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Tom Strabo: So Far Right, He's Wrong.



Tom is our vehicle for channeling the Trumpanzee mind, but with a distinctly satirical twist. 



Satire at its most sardonic. 



The Deplorables: Trump's Army by [Strabo, Tom] 

The Deplorables: Trump's Army

I woke up one day and discovered I was deplorable. Well, Hillary Clinton told me so and the Crooked One is never wrong, is she? Or do I mean never right? After all, from my point of view, Clinton and her supporters are the real deplorable ones. They have ruined our country and caused it to plummet from greatness into the abyss of useless, worthless, weak, pathetic liberalism, political correctness and multiculturalism.

The Democrats are the real deplorables. Everything they stand for is the opposite of what made America great. They don't believe in greatness. They believe in being "nice". They are not go-getters. They are not achievers. They are weaklings and cowards who want an easy life without any effort. They think America owes them a living. It doesn't owe them a thing. They are scroungers, moochers and looters who believe in a Welfare State. They want something for nothing. They want to bum around all day indulging themselves.

It's deplorable for the deplorable Hillary Clinton to dare to criticize those Americans who still believe in American greatness.

The Democratic Party and its supporters - all of the absurd "social justice" warriors - stand for nothing great, nothing noble and nothing glorious. They stand for weakness, failure, and cowardice. Being "nice" is not the bedrock of America achievement. It never has been and it never will be. Being "nice" is what will surely destroy us. Our enemies aren't nice. While they're getting harder, tougher, leaner and smarter, we're getting softer, weaker, fatter and dumber. There can be only one winner.

We can't go on like this. We need strength, direction, a purpose, a mission.

It's time for a New America. It's time for the rebirth of American character. It's time to be great again.



National Capitalism: How to Save America by [Strabo, Tom] 

National Capitalism: How to Save America 

In any nation, there are only two types of capitalism: capitalism that's good for the nation, and capitalism that isn't good for the nation. National capitalism means that everyone in the nation profits from capitalism. No one is left behind.

Global capitalism - the prevailing form of capitalism in today's world - destroys nations and their people. Global capitalism is totally contemptuous of the nation state, and is solely about maximizing the profits of the stateless, global elite, who will go anywhere, and screw over anyone, to get the highest returns.

National capitalism, by contrast, isn't about Wall Street. It serves Main Street. It guarantees that everyone in Main Street gets richer. National capitalism involves continuous investment in the people. The people are always the focus of national capitalism.

The opposite of national capitalism is predatory capitalism (globalism; international finance). This type of capitalism is about enriching private elites, about concentrating more and more wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands. The gap between the rich and everyone else keeps getting wider. All the rewards go to the elite. The people get nothing. Their pay gets frozen. Their standard of living never rises. They never have a better quality of life. Their children will fare even worse. They will be crippled by debt, and only low-paying jobs will be available to them.

Predatory capitalism is all about cronyism, nepotism, elitism, privilege, inheritance, and dynastic families. It revolves around casino banking, speculation, cartels, rigged markets, and making money from money rather than producing useful things and delivering useful services.

Join the Nationalist Capitalist movement. Fight for the 99%. Save America. Bring to an end the oligarchic rule of the elite, of the rapacious international financiers of Wall Street.

Rise up. Capitalism is for the many, not for the few. Capitalism must give everyone a chance, not just the elite, privileged few, who usually inherit their wealth.

We must smash the power of the dynastic families that have ruled America for generation after generation, and have no intention of removing their boot from the neck of the American middle class.

It's time for a national rebirth, for the triumph of Main Street, and the abolition of Wall Street. Why would anyone allow the wolves to feed on them?



Trump: The American Moses by [Strabo, Tom] 

Trump: The American Moses

Let My People Go.

Our nation is being held in bondage by the liberal, politically correct establishment. We need to get our country back from "Pharaoh" (the Washington D.C. elite). We need an American Moses who will tell the crony priesthood of talentless moochers and looters, "Let my people go!"

Is Donald Trump the prophet for our time, the leader who can bring America out of its exile in the Wilderness and lead it back to the Promised Land?

America was great once, and it can be again ... provided we get rid of the weak, pathetic liberals who wreck everything they touch. Liberals are the cause of the Decline and Fall of America. They are the last people to recognize that their craven weakness in the face of anti-American forces and cultures has led to the complete erosion of the traditional American way of life, which was the basis of American exceptionalism. The liberals have ceaselessly sinned against our manifest destiny. They are the problem, and we are the answer. They are the defect, and we are the correction. We are the future. We are the plan.

Vote Trump and get rid of the toxic liberals who have caused the world to lose all respect for America. We need strong government, strong vision, strong leadership, and that necessarily includes the capacity to cause strong offence, at which Trump is the master. He says what needs to be said. He calls it.

Dystopian author George Orwell wrote, "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." What is political correctness if not the instrument for suppressing the truth, for producing universal deceit, for allowing only those bland, mediocre thoughts of which the liberal elite approve? The liberals are the Thought Police, always on the lookout for thought crime and face crime, for any hint of deviation from banality and triviality. Liberals want to turn the world into a planetary "safe space" full of fluffy pillows. They want to deplatform anyone with anything controversial to say.

Liberalism is Big Brother, the Panopticon. The liberals are always watching us, always censoring us, always banning free speech so as not to hurt the feelings of terrified weaklings who need a permanent refuge from reality with all of its harsh truths and brutal Darwinian lessons.

We need strong leaders, not cowardly functionaries and flunkeys serving the crony establishment. We need the elites to suffer from the ten plagues of righteousness. We need a New Founding Father, someone who goes up to the summit of Mount Sinai and brings back new Commandments and a new Constitution to get America back on track again, back to being the nation that sets the global agenda. Liberals can't lead anything. They are liberals because they are weak, feeble and incapable of strength and glory. There is no such thing as a liberal standing on the winner's podium. Competition - natural selection - is the most illiberal thing you can get. It's red in tooth and claw and takes no prisoners. It always raises the red banner of No Quarter.

Nietzsche wrote, "Moderation sees itself as beautiful; it is unaware that in the eye of the immoderate it appears black and sober and consequently ugly-looking." Liberals are hideous Medusas. They turn all decent people to stone. They make blood freeze. They stop hearts from beating.

Enough already of the moderates and mediocrities. We need to pursue the highest excellence, with the maximum strength. Anyone who is not for America is against it. Anyone in America who serves a cause alien to American values is not the friend of America. They are the obstacles that must be overcome.

Moses did not lead a group of multiculturalists and politically correct liberals and moderates through the desert for forty hard, grinding years. You have understood nothing about Moses and Abraham unless you have understood that people like them are much more reminiscent of Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton.

Save America. Vote Trump.



Donald John Trump: The American Akhenaten by [Strabo, Tom] 

Donald John Trump: The American Akhenaten

Why does the American establishment hate Donald Trump so much? Why are the great and the good so terrified of a Trump presidency? It's because Trump, like Akhenaten, the heretic Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, opposes the old political gods and priorities, the old elites, the old ways of doing things. Everything will change under Trump. There will be a new power in the land.

Akhenaten, one of the most extraordinary figures in world history, was hated by the priestly establishment that controlled Egyptian religion, hence Egypt itself since the Egyptians were such a religious people. The Pharaoh's power was constrained by the priest caste. They were his chief advisers, his administrators, and those who convinced the people that he was the closest thing to the gods themselves. Akhenaten did the unthinkable. He overthrew the old gods. All of the priests of the old order lost their power and influence.

Just as the Egyptian elites did everything to stop Akhenaten, the American elites will strain every sinew to keep Trump out of the White House.

America now needs revolutionary thinking. It needs a heretic. Only Donald Trump can be the new Akhenaten.



Donald J. Trump: The American Pericles? by [Strabo, Tom] 

Donald J. Trump: The American Pericles? 

"Petty thieves hang, great ones escape." - Russian proverb

If democracy means "people power", why do people in modern democracies feel so powerless? The crisis of the twenty-first century is the crisis of democracy. The illusion of power is no longer sufficient for the masses. They demand actual power. They are sick of the rich, globalist elites spouting the rhetoric of "freedom and democracy", while treating the people as nobodies, and securing for themselves the most envious of lifestyles, which they then pass on to their children, and which they deny to everyone else. The game is over. The con has run its course.

We have all been victims of hucksters selling us a scam. We are all told how wonderful democracy is, but the only people benefiting from it are elite oligarchs. More and more, "freedom and democracy" appears to be "freedumb and dumbocracy".

What's to be done? There's no point in appealing to the elites since they are the ones who led us to this crisis. There are two ways forward: 1) return to a truer, more fundamental form of democracy, and 2) introduce outsiders who are not part of the prevailing ideology of the ruling political establishment.

To understand true democracy, we need to go back to the people who invented it: the ancient Athenians. The greatest champion of democracy was Pericles, one of the most remarkable figures in history. What can we learn from Pericles and ancient Greek culture?

Donald J. Trump is no Pericles. However, he is a political outsider, and not part of the Washington D.C. establishment. If Trump becomes President he will radically shake things up for no other reason than that he does not belong to the existing political hegemony. On that basis alone, it's worth giving him a try. He couldn't be any worse than what has come before. As for Hillary Clinton, she would keep the machine ticking along exactly as it always has, i.e. the people who were getting screwed before would be getting screwed after. The screwers would stay exactly the same.

We need a change. Any change at all is now desirable. It's time for democracy to take a great leap forward, by revisiting its Athenian past!



Donald Trump: The American Caesar by [Strabo, Tom] 

Donald Trump: The American Caesar 

Is Donald Trump the American Caesar? There are many incredible parallels between the two men.

The Roman establishment hated Julius Caesar and wanted him dead. They were prepared to do anything to stop him. They believed he would be a disaster for Rome, and bring chaos. They thought he was an obnoxious, overweening, preening narcissist and power-mad oligarch. He was denounced as a populist demagogue who would say anything to get into power. They declared him a lethal threat to the Republic. Friends disowned him. Supporters became enemies. Numerous influential Romans spoke out against him and delivered chilling warnings if Caesar should assume power in Rome. Are you experiencing déjà vu? All of this applies to Donald Trump in modern America as he campaigns to become President.

Julius Caesar was a "Strong Man" who brought order to Rome in a time of weak leaders, an establishment that had lost its way, which no longer had any vision, and which was allowing chaos to reign on the streets. Before Caesar came to power, the glory that was Rome was fading fast. Its best days seemed behind it. The Republic was failing. The people no longer believed. There were bitter clashes between the supporters of the Optimates (the right wing party, equivalent to the Republicans) and the Populares (the left wing party, equivalent to the Democrats). Caesar was the anti-establishment demagogue determined to make Rome great again, to give it strong leadership, a clear direction, the firmest of purposes. He aspired to make Rome greater, richer and more powerful than ever before.

Caesar was both loved and hated. The establishment were terrified of him and tried to shut him down. He was a larger than life character who said and did incredibly provocative things. Caesar had a penchant for luxury, for beautiful women, and for telling the people he was the Special One who could make all the difference between the success and failure of Rome.

More prosaically, he was vain about his growing baldness, and attracted a degree of ridicule for his elaborate comb-over attempts to conceal his hair loss. He was a big fan of building walls (!), of strengthening the Roman military machine, of enhancing his self-image.

Caesar regarded himself as a god, and was extremely intolerant of his enemies. He could never be accused of political correctness, of not saying what was on his mind. He was blunt, populist and rude.

Today's America bears many resemblances to the Rome of Caesar's day. Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate who can do for America what Caesar did for Rome. Caesar gave Rome a new lease of life. He set in motion the transition from a failing Republic to a glorious, flourishing new Empire.

In Dante's Inferno, Cassius and Brutus, the leaders of the deadly plot against Caesar, are depicted being eaten alive by Satan for their hideous crime. Many of Trump's enemies should be similarly consigned to Satan's mouth.

Vote Donald Trump. Vote for strong leadership. Vote to make America great again.

The die is cast. It's time to make Donald President of these United States of America. Delenda est Carthago.

Hail Caesar.

Hail the Donald!