger it gets.

Their arrogance will be their downfall because they underestimate their opponents and overestimate themselves.

The other problem is that most people are submissive and want a Master (authority) and a Saviour (Messiah). We need 3 things:

1. A pro-social psychopath as a Leader

2. A new religion

3. A sexual revolution

Meritocracy will follow.

The new religion needs to have the following Commandments:

The Ten Commandments of 'Kisstianity'

(subject to change)

1. Thou shalt have sex at least once a Day.

2. Though shalt have cheesecake every Day.

3. If you don't have sex and dessert every day, you go to hell.

4. If you have sex and dessert every day, you go to heaven.

5. If you watch princess movies, you go to Hell.

6. If you worship Father God and Mother Goddess, your 'Heavenly Parents', you go to heaven (currently 'Mr. Mom' is in charge ... wtf) Everyone is worshipping Michael Keaton. Doesn't 'God' need a wife? Everyone knows that behind every great man is a powerful woman. Where is the 'First Lady' of heaven? Is 'God' a confirmed bachelor? Is 'God' divorced? Is 'God' Gasp! Is he a freakish hermaphrodite?

7. No kneeling allowed. Thou shalt stand up for oneself. Grow a spine!

8. You must give yourself permission be free.

9. You must earn your way into heaven. There are no rules that allow you to cheat and be lazy.

10. Always question authority, including these ten commandments.

Money is forbidden. Sex is required.

Be still and know that I am Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. I am the True God, baby!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sexual Revolution will be the result of a public spectacle (an unintended consequence of another public spectacle) that explains the psychology of BDSM and makes it A-OK to talk about it. So it will be called BDSMAOK. LOL. hahaha! People will be forced to discuss uncomfortable subject matter in a healthy way. It will become politically correct to have BDSMAOK. 50 Shades of Grey is the beginning.

People want a messiah. But all they need is a leader. Then they can give their leader any label they want so they feel good.

What we are missing is a leader. We need a pro-social psychopath (Retaliator) to emerge as our leader."



The Sixth Sense: "I see dead people."

The Sick Sense: "I eat dead people." (Inheritance). The inheritors feed off the dead, and are defined by the dead. Could anything be more disgusting? The inheritors take welfare handouts from the dead! Are these the most pathetic people in the world?!

The inheritors live off dead people's money and then brag about it. They crave the leftovers of someone else's existence. They secretly, and not so secretly, dream of the day their loved ones die. They live off on the back of someone else's achievements. And then they move it offshore! How unsexy! How embarrassing!

The world is being divided. There is the group that has Erectile Dysfunction and the group that has BDSM. Which one do you belong to? The 1 percent is ED. The Ten percent is BDSMAOK. It's time to choose.

Either you worship dead people or you have hot sex.


Dead people, hot sex...dead people, hot sex...

If you don't support inheritance tax, you have to admit that you eat dead people. That you cannot make it on your own. You have no ability. No power. Period. You also have to admit that you are an incompetent parent who is unable to raise a child that can grow up and thrive on its own.

You also have to admit that you believe that dead people have the right to rule the world. I guess we will need to define Dead People's rights in order to make it official. Will there be a Dead People's Constitution? Who will be in charge of reporting to these Dead People? Will there be a Ouija board in the Oval Office? Will Congress hold it's sessions in a cemetery? Will the Grim Reaper be the President? Will funeral homes be the new hot spots? Will Tombstone pizza be the Title Sponsor of the Superbowl? Will hearses be the new black?

Would any real man want to inherit money rather than make his own? What kind of real man can't survive without his mommy and daddy to support him from the grave? This kind of buffoon makes his living from the dead. Then he has the impudence to brand inheritance tax a tax on the dead. Better to tax the dead for the public good (or, rather, to simply take ownership of the dead's former property on behalf of the People, since the dead own nothing and have no legal rights) than to let private bloodsuckers eat and live off the dead! If cannibalism is eating another human, what do you call it when you feast on your own dead parents, as all inheritors do?! - K



"Mobbing in animals is an antipredator behaviour which occurs when individuals of a certain species mob a predator by cooperatively attacking or harassing it, usually to protect their offspring. A simple definition of mobbing is an assemblage of individuals around a potentially dangerous predator. This is most frequently seen in avian species, though it is also known to occur in many other animals such as the Meerkat. ... Mobbing calls may be used to summon nearby individuals to cooperate in the attack." - Wikipedia

Isn't it time to mob the psychopaths?


Comity: The obligation recognized by civilized nations to respect each other's laws and usages as far as their separate interests allow.

The World Dangers

What are the great dangers facing the world?

1) Free-market capitalism - one more "Bust" could cripple the world economy for good. Busts are becoming extremely frequent, fuelled by technology and lack of effective regulation.

2) Islamic Fundamentalism - more and more Muslims have rejected modernity and wish to reconstruct the world of the Koran; the world of Mohammed of 1400 years ago.

3) Anarcho-Libertarianism - the rise of selfish, greedy, extremist individualists who despise laws, government, the State, and society itself. These people are all on the Psychopath Spectrum.

4) The complete gridlock of politics as liberals and libertarians take up such polarised positions that they have effectively declared war on each other.

5) The breakdown of the Muslim world. Islam has become an utterly deranged religion, having a nervous breakdown as it struggles and fails to find a place in the modern world. Muslim states will continue to fragment. There will be an all-out Islamic Civil War.

6) In such an environment, Israel is likely to do something unbelievably stupid and provocative. Israel is a constant thorn in the Islamic side, and its actions generate incredible hatred towards the West.

7) North Korea and other rogue States cannot be relied upon to act rationally.

8) There are many End Times cults in the world that are quite happy to do mad things in the name of their Gods.

9) Dumbocracy has manifestly failed and will be replaced, probably by oligarchic rule by the super rich (corporatocracy; globalism).

10) More and more wealth is being transferred to fewer and fewer people. This is untenable.

11) A huge amount of the world's infrastructure is now computer-based, and insane, autistic hackers could take down the whole thing - just for LULZ!

12) Technology is massively accelerating the pace at which change takes place. It's easy to envisage a world in which vast numbers of jobs have been rendered redundant, including many well-paid white collar jobs.

13) Social networking is a huge force in the world yet is utterly hysterical, populist, sentimental, anti-rational, and unintelligent. It's the mob mind, the herd mind, the flock mind, the groupthink mind, turned into a global power. It could destroy human intelligence. All intelligent people could simply be deemed "anti-social". How much of social networking is devoted to utter trivia, narcissism, clowning around, goofing off, zaniness, silly humour, cats, dogs, ghosts, sport, celebrity worship, the latest fads, and so on, and how much is devoted to reason, intelligence, the advance of the human race? In a popularity contest, the intelligent never prosper.

14) Reason and intelligence - the antidotes to human foolishness - simply aren't respected.


"Junk is the ideal product... the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy." - William S. Burroughs

"Smash the control images. Smash the control machine." - William S. Burroughs

"The face of evil is always the face of total need." - William S. Burroughs

The Last Man

"Every man has inside himself a parasitic being who is acting not at all to his advantage." - William S. Burroughs

Every society has inside itself a group of parasitic beings (psychopaths) who are acting not at all to society's advantage. These people are not only IN society, they are running society!

"Hustlers of the world, there is one mark you cannot beat: the mark inside." - William S. Burroughs

"Love? What is it? Most natural painkiller." - William S. Burroughs

"An addict never stops growing. Stupider." - William S. Burroughs

Ditto believers.


Capitalism = apex predation economic system; the rich prey on the poor.

Which is it?










In the old days, religion was the vehicle of collective self help. Today, self-help is all about the individual rather than the collective. Books by self-help gurus have replaced "holy" texts by prophets. There are forty thousand Protestant sects. There are as many self-help books. These days, everyone can have have their own religion and be their own self-help guru. The cult of the individual has reached its zenith, or, perhaps nadir (!). The individual never listens to anyone else. He's always right. Anyone who disagrees with him is always wrong. With the cult of the individual, there are no standards. Merit dies, because no one recognises it. Everyone is an "expert".


Our self-help tips:

1) If you're buying, buy experiences, not goods.

2) Cultivate values, not things.

3) Improve yourself from the inside, not by buying objects for your outside.

4) Transform yourself and by doing so you will transform how the world responds to you.

What Humanity Most Values


The world is defined by what it most values.

In ancient times, simple power was valued most, and the leaders of society were strong, brutal tribal leaders. These graduated into merciless kings and tyrants. Then came the rise of religion. Faith was valued most, and so the kings were joined by priests and prophets, and the kings could reign only with God's approval. Then came the rise of capitalism. Priests were pushed to one side, and replaced by businessmen and usurers. Mammon took the place of God. Then monarchs and emperors fell and were replaced by bankers and chief executives.

Money is now what humanity values most. Money is power. Money is success. Money is prestige. Money is status. Money is influence. Money is sexy. Money is sex. 

Everyone wants money. Everyone worships money. Everyone wants MORE money, even those who already have more than they know what to do with. Everyone lusts after money. They desire it above all other things because it's the gateway to all other things. Money is the supreme gateway drug - the gateway to everything - and that makes it the Ultimate Drug.

In the Islamic world, religious faith is still prized more highly than money. Muslims would die for their faith. It's unthinkable that Christians would die for theirs. Christians would, however, die fighting to protect their property and wealth, thus showing who their real God is (and it isn't Christ!).

Money is the supreme drug, the ultimate crack, the bluest meth, the divine junk. It delivers the highest highs of all.

When you have a world that values itself according to something whose only value lies in acquisition, possessions, and consumption then, in fact, you have a world with no values at all. That's why psychopaths rule the world. They have no values and they have no interest in values. They are interested in power, manipulation, intimidation and exploitation, and nothing is a great enabler of those than money.

Imagine a world that, instead, valued intellect, reason, spirituality, artistry and creativity. It would be a totally different world. Bankers and CEOs would not be respected, and would have no power or influence. Nor would they be rich.

All attempts to change the world will fail unless what the world values most changes. While money reigns, we will never get rid of the kind of people in charge right now. They are the best money-makers, the best at theft, deception, intimidation, of tossing scruples away, of screwing over the opposition, of trampling over bodies to get to the top. And if you have people like that in charge, what can you expect except a shallow, lowest-common-denominator, dumbed down, amoral society of junk and trash?

It would be miraculous if amoral and immoral leaders - totally out for themselves, totally into self-service rather than public service - created a moral society.

It would be miraculous if greedy, selfish leaders gave rise to generous, selfless, altruistic philanthropists.

It would be miraculous if leaders completely ignorant of science, mathematics, engineering and technology presided over a technocratic, technological wonderland.

It would be miraculous if leaders without an artistic, creative bone in their bodies produced an artistic, creative society.

It would be miraculous if anti-intellectual, irrational leaders generated societies full of geniuses ready to solve the problems of the world.

There's no mystery about the world. Psychopaths are in charge and they have created a world ideal for them to rule and exploit. They have created a world of pathetic slaves and submissives - human dogs - that love their masters and will do anything for them.

The last thing that psychopaths want is a world full of smart, strong, talented, creative, competitive people who stand up for themselves and instantly retaliate against wrongdoers in their midst.

Psychopaths require sheep in order to fleece them. YOUR purpose is to be a sheep. Your place in society is as a docile, sedated zombie, too lazy, too pathetic to do anything, too dumb to know what's happening to you, too in thrall to celebrities, popes, queens, princes, princesses, presidents, prime ministers, the super rich, too mired in consumerism, too addicted to bread, circuses, video games and gadgets, too uncreative to imagine a better world.

We've got your number. And so have the psychopaths.
In a world that values money more than anything else, then, quite literally, rich people are more valuable than the poor. So, how can you complain when the rich walk right over you? That's the world you chose. That's the value-system you chose: one that makes you a second-class citizen in a two-tier society, one that makes you a less worthy and valuable person, one that makes you INFERIOR. And you know you ARE inferior, don't you? That's why you go along with a system that inherently degrades you.

This is a rich man's world, but you aren't rich. You worship money, but you don't have any. No one is worshipping you. You're the one doing the worshipping.

Only a New World Order can save the world from itself. We need a Revaluation of all Values. We need a Revolution. We need a New Enlightenment. We need a New Age of Reason. We need a Post Money World where a wholly different value system prevails: that of merit, intelligence, creativity, and the desire to transform humanity into a divine race.

We don't need weaklings, cowards, dumbasses, conspiracy theorists, anarchists, libertarians, believers, liberals, the "love and light" gang, the New Age dopes, and especially not those who get on their knees to money.


Delete the Elite.

Delete the Elite.

Delete the Elite.

System Error.

Reboot sequence initiated.

It's time to start again. It's time for Hyperborea.

We are the Hyperboreans, we are the Faustians, we are the Prometheans. We take not only the fire of the gods, but the knowledge and secrets of the gods.

Who are we? We are the Illuminati.

Let there be Light!