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Ontological Mathematics for the Curious: An Introduction to Ontological Thinking

There’s a new kid on the block, a subject that can revolutionize humanity’s understanding of reality, while being completely rational and logical, and scrupulously avoiding faith and mysticism. It’s the long-awaited replacement for science.

Only one subject can take over from science and that is the subject that is already at the core of science and gives it all of its power and success, namely mathematics. Science without mathematics is unthinkable. Mathematics without science suffers from no deficiency at all. Science is irrelevant to mathematics, while mathematics defines science. The great mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss said, “Mathematics is the queen of the sciences.” If mathematics is the queen, why do we need the pawns at all?

Where would you conceal the answer to existence if you wanted no one to ever find it? You would hide it in the subject most hated by humanity, most dreaded by humanity, most difficult for humanity, most avoided by humanity, the one humanity believes is the most abstract and least connected to reality. Mathematics is all of that.

Why hasn’t humanity found the answer to existence? It’s because it has explicitly shunned the sole subject capable of providing it. It has accepted anything other than mathematics. It has looked everywhere other than the right place. The last place it would ever think to look is the only place where the answer can rationally be found. Humanity has failed to find the answer to existence because there is only one place where that answer resides, and infinite places where it does not reside, and humanity has far preferred to explore the infinite wrong answers rather than the one right answer.

Curious? Then come inside and have your mind well and truly blown.