The Illuminati (The Illuminati Series Book 1) by [Weishaupt, Adam] 

The Illuminati (The Illuminati Series Book 1)

Neither by land nor by sea shalt thou find the road to the Hyperboreans." - Pindar

No secret society is more controversial than the Illuminati, yet almost nothing of the truth of this mysterious ancient Order is available in the public record. Propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, paranoia and downright fantasy are rife. Some have even described the Illuminati as pan-dimensional, shape-shifting Reptilians from another world!

The Illuminati have become the peg upon which anyone can hang their favourite and most outlandish conspiracy theories. They are the "men behind the curtain", the "ultimate puppetmasters", fascists, communists, bankers, Jews, monarchists, anti-monarchists, lizards, you name it. They support "big" government, high taxes and the sinister New World Order, based on a single global currency. They want to build death camps, and reduce the world's population to one billion souls.

So much for the penny-dreadful nonsense churned out by the simple minded pied pipers of Conspiracy World.

The truth of the real Illuminati is enormously more fascinating. The present Grand Master of the Illuminati has authorized the release into the public arena, for the very first time, of the facts concerning the ancient Order.

Now you can discover for yourself the extraordinary nature of this secret society, its esoteric Gnostic and Hermetic religion known as Illumination, and how it represents the greatest hope for humanity in overthrowing the Devil-worshiping Abrahamic religions and the Old World Order of elite, dynastic families of privilege that run the planet, such as the Bush family, the Rothschilds, and the British royal family.

It's time to build a meritocratic world, a world free of privilege and religious brainwashing, a world where the super rich are brought down to earth.

It's time for a New World Order where humanity can devote itself to its true purpose: creating a Community of Gods, a Society of the Divine.

Don't you want to join the greatest adventure in human history? The Illuminati offer nothing less than ultimate transformation, and the truth concerning the supreme object of humanity's spiritual quest - the Holy Grail itself. 


 The Illuminati Paradigm Shift (The Illuminati Series Book 2) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

The Illuminati Paradigm Shift (The Illuminati Series Book 2)

What is the nature of the New Order proposed by the Pythagorean Illuminati, the world's most controversial secret society?

The Illuminati advocate the replacement of democracy by meritocracy, the abolition of all monarchies, dynastic families and privileged elites.

How can the corrupt reign of the Old World Order finally be brought to an end? The Illuminati have proposed the most radical and revolutionary redistributive policy of all time: 100% inheritance tax. With this single measure, the iniquitous rule of elite families such as the Rothschilds and Bushes would be terminated.

The super rich defy the natural law of the regression to the mean. The rich just keep getting richer, and the poor poorer. 100% inheritance tax restores the law of nature; it brings back healthy social equilibrium. It prevents the formation of dynasties that bestride the globe for centuries. It gives everyone a fair chance in life. 

The world could turn at last to meritocracy where people get ahead on the basis of what they know rather than who they know; where hard work and talent count for infinitely more than having the right name and connections.

We live in a two-tier world of privilege where all those who do not belong to the charmed inner circle are second class citizens.

How much longer will you tolerate being pushed around by the elite? If you don't want to be a slave all of your life, get off your knees. Stand up to the privileged criminals who run the world.

When they die, strip them of all their ill-gotten assets and return them to the people from whom they were stolen in the first place.

It's time for the most radical paradigm shift. It's time for meritocracy.


 The Illuminati's Six Dimensional Universe (The Illuminati Series Book 3) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

The Illuminati's Six Dimensional Universe (The Illuminati Series Book 3)

"Creatures of a day! What is a man? What is he not? A dream of a shadow." - Pindar

The cosmology that underlies the Pythagorean Illuminati's ancient religion of Illuminism is based on six dimensions - three of real space, and three of imaginary space.

Discover how this model explains all of the mysteries of Einstein's special theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, and disproves the theoretical basis of M-theory.

This book explains the true nature of time and the speed of light, and thereby explains how God, the soul, and the afterlife are all inevitable.

This is extremely complex philosophical, mathematical and scientific material that reveals the staggering difference between the childish cosmology of the Abrahamists compared with that of the Illuminati.

No scientific materialist would find it easy to reveal any flaws in the Illuminati's six-dimensional cosmos. On the contrary, Illuminism exposes the enormous holes in the ideology of scientific materialism.


 The Crystal Spheres of the Illuminati (The Illuminati Series Book 4) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

The Crystal Spheres of the Illuminati (The Illuminati Series Book 4)

"The days that are still to come are the wisest witnesses." - Pindar

700 years ago, religion made much more sense to people than it does now. It was part of a coherent worldview linking all of the knowledge of the world then available, including the science and cosmology of the time. Religion nowadays seems rather ridiculous because the modern paradigm of scientific materialism has destroyed the link between humanity and the divine order.

To be religious in the past wasn't stupid; now it is. The religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been comprehensively refuted.

This book explores the ancient Greek and medieval cosmology that supported the view that Earth was specially created by God. The "crystal spheres" of the heavens, with Earth at the centre, were beautiful, wondrous and inspiring. They fitted in perfectly with ideas of spirituality, angels and astrology.

Dante's "Divine Comedy" of the early 14th century cannot be bettered in terms of its astonishing portrayal of Creation. No one in Dante's time could seriously have doubted that the universe was designed this way. It was a state-of-the-art, integrated religious, scientific, cosmological and artistic vision which he presented.

Only with Copernicus and then Thomas Digges did the old religious worldview collapse. Yet humanity goes on believing in religions that are now demonstrably false. Even though humanity has never known more than it does now, and most people have a basic education, legions of people still believe in formally refuted ideas. In Dante's time, it would have been mad for the ordinary person not to believe in a Creator. Now it would be mad to believe in one. Why are so many human beings so mad?

This book is an exploration of why mainstream religion made perfect sense seven hundred years ago but not now. You can't go on believing ideas that have been categorically refuted. The book examines Dante's "Divine Comedy", John Milton's "Paradise Lost", Islamic cosmology, ancient Greek cosmology, Kabbalah, and myths about Heaven and Hell.

This is one of a series of books by the Pythagorean Illuminati, designed to reveal the absurdity and untenability of the Abrahamic religions in the modern scientific era.


 The Illuminati Phalanx (The Illuminati Series Book 5) by [Weishaupt, Adam] 

The Illuminati Phalanx (The Illuminati Series Book 5)

"I teach that all men are mad." - Horace

What is the primary source of the world's discontent, of all the toxins that poison the progress of humanity? What is the social unit by which the Power Elite enforce their policy of divide and rule to ensure that the people never rise up and overthrow them? What is the mechanism for the transmission of harmful, irrational and dangerous religious beliefs such as those of the Christians, Muslims and Jews? The answer is the same in every case - THE FAMILY.

The family is the ultimate sacred cow. Yet what is the archetypal "nuclear" family other than two mediocre parents and a spoiled, consumerist pair of children? How can this be the unit of human progress? How can this express humanity's yearning to reach for the stars, to create a bridge to heaven and form a Community of Gods?

The family, as the core unit of society, is a catastrophe. And what about all of the failed families, the dysfunctional families, the families of the underclass? What positive contribution are these legions of defective families making? Aren't they just a permanent drain on resources, and a breeding ground of criminality?

Surely the human race can have an alternative to the family. Surely people can be offered a choice.

This book, by the Pythagorean Illuminati, explores the ideas of the radical 19th century French thinkers Henri de Saint-Simon and Charles Fourier. Did these utopian visionaries, advocates of a much more communitarian approach to life, offer the solution to humanity's ills? Should Fourier's concept of the "phalanx" - the perfect community - be the new basis of society? Is the kind of psychological profiling championed by Fourier, whereby like-minded people can be brought together as friends while natural enemies are kept separate, the key to stable, prosperous, happy communities and societies? Can "phalanx" communities be used to revolutionize politics and give people the sort of local autonomy and bespoke political systems they crave?

What is the "Panther Party" and can its meritocratic principles offer a new political paradigm? What are the great psychological experiments that show that human beings are a deeply unpleasant and self-deluded bunch? Is the Wizard of Oz the story of the Illuminati?

Is the current government of the UK the perfect representation of the Privileged Elite? Study the incredible links between the members of the British ruling regime, and see how astonishingly similar they all are. What is the Piers Gaveston Society? Do you stand a chance in life if you have not gone to the right schools, colleges and universities, nor joined the right clubs and societies?

What is the secret army that can liberate humanity? Is George Orwell's dystopian novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" the classic study of the world we live in today?

It's time to wake up. It's time for the truth. The Pythagorean Illuminati have resisted the Power Elite for millennia. Join the freedom fighters. Embrace the truth.


 The Illuminati Manifesto (The Illuminati Series Book 6) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

The Illuminati Manifesto (The Illuminati Series Book 6)

What do the Illuminati stand for? What are their social, political and religious objectives? What are the obstacles that stand in the way of humanity fulfilling its divine potential and creating a Community of Gods?

This book provides an outline of the Illuminati's manifesto for changing the world. It's a simple fact that the Enlightenment failed. Only about ten percent of the contemporary world is rational. The Enlightenment freed a group of intellectuals (scientists and technologists in particular), from the superstitions, beliefs and traditions of the past, and capitalism harnessed their advanced thinking to create immense profits for the ruling elite.

The vast majority of humanity remained stuck in the past. Look at Third World countries and the Islamic nations to see what pre-Enlightenment humanity is like. Religion defines such societies. They are irrational, hostile to knowledge, always on their knees to their "God". They despise freedom and modernity.

The Illuminati were at the forefront of the first Enlightenment and now they are calling for a second Enlightenment that completes the job and rescues the ninety percent of humanity trapped in the past, dominated by long-dead bearded prophets who control them from the grave. There can be no, free, rational world, no Society of the Divine, until Abrahamism - the religion of the Jews, Christians and Muslims - is obliterated. The absurd concept of karma that dominates Eastern religious thinking and philosophy must similarly be consigned to oblivion.

The third element holding back human progress is the existence of super rich privileged elites. These people aren't just masters of accumulating wealth, they are also experts at controlling your thinking. If there are a small number of the hyper rich and an enormous number of poor, the "natural" outcome is for the poor to use their overwhelming numbers to take the riches of the elite, violently if necessary, and distribute them amongst themselves. Why don't they? Because the elite subject them to mind control, to conditioning and brainwashing. The elite control the education system, the media, the political discourse, and they use these to shape your thoughts: to determine how and what you think.

Given the hatred of America towards communism, you would imagine that the Americans must be the world's greatest experts on the works of Karl Marx. After all, it would be ridiculous to hate something of which you are entirely ignorant. Yet it turns out that most Americans have never read one word of Marx. They hate communism because their capitalist elite - those who would lose everything in a communist State - have relentlessly indoctrinated them. The American people are like Pavlov's dogs. They have been conditioned to hold the beliefs most favourable to Wall Street, not Main Street.

The Illuminati stand for education, knowledge, reason, freethinking - for understanding something before you hate it rather than just moving straight to the hating stage via the mind control of the elite.

All of the levers of control of the elite - financially, politically and religiously - are extremely well understood. It's now time for the ordinary people to learn the secrets of these levers and free themselves from the control of the Power Elite.

The Illuminati's manifesto is the formula for freedom. Isn't it time for a liberated, rational world where everyone has an equal chance in life?

The Second War of the Enlightenment is coming. It's time to choose sides. You are called as a soldier to this most noble of undertakings.