If you are not interested in being a hero and a god, what the fuck is the point of your existence?


Do you dream instead of being a coward and a slave? 








 How to Become a Hero (The Hero-God Series Book 1) by [Faust, Michael]

How to Become a Hero (The Hero-God Series Book 1)

"The test of any man lies in action." - Pindar

Everyone can become a hero. We have an inbuilt program for it, but few choose to activate it, or know where to begin.

Learn about your inner hero in terms of Jungian and Freudian psychology, creative writing theory, the theory of sympathetic magic, NLP, Nietzsche and existentialism.

En route, you will discover the horrors of the ultimate jail - the Panopticon - that shapes our world. You will stumble through Derrida's method of deconstruction and learn if you are living in bad faith (according to Sartre). 

What is the difference between the ego and the self? Is the self our soul, and does it have a direct connection to God? Is The Matrix the ultimate hero tale, and Neo the supreme hero?

How does Bicameralism - Julian Jaynes's theory that gods once "lived" in the right hemisphere of the human brain - fit in with the hero archetype?

Have you heard of "God's Calculator"? How does the ancient pagan festival of Saturnalia make a mockery of Christmas? Where does WikiLeaks fit in? What is the tragic tale of the Lady of Shalott?

This is a book in a controversial series by the Pythagorean Illuminati. Do not read this book if you are a "cheap" person, an Abrahamist, a conspiracy theorist; if you are close-minded, petty, and a "moaner". The world is sick of people like you. Heroes are never whiners and whingers.


How to Become God (The Hero-God Series Book 2) by [Faust, Michael] 

How to Become God (The Hero-God Series Book 2)

"Be what you know you are." - Pindar

Is it possible to become God? Is the unconscious mind nothing other than the God portal, the Heaven gate?

This is the extraordinary account by the ancient and controversial secret society known as the Pythagorean Illuminati of how it is possible for every human being to attain divinity.

There are two vast obstacles to overcome, one relating to a lack of consciousness, and the other to an over-identification with consciousness. The followers of the Abrahamic religions are "bicameral", meaning that they are highly submissive, have little grasp of rationality, and obey "voices" emanating from their unconscious. Atheistic scientific materialists, on the other hand, are overly sensory and deny the existence of anything other than their mortal ego-consciousness, and doubt even that. They have cut themselves off from the most mysterious domain in existence: that of the two numbers zero and infinity (the singularity numbers), which define all of the mysteries of life.

The God Program deconstructs all of the claims of scientific materialism and shows why they are false in relation to all of the most important issues of existence: life, mind, consciousness, God,the soul and the afterlife. Equally, the "revealed" religions of Abrahamism are shown to be rooted in the pre-conscious mind of the human race and to constitute a kind of mental illness and hatred of rationality. If anything,they are a manifestation of Devil worship.

Have you ever asked where the laws of the Big Bang were stored prior to the Big Bang in order to be able to shape and direct that cosmic event? The God Program takes you on an astonishing journey back to the era before the Big Bang. It reveals how and why the material cosmos came into existence, and what the precise answer is to the ultimate question of "life, the universe and everything". It demonstrates how Jung's theory of the psyche can be traced back to the ideas of the Neoplatonist Plotinus, and illustrates why Jung's concept of the collective unconscious is the key to human apotheosis.

The God Program also reveals the true nature of the world's most sacred object: the Holy Grail.

This revolutionary book presents a unique and breathtaking view of reality. If you cannot find the answers to your profoundest questions in the God Program, you will find them nowhere.